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  1. David Deeb

    Streaming Channels - The Best and Worst

    With so many major new streaming channels, I would love to see forum feedback & reviews on the major options. I'm not talking just the biggies most are familiar with like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Crackle, Sling or Hulu, but the other newer ones that are coming along nicely. What about...
  2. David Deeb

    The Three Stooges Ultimate Collection, March 27

    Has there been any update on the bonus material being released separately yet? Sony.....oh Sony....can you hear us?
  3. David Deeb

    Starman The Complete Series

    Thought I'd give a "review" since this is now out & I haven't seen any reviews. Yes, it's an MOD, DVD-R set. However, I'm very happy with the quality. This is a 5-disc set inside a standard Amaray-style case with a standard 4-color DVD printed "wrap". The video encoding is excellent, and...
  4. David Deeb

    Cars 2

    Usually, a Pixar movie opening tomorrow would be HTF news front and center. I haven't read many reviews or heard much about it here. I love the original & was hoping for some insight. Has anyone seen a review or have any thoughts? I couldn't find an existing Cars 2 thread, but then...
  5. David Deeb

    Warner & Netflix announce a way to throttle BD new releases

    Warner & Netflix agree on a new Blu-ray rental model which holds back new Warner releases for 28 days. They want to protect their BD sales. As much as I like Warner, I can understand this, but I don't like this move. And I think it is counter productive. If it is a movie I'm crazy...
  6. David Deeb

    Which DVDs seem to be advertised to death, week after week?

    Have mercy! Do you ever notice that some of the same DVDs are constantly being pushed at both physical B&M retailers and online retailers? Is there such a glut of these things? They are like cockroaches! They get special attention week after week after week; year after year. Are we all...
  7. David Deeb

    *** Official X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE Discussion Thread

    I can't believe there isn't more discussion about this film. It opens Friday. I'm bumping a thread of a major film where the previous reply is 3 months old!:eek: I just saw the trailer and it looks great. Are there any "non-spoilerish" reviews out there yet? I know the film is leaked, but...
  8. David Deeb

    Pink Floyd's Richard Wright dies

    Sad day for us Pink Floyd fans. Richard Wright of Pink Floyd has passed away. I'm glad they played together one last time a couple of years ago though. Pink Floyd member Richard Wright dies at age 65 - Yahoo! News
  9. David Deeb

    R.E.M. - "Accelerate"

    Has anyone else picked up this outstanding new disc from R.E.M.? It is very, very good and hasn't left my stereo in a week. I can't get "Man Sized Wreath" out of my head. They had a great run of albums (from "Murmur" to "Up"), and I don't think they've really ever made a bad album. But...
  10. David Deeb

    The Eagles new CD due October 07

    I was so thrilled to hear a new Eagles song called "Hold On". It sounds GREAT! Very impressed. It took them about 14 years from "The Long Run" to "Hell Freezes Over" and now about another 14 till this new record ("The Long Road Out of Eden"). Rumor is it has 12 -15 new songs. Anyone else...
  11. David Deeb

    HD television on demand

    Comcast is now offering HD on demand. I was impressed. I saw Chronicles of Narnia in HD for free! Before an HD or Blu-Ray disc ever showed up. There were several other HD movies (Terminator, Men in Black, others), concerts and shows all available on demand. While the choices are not huge yet...
  12. David Deeb

    Tower Records 20% off all DVDs

    I visited Tower Records and they have 20% off every single DVD in the store beginning 6-13 and looks like it goes for a few days. Nice deal for those obscure titles & big box sets that never go on sale.