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  1. KevinBMiller

    TV-Tuner Box recommendations for LCD/CRT?

    Hiya I would like to watch television through both my old Runco CRT (CinemaPro 760) and/or LCD monitor. However, I am tired of having to connect and power-up my computer for the TV-tuner functions. Does anyone have suggestions for a set-top box TV tuner that is not going to cost an...
  2. KevinBMiller

    Older CRTs and new Faroujda DVD players?

    I saw this product recently and have a question: >5700 Sovereign 5 Disc Progressive Scan Esoteric DVD >Player The DV5700 uses Faroudja's advanced DCDi™ >Directional Correlation Deinterlacing) technology and >Faroudja's adjustable digital video Enhancer — it >upconverts the video, doubling...
  3. KevinBMiller

    Good download source of video test patterns?

    Hiya I am now in the process of trying to fine-tune (ok, ok...make picture bareable) the CRT lenses. I understand there are some pictures that can be burned onto disc and improve the process of destig and focus the lenses. The on-board grid is OK, but I think it could be much better...
  4. KevinBMiller

    Runco CRT wont display video, but grid good

    Hiya Ok...Im new to this. Be patient with me. I have a Runco CinemaPro 760 CRT front projector (built 1996). The unit was removed from my friends home (worked fine at removal using S-Video converter to Y/C signal) and setup in my home with DVD player using the S-Video out. The DVD S-Video...