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  1. Harry-N

    Every time I turn on ___show "X"___, it's always ___episode "Y"___, which I really dislike.

    You know the deal. You're flipping through the channels and stumble upon one of your favorite series - and they're showing one of the episodes you really don't like. It happens to me with rather high frequency. I'll stumble on a STAR TREK, and it's "Spock's Brain". I'll stumble on a M*A*S*H, and...
  2. Harry-N

    REVELATIONS - Bill Pullman - DVD question

    Way back in 2005, NBC aired a six-part miniseries called REVELATIONS. It starred Bill Pullman and Natasha McElhone as a scientist and a nun, who traveled the world looking for clues about the end of days. It had both religious and scientific overtones and had John Rhys-Davies in a supporting...
  3. Harry-N

    Peter Mark Richman, R.I.P.

    Prolific actor, particularly in television, Peter Mark Richman has passed away at 94 93. He's one of the most familiar faces of classic TV shows, and was almost guaranteed to show up sooner or later in almost every series. (I know, not really, but it sure seemed that way.) My meager collection...
  4. Harry-N

    Question about Spanish language tracks on DVD/Blu

    First off - I don't speak Spanish - or French. I barely speak a little German, but as a typical American, I'm rather mono-lingual. So my question may seem a bit odd, but I'm also a bit of an audiophile. On many US DVDs and Blu-rays, particularly television shows, I've had occasion to switch the...
  5. Harry-N

    Herb Alpert Is...

    A documentary about the life and career of Herb Alpert, directed by John Scheinfeld will premiere tonight on several streaming platforms. Here's a link to the YouTube version.
  6. Harry-N

    ...had a theatrical release in Europe.

    I've read that phrase, "...had a theatrical release in Europe", quite a few ties over the years. It often applies to two-part episodes of TV series, but also to television "movies" that were aired in the US on network television. It always made me wonder why we in the US never got to see some of...
  7. Harry-N

    Woman In The Window or Scarlet Street, which one is better in your opinion?

    A few months ago, I ordered, received and enjoyed WOMAN IN THE WINDOW, the Fritz Lang movie from 1944 with Edward G. Robinson and Joan Bennett. When I mentioned it here, there was a good percentage of reactions that a "sister" film, SCARLET STREET from the following year with much of the same...
  8. Harry-N

    Names misspelled in TV credits

    Inspired by my post in THE FUGITIVE thread regarding the misspelling of Jacqueline Scott's name in one of her appearances in that series, I thought it might be be an interesting diversion to list other such occurrences where actor's names are unintentionally misspelled in the credits. In...
  9. Harry-N

    Paths Of Glory - on DVD

    I'm going to try asking this here, but I'm not sure I'll get an answer. This is a quite puzzling situation. I've been a Kubrick fan for years, but never got a chance to see PATHS OF GLORY or own it in any home video format. It's not included in the several Kubrick sets I've owned. So it...
  10. Harry-N

    Ads for Song Of The South on HTF?

    Given the nature of this Forum, and its policy on bootlegs and counterfeits, I find it unsettling to see ads for SONG OF THE SOUTH on the screen:
  11. Harry-N

    HTF favicon?

    On and off over the years, I've had a small icon for the HTF in my bookmarks bar. There was a time when it was black with a white logo, and other times when it was a gray logo on white. For about the last two years or so, I only get the logo appearing on my Edge browser, but not on the one I...
  12. Harry-N

    Mary Tyler Moore on DVD

    I always liked THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW back when it aired. I think I saw every episode first-run. I even remember kind-of not warming up to it for a number of those early episodes. It was difficult to separate Mary from her old familiar role in THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW and to accept all of these...
  13. Harry-N

    Not seeing some pictures - broken links instead.

    In the TV/DVD forum there's a thread for THE INVADERS. In this post: The Invaders I cannot see the image that was posted. Using the "report" feature, I got a reply from DaveF that it's working for him. Others also seem to be able to see it. I can see the actual image when DaveF posted the URL...
  14. Harry-N

    NARROW MARGIN, a story and personal review

    While surfing through some broadcast channels last weekend, I stopped on an image of a train with some people chasing Gene Hackman. As a train fan, I’m always somewhat interested in movies that take place on a train, and this was one I didn’t recognize. The channel was one of those that runs...
  15. Harry-N

    The Forsyte Saga (2002) - technical questions

    As someone who watched the old B&W version of THE FORSYTE SAGA on a fuzzy PBS station with rabbit-ear antennas, I can only wonder where in the world I was when the updated 2002 version aired. I missed it. I think I was vaguely aware that it had even been remade, but that was all. After...
  16. Harry-N

    Windows 10/Microsoft Edge Bug?

    I usually use Chrome but have been testing out Edge in Windows 10. My normal "landing" spot on the HTF is the My Content page. When I go there first, I can see what's been updated in threads I'm subscribed to before venturing elsewhere in other forums. Typically the first two or three threads...
  17. Harry-N

    TV Series Whose Remakes/Sequels/Reboots End Up On A Different TV Network

    Something I brought up in THE FUGITIVE thread that I thought deserved a topic for discussion: I've noticed that when a TV series is revived in the form of a reboot, remake, or sequel, it is nearly ALWAYS on a rival network, and I believe the list is pretty extensive. I'll start by listing a...
  18. Harry-N

    All 30 TIME TUNNEL episodes running simultaneously

    Remember last year when someone put up all 79 STAR TREK episodes running at once? Well someone's done it with all 30 episodes of THE TIME TUNNEL - but this time it's only the first 10 minutes. Still fascinating to watch... Watch quickly before it gets removed! Harry
  19. Harry-N

    Stephen King's - The Langoliers

    Last year I posted about my ancient copy of THE LANGOLIERS on DVD no longer working. At the time, it was out of print, so I replaced it with a used copy that wasn't too pricey. The other day, I happened to see a newly-packaged DVD in a local Target store. It was cheaply priced at around $10 or...
  20. Harry-N

    Lou Grant

    Throughout the seventies, I really enjoyed THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW and was as dismayed as anyone when the series folded. The idea of taking the character of Lou Grant and developing a spin-off series - that I wasn't sure of. Rhoda and Phyllis had done it, but I wasn't sure if one featuring Lou...
  21. Harry-N

    My first case of DVD rot - The Langoliers

    I hadn't looked at it in probably five years, but I went to play the Artisan DVD release of Steven King's THE LANGOLIERS, a TV-movie/miniseries, and it wouldn't play. In anything. I tried it in the computer, a blu-ray player, three DVD players including two Sony's that reported "Disc is dirty."...
  22. Harry-N

    De Palma's OBSESSION (1976)

    I'm reading that a Blu-Ray of De Palma's OBSESSION is in the works coming up in the next few weeks (late June 2011) in Great Britain. I'm also reading that it may be region free, though the specs I saw are non-committal on that front. I've always been a fan of De Palma's '70s and early...
  23. Harry-N

    Anyone recognize this picture?

    While putting on the unaired pilot for VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA, I spotted a flash of an upside-down image tacked onto the front. I captured the image, flipped it right-side up, and deciding it was anamorphically squeezed, stretched it back out to proper OAR. Since it's widescreen...
  24. Harry-N

    Actor in CHINA BEACH

    With the recent thread bumping about CHINA BEACH, I've decided to dub my old VHS tapes from ABC onto DVD. I have about half of the total number of episodes on tape. I'm missing the bulk of the third season. Anyway, as I'm dubbing these, the opening credits are playing a lot, and there's a...
  25. Harry-N

    The Fugitive: Season Four, Volume 1

    TV Shows on DVD has announced November 2nd for the release of Season Four, Volume One of THE FUGITIVE. In honor of the new season and new release, let's start a new thread.   http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/news/Fugitive-Season-4-Volume-1/14309  
  26. Harry-N

    THE FUGITIVE - Season 2 Volume 2

    March 31st is the date listed in the latest news for the TV series THE FUGITIVE on DVD. No word on music substitutions yet, but the TV SHOWS ON DVD guys are investigating. The Fugitive DVD news: Announcement for The Fugitive - Season 2, Volume 2 | TVShowsOnDVD.com Per the site owners...
  27. Harry-N

    2007: A year of unthinkable releases

    As I think back to last year, I have to note a number of releases that many fans thought they'd never see on DVD. The years since the format's inception came and went and for most of these, there wasn't a hint that they'd ever see the light of day. But 2007 brought them into the light. I'd like...
  28. Harry-N

    The Time Machine (1960)

    Is the current DVD of the 1960 classic of THE TIME MACHINE with Rod Taylor mastered in anamorphic widescreen? I can't seem to find out for sure online, and none of the brick & mortars I've been to seem to carry it. I have the old letterboxed LaserDisc, and would like to get it on DVD but with...
  29. Harry-N

    Irwin Allen Giftset - incomplete?

    I just saw this listed on Amazon.com scheduled for 10/23/07: http://www.amazon.com/Irwin-Allen-Gi.../dp/B000W8L55Y It appears to be a package of everything up to and including the 10/23/07 release of Season 3, Volume 2 of VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA. While I don't really care if...
  30. Harry-N

    Cool black Zune desktop theme for XP

    There's an official new theme for Windows XP out there based on Microsoft's Zune. It's a black-with-orange-highlights theme that's officially endorsed by Microsoft. No other software or hardware is needed. Just go here: http://www.zune.net/en-us/meetzune/software.htm ...look in the lower...