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  1. JamieZ

    WTB Pioneer Receiver Remote

    Anyone have a Remote for a vsx-d509s pioneer a/v receiver? Mine has died and i desperatly need one that is in perfect working condition. Thanks Jamie
  2. JamieZ

    My Theater Pic's

    Here are some pics of my theater. I am only 17 so bare with me lol. I am in the process of getting movie posters and 2 sconces on my left wall but that will come with time. Any comments are appreciated. Also I will have screen shots at a later time :) Ok I redid the page so the pics are...
  3. JamieZ

    wall sconces

    I'm in the process of adding things to my HT and I wanna add 2 wall sconces to left wall of my theater. At the moment it is just a blank wall but i am gonna add 2 movie posters with 2 wall sconces. Where is a good place to buy them and the cheapest? I am on a budget so i don't wanna spend alot...
  4. JamieZ

    DD and DTS Plaques

    What is the best way to make these plaques? I've read posts but don't got any real good pics for it. I'm on a tight budget and would I print them out on like photo paper? If anyone has some real good photoshop pics I would appreciate it. :) Jamie
  5. JamieZ

    DD just stopped working

    Today when i went to play a movie I noticed that the DD light wasn't on. I have the parts express optical to coax converter thing which has worked for the past 5 months. I fooled around with it and made sure everything was correct and it was. Still no DD. I haven't moved anything so it should...
  6. JamieZ

    Receiver Question

    On my receiver(pioneer vsx-d606s) during movies the LFE light flashes quite a bit. I am wondering if it is supposed to or is it supposed to stay lit and not flash on and off? Thanks Jamie
  7. JamieZ

    UPS vexes me!!

    When I got home from school today and saw no sub on my steps I was so pissed. Online it says they are supposed to deliver today. Well in the place of my sub I found a stupid little paper saying a signature is needed. Well now I have to wait one more day and sign that paper so they will drop...
  8. JamieZ

    Stuffing the sony 12" sub with polyfill?

    How would I go about in doing this and where could I get some? I am definetly buying this sub unless all think the jbl pb-10 would be a better deal. Thanks Jamie
  9. JamieZ

    JBL PB-12 vs. Sony 12" sub.

    Which would you think would be better. The sony 12" sub or the JBL PB-10? My room is about 11' x 13' so I do not think I will need a huge one. Also would the JBL PB-12 be a huge difference from the PB-10 in my size room? Thanks Jamie
  10. JamieZ

    Different connections for sub

    If I were to connect a JBL pb-12 sub using the speaker wire inputs would it be the same as connecting it using the mono wire to the receiver? I don't really have money for a half way decent cable right now so I am wondering if connecting it this way would be the same. Thanks Jamie
  11. JamieZ

    Sub Connection!!

    When I get my sub what would be the cheapest cable i could run to it. I only have a single pre out for the sub on my receiver so I guess I would only run a mono cable to the sub. I would like to get it in about 24' just in case I want to run it to the other side of the room. I don't wanna...
  12. JamieZ

    Which sub would you buy?

    I am down to 2 subs. I either want the jbl pb 10 or the jbl pb 12. I only have a 11' x 13' room so I am thinking of getting the pb 10. Plus I do not really have enough money to buy the pb 12. So what do you all think. Remember I still need to buy cable. Thanks Jamie
  13. JamieZ

    Jbl Pb-12

    Does anyone know if this sub is still having problems that many people have stated on audioreview.com and the HTF? Thanks Jamie
  14. JamieZ

    Finally DD sound!!

    I just recently purchased this optical to coax converter: http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showd...ID=16151&DID=7 Everything works correctly now except that say when I start playing a movie the sound will not kickin until about a second into the scene. Is this because I am converting the...
  15. JamieZ

    Optical and coaxal

    My dvd player has an optical plug on it and my receiver only has coax. Is there a way to get dts sound with these two hookups. Like could I get some kind of optical to coax converter or something? Thanks Jamie
  16. JamieZ

    Speaker Connections

    I am wondering if there is a way to connect 1 pair of speakers to 2 different receivers. See, I want one receiver for my cd sound and another for HT. It seems that the early 80's stereo receiver I have sounds better for cd playing. I will not play both receivers at the same time so could this...
  17. JamieZ


    Does anyone here have a pioneer vsx-d606s receiver? It is an older receiver and I am wondering if any of you have hooked up an external amp to it? I would like to hook one up for my mains but am not sure if I can. Thanks Jamie
  18. JamieZ


    Can I connect an amplifier to my receiver just for the two main speakers? I want this so I will have more power in stereo. I just want it for my mains nothing else. My speakers hold up to 300 watts a piece so what would be a good amp for these and fairly cheap. Like under $300. Thanks Jamie
  19. JamieZ

    Speaker settings!!

    Should my speakers be set to small even if I don't have a sub at the moment? They are big floorstanders. Thanks Jamie
  20. JamieZ

    Polk Speakers!

    Hi! My friend just purchased a pair of polk r40 speakers and I am wondering what would be a good choice for a receiver to power these. He will want at least 5.1 surround. His price range is in the $200 to $400 range. Thanks Jamie
  21. JamieZ

    Polk Speakers!

    Hi! My friend just purchased the polk audio r40 tower speakers and now he needs a receiver. He wants to have at least 5.1 surround so I am wondering what would be the best receiver somewhere in the low $200 range? Thanks!! Jamie
  22. JamieZ


    What would be the cheapest amp I could buy that would power a sv sub? Jamie
  23. JamieZ

    SVS Sub

    Would an SVS sub be to much bass in an 11' x 14' room? If this would be too much what would be better off in my room? I already have 2 cerwin vega ls-12's. Also my reciever(pioneer vsx-d606s) has a pre out so I would be able to hook an amp and sub to it. Right? Or do i not even need an...
  24. JamieZ

    Heat in Cabinets!

    I am wondering if I can mount a fan on the back of my A/V Cabinet to take the hot air out? If I buy a 120 volt fan can I just plug it right into the back of my receiver so it will be on whenever my receiver is on? And I am wondering where I can purchase fans like these? How about radioshack...
  25. JamieZ

    Paradigm speakers!!

    Are there any online dealers who sell paradigm products? Jamie
  26. JamieZ

    Rear Speakers!!

    I am wondering which would be the best bookshelf speakers for under $200. I am using an older pioneer vsx-d606s DD 5.1 receiver at the moment. These will be used to replace my poor fisher speakers. Jamie
  27. JamieZ

    Kenwood systems

    How does everybody like the Kenwood HTB-504? My friend is looking into getting a HT and is this the best for around the $500-$600 range? Thanks Jamie
  28. JamieZ

    Speaker Connections

    I have a pair of Cerwin Vega LS-12 speakers and I am wondering what other ways can I connect my speaker wire to them. I have heard of banana clips and stuff and I am wondering if it can be connected by that. Or any other ways. Jamie:emoji_thumbsup:
  29. JamieZ


    I am looking into buying a sub and I was wondering which sub would be best for around $150 to $200. I was considering the acoustic research s108psb but I know there are others out there and I was wondering what one would be best in that price range. Thanks Jamie
  30. JamieZ

    SVS sub!!

    Does a SVS sub require an additional amp to power it or can it be connected directly to the sub out on the receiver? Thanks Jamie