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    STAR TREK: Strange New Worlds

    I enjoyed Bride of Chaoitica
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    STAR TREK: Strange New Worlds

    Episode 8 is a unique episode of Star Trek. It’s the first one I’ve ever turned off..
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    Disney+ Obi-Wan Kenobi (2022)

    I’ve not been particularly impressed with Leia and agree she was better this time. All ruined by the most appalling writing. When she was in the place with all the wires it was quite dark but she didn’t see that glowing orange thing which must surely have been impossible to miss.
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    TV on DVD news roundup

    I own all the DVDs and ripped the episodes to my media server so I never touch the DVDs again. In the case of Nights In White Satin; I found a copy of the scene on YouTube and actually edited it back into the episode. If anyone ever wants to see why the original music is so important get them...
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    Netflix Manifest (NBC/Netflix)

    The excessive expletives were so jarring and seemed so out of place in the show. it was totally unnecessary and ruined the show for me.
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    Reacher (2022) - Season 1

    I watched all the episodes over two days. Thoroughly enjoyed it and I certainly hope there will be a second season. I just wish though that they made more than 8 episodes. ideally they should have 16 episodes and release them in two chunks perhaps six months apart.
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    Advice Please: Replacing Dish and also allowing remote access from overseas

    I will start by explaining what I currently have. I have a home in the US and the UK. In the US, I have a Dish satellite and receiver with an additional Joey box in the master bedroom. My internet is with Spectrum and attached to that is a PC and Synology NAS. I only use the Synology for...
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    Netflix Lost in Space 3 on Netflix

    Robert Stephens was a great actor.
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    Paramount+ Star Trek: Prodigy (Paramount+)

    I really enjoyed this episode. i suppose I shouldn’t laugh but it was really funny when following the success of the test, the Enterprise was accidentally destroyed because of the feet on the desk.
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    Any word on when The Name Of The Game is being released on DVD?

    This is probably the main series I am missing in my collection. I just wish it was shown somewhere where I could get hold of it.
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    Paramount+ Star Trek: Discovery - Official Thread

    The first ten minutes or so were good and I was starting to think this could be the best episode of the season so far. The fact that it is a Jonathan Frakes episode is always a plus point. The business of being stuck in an empty void did seem to be a bit of a rip off of a far superior TNG...
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    Netflix The Witcher - Season 2

    Well I’ve watched the first two episodes and hadn’t a clue what was going on. All very confusing. Somehow I missed the recap.
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    Netflix Lost in Space 3 on Netflix

    How this gets cancelled yet the awful Discovery and Picard keep going is beyond me.
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    Netflix Lost in Space 3 on Netflix

    Just finished all 8 episodes. I really enjoyed the season and whole series. Maxwell Jenkins really stands out for me as an excellent actor. My only disappointment is that this is the end. I just wish we could have more adventures.
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    Paramount+ Star Trek: Discovery - Official Thread

    Does anyone remember The Doomsday Machine episode where Kirk and Scottie were rushing to set the destruct mechanism and the time was running out? if this was Discovery; with about a minute to go Scott would suddenly tell Kirk how depressed he was and then 30 seconds would be wasted giving him a...
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    Leverage: Redemption (IMDB-TV)

    Been generally enjoying the series. Does anyone know if they have been using the same sets as NCIS New Orleans as so many of the regular sets seem almost identical.
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    I must admit I was surprised that Matt got the final Jeopardy answer wrong. I thought the answer was so obvious that there must have been more to it. Sorry to see him go. I did notice that both the other contestants were quick on the buzzer which must have been a factor.
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    La Brea on NBC

    That did make me laugh.
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    La Brea on NBC

    I enjoyed the pilot and quickly turned it off as I didn’t want to see the teaser for what was coming up later in the season.
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    "Law and Order" original series on DVD (1990 - 2010) discussion thread

    Season 21 has been ordered straight to series by NBC. https://deadline.com/2021/09/law-order-revival-nbc-season-21-dick-wolf-rick-eid-1234846181/
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    Babylon 5 Reboot (The CW)

    I don’t think we need to worry if JMS is in charge.
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    What series do you want so badly you would be willing to pay a premium price?

    You can buy Hawaii Five-O in HD on Amazon and very good the quality is too. My holy grail series would be The Name of The Game.
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    ABC Dancing with the Stars season 30

    I won’t be watching. I just can’t get past the loss of Tom Bergeron.
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    Tom Bergeron was the core of DWTS and it is scandalous how he was treated and the show didn’t recover from his loss. Yes, he would be a good Jeopardy host.
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    I believe to a certain extent as WillG said that the cancel warriors had a lot to do with the fuss over Mike Richards purely because it wasn't Levar Burton. I haven't read all the articles people have linked to but the ones I did read were so obviously biased against him that I gave up on them...
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    George Stephanopoulos, Robin Roberts, David Faber and Joe Buck all had only a week of episodes and they were all much better. Of all the guest hosts Levar Burton's episodes were the only ones I actually felt like turning off.
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    It's got to be Ken surely.
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    I just don’t understand how anyone could think Levar Burton would have been a good host. He was terrible and the worst of all the guest hosts. People are now excusing his performance by saying that they didn’t give him a chance because he only did a week of episodes. He wasn’t the only one...
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    Blu-ray Review Thoroughly Modern Millie Blu-ray Review

    Don’t know about that but I did miss one of my favorite numbers The Tapioca.
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    Blu-ray Review Thoroughly Modern Millie Blu-ray Review

    My one disappointment has always been that the Broadway show version didn’t feature any of the music in the movie apart from the title song.