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  1. Garrett Lundy

    Can you see into the future? Your 2010 predicitions

    What wonders and horrors stalk the world of tomorrow? Consult your inner Nostradamus and blow some minds at the AHL. (note: Prophecy is magic so you don't need to show your work). Disney/Honda build android: Mega corporations combine to build free-roaming animatronic human capable of conversing...
  2. Garrett Lundy

    Make your own Bollywood movie.

    Got this link from an audio website. Warner and Blu*Ray A Boy and his dog Post your funniest stuff! My friend Michele's Cupcake Thief!
  3. Garrett Lundy

    Dumb question regarding black bars.

    Note: Screnshots from Event Horizon. The only DVD I own that leaves the letterbox bars intact because its not 16x9 enhanced. Please ignore the background stuff behind the images... the screencap software was free On a great many widescreen movies (both DVD and cable) the letterbox bars at the...
  4. Garrett Lundy

    See This Horror Movie! pre-challenge thread

    Post 1 scary/halloween movie that you believe more people should watch this october. Because Night Of The Seagulls should never be infliced upon anyone. Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992 / Francis Ford Coppola) Its been 15 years since this one came out. There are people now drinking in...
  5. Garrett Lundy

    Bronx monday, where to eat dinner?

    The wife & I will be in the Bronx monday for some quick business. I've only been to Manhattan and have never been to this borough. We just need a good restaurant recommendation to stop at after the ZOO (please, nothing formal). Thanks in advance.
  6. Garrett Lundy

    New convertible. Pontiac v. Mazda

    For some reason I got myself the convertible itch. Considering my near-death experience last year, putting off buying a Harley-Davidson RoadKing for a few years is probably in my best intrest anyway (plus I'm hoping to make enough off my settlement to be able to pay cash for a new bike). Keep...
  7. Garrett Lundy

    Lean Cuisine® suprisingly good.

    So after the doctor suggests it may be in my best intrest to lose a few (cough*cough*75*cough), I signed up at the local Y and replaced most of my normal unheathly frozen food with some Lean Cuisine® meals. Now the last time I was on a serious diet I had some LC swedish meatballs that tasted...
  8. Garrett Lundy

    Favorite Christmas Cartoons?

    Quick! Everybody name their 3 favorite Christmas cartoons. 3. Futurama - Xmas Story. A robotic Santa has taken over the North Pole and every 'Xmas' (the official spelling in 3001) flies around the globe in a rocket sled dishing-out punishment for everyone (because nobody has ever been good...
  9. Garrett Lundy

    Got the HD Shopping Blues.

    Went to SEARS/ To buy some gifts/ So I browse the TV isle/ And they all look pretty bad/ Got them HD shopping blues. OK, none of that actually works musically, but I'm sure someone with more talent than me could write a pretty good blues song about the asspain that is shopping for an...
  10. Garrett Lundy

    Argh! Another broken DVD!

    The first year and a half with my Netflix subscription was uneventful. But Now I've got another broken DVD in the mail. This is the 3rd time since Tomb Of The Blind Dead for the Halloween challenge. *The disks are split from the hub to the outer ring. Are other people using these rentals for...
  11. Garrett Lundy

    Where did Franco go?

    I was in the store today buying RavioliOs (my guilty food pleasure. So much joy for $1.39), when I saw something strange. A Campbell's label. So I double check... RavioloOs - Campbell's SpaghettiOs - Campbell's Batman shaped pasta With Meatballs - Campbell's Poof! Just like that...
  12. Garrett Lundy

    Getting ready for 2006 Scary movie challenge

    I've still got 2 weeks until I start attempting to drain my adrenaline gland every night. Thats right, the 2006 Halloween Home Theater Forum Scary Movie Challenge is just around the corner. And this year I'm planning my movies in advance. Since I'm not retired or quitting my job for this, I...
  13. Garrett Lundy

    "Mosquito" ringtone, can you hear it?

    Some company or another creates a 17KHz tone which is supposed to repel teenagers (so they stop hanging-out in front of the 7-11). Older people don't hear as well so most people over 20 can't hear it. Annoying teenagers then take said tone and use it for a cellphone ringtone, so parents...
  14. Garrett Lundy

    Sony KD-34XBR970, any reviews?

    I'm considering buying this HDTV in a week or two. But I'm having trouble finding any reviews for it. Most reviews are for the older xbr960. Is the 970 just too new, or are there some serious PQ issues with this new model?
  15. Garrett Lundy

    HD-DVD's June releases?

    Blu*Ray already has street dates set for its June releases, but sellers don't have any new releases for HD-DVD yet planned for June. Does anybody know whats coming out next month?
  16. Garrett Lundy

    Any AVRs with 6 switchable inputs?

    So by Christmas 2006 there will be 2 HD movie machines (HD-DVD & BRD), 3 HD game systems (Xbox360, Playstation3, Nintendo Wii), and HD cable. Some people will also have HD Satelite and HD broadcast. Thats 8* HD feeds that need decoding and switching with tomorrows AVR! Most AVRs I see...
  17. Garrett Lundy

    Need room dimensions.

    The wife and I plan on getting out of the apartment life and building our first house. Since we're starting 'clean slate', I was wondering if anybody had any hard & fast rules for the proper room dimensions. Room 1: rectangular Living room/HT. One row of seating against the back wall (a...
  18. Garrett Lundy

    Alternate household power, any starting points?

    The wife and I would like to move out of our apartment and into a small rural home in the next few years ("rural" as in 'a few miles out of town', not like '100 miles from a paved road in Canada'). With the ever rising costs of power (both electric and fossil fuel), we have an intrest in...
  19. Garrett Lundy

    The confusing history of Thanksgiving.

    And now; The story of Thanksgiving. In case you had forgotten 4th grade history. Part 1: The "Pilgrims". Yes, the "pilgrims" lead by Brewster, Clifton, and Robinson (and I'm using pilgrim in quotation even though 'seperatist' or 'puritan' would be a better fit) left England, but not...
  20. Garrett Lundy

    Directors What movie would you make?

    Lets say that a small movie company picks your name out of the phonebook instead of, lets say Uwe Boll, to direct a new movie (They can't do any worse I suppose). What movie would you make? Rules: Can't be porn (like you need a studio to make porn), or a Star Wars film. I'd make...
  21. Garrett Lundy

    HTD now with ribbons!

    Home Theater Direct will soon start selling its new level 2 and level 3 speakers with ribbon tweeters (and some other upgrades). More in-depth info and photos HERE
  22. Garrett Lundy

    raising kids: choosing hobbies/skills

    This thread is for discussion on what skills/ativities/etc you think are important for teaching (or paying someone else to teach) your kids. Or what did you wish you learned at 12 you never did, or what was a big waste of time/money for your parents? Activities I'd like to instill in my...
  23. Garrett Lundy

    Hsu discontinues cylinders!

    No, this is not a belated April Fool's prank. Hsu research has stopped selling their award-winning TN series cylinder subwoofers. It would seem they are poor sellers compared to the powered box series, and have been discontinued in preparation for the "turbo" adapted new flagship, the VTF-3 Mk.2...
  24. Garrett Lundy

    Display energey efficiency?

    Of all the readily available displays (CRT FP,CRT, RPCRT, LCOS, DLP, PLASMA, et cetera): Is any display type more efficient or inefficient (in terms of power consumption) than any other display? just curious.
  25. Garrett Lundy

    Problem with JVC player

    Problem: the video cuts-out on my JVC XV-S62 progressive scan DVD player. When the machine is first turned-on the screen turns black and says "reading disk", but then everything turns blue. The progressive-scan light is on, and I have a SDTV. i think if the progressive-scan could be...
  26. Garrett Lundy

    How did this crap get in my collection?

    Apocalyptica: My god, I don't remember buying these, but I seem to have two albums in my cd-changer. Metallica on strings... yick! American Head Charge: I think I bought this at a concert. This is going to be traded-in for store credit. Nativity in Black 2: The first Sabbath-tribute album...
  27. Garrett Lundy

    Inexpensive DVD Player?

    Requirements: Single disk s-video output (am switching through an AVR) interlaced (Non-HDTV) DD & DTS transport output via digital coax (am out of digital optical inputs on AVR) Black box (most cheap players are silver) Given those rather basic needs, are there any players @$250 that...
  28. Garrett Lundy

    Simple question

    Quick question: Why doesn't Monster Cable offer any premium cables for Bose products? (The products that use proprietary cables anyway).
  29. Garrett Lundy

    'Big In Japan' whats it about?

    Artist: Alphaville Song: Big In Japan Lyrics: winter's cityside/ crystal bits of snowflakes all around my head and in the wind/ I had no illusions/ that I'd ever find a glimpse of summer's heatwaves in your eyes/ you did what you did to me, now it's history I see/ here's my comeback on...
  30. Garrett Lundy

    Hi-Res, should I even bother?

    So my DVD player sh!t the bed :frowning: So I need to buy a new one. I have been hearing about Hi-Res for years and have begun researching inexpensive universal players. But today, on a whim, i decide to browse the music section at Amazon.com to see what I should order with my new player...