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    SVS SB-4000 vs PB-4000 ?

    I just sold a pair of Klipsch R-112SW subwoofers. I had them for about 9 months and now have the upgrade bug. These were a 12" ported cabinet w/ 800watt amplifier. They sounded pretty good but I still feel that I am missing low end in my BR movie watching. I want to feel the movie as well as...
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    Klipsch R-112SW subwoofer (Pair)

    I have two 'practically brand new Klipsch R-112SW subwoofers I want to sell. I bought these in Mar 2017. Used occassionally since then. I have original boxes and manuals. I want to upgrade to something else so I would like to part from these before I get something else. I am only selling as a...
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    My speaker choice for HT room?

    Hey everyone, I'm in the beginning stages of putting together a 5.2.4 HT setup in an upstairs media room. It measures 13'x14' w/ 9' ceiling. It is an enclosed room with 1 small window and it will have double exterior insulated doors to help keep the sound level to a minimum to the rest of the...
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    Go with SVS Ultra Towers or SVS Ultra bookshelves ?

    I've read and heard online reviews of the SVS Ultra towers and bookshelf speakers. Both models are very impressive from what I could gather from all reviewers that I came across reviewing this line. I heard one online reviewer say just get the two bookshelf models and you'll be totally happy...
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    Will we see a Tombstone in UHD 4K ?

    One of my all time favorites, I would love and would buy this one in a heart beat if it was released in UHD! Whose with me?
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    Elac F6's Floorstanders from Andrew Jones (Thoughts?)

    I am very interested in these speakers from Andrew Jones. I have read reviews online and seem to get very high praise for the money. Does anyone have this model? How much better are they from the F5? Thanks for any input,
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    Largest flat panel TV or projector for multi purpose use ?

    If you guys were going to play blu ray's, gaming, and cable, netflix, etc, .... Which one would you go with ? The largest flat screen tv (70 - 80") or a 1080P projector ? The gaming part is not me... it's my 12 yr old son. If not for that, then I would be 100% projector pro-choice. But...
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    Using Floating shelves for speakers

    I am considering going with floating shelves instead of traditional speaker stands or wall brackets. Is anyone using floating shelves for their fronts or even rears? Which ones are you using? Pls provide pic if you can. Thanks,
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    RSL speakers ?

    Does anyone have RSL speakers? I'm looking at their CG4's and the CG24's. For my subwoofer, I'm thinking of going with the SVS SB-2000. I've looked on the RSL website and it doesn't look like they provide a speaker stand for the CG24 center channel. If you have this speaker, how did you...
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    Need recommendations for in-wall surrounds

    When I get ready to buy my speakers for my future HT room, I'm planning on buying Bookshelf speakers for the front, and in-wall speakers for my surrounds. Not sure if I want to go 5.1 or 7.1 at this point. I'm looking at the Paradigm line of in-wall speakers right now. The PV-150 or the PV-160...
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    Open Range Blu-Ray Release ?

    Any word on when a BR of Open Range will be released ? If the guns in the regular DVD version w/DTS 5.1 sounded as good as it did then, I can't imagine how much more better the guns will sound on the lossless audio track on the BR will sound. Thanks
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    Need recommendations for new Receiver /Projector/BR Player

    I'll be moving into my new home in May. There is a room upstairs that will be dedicated to my next HT room. It measures 12'x13' w/ 8.5' ceilings. One window. And a pair of French doors going into it. I have not bought any equipment yet but hopefully planning on that later this year. Right now...
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    Subwoofer suggestion to match up with small bookshelf speaker setup?

    I'm thinking of going with either the B&W 686 speaker or HSU Research HB-1 MK2 bookshelf setup? I would be going 7.1. To help in the bass dept, what are some subs that I could consider to handle bass duty? The room is approx. 11x13 so not a very big room. I like a lot of punch in my bass. I like...