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    RCA Receiver not displaying video or audio!!

    factory reset perhaps....
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    Using LG's Magic Remote with a Denon Receiver

    You should be able to control these functions via HDMI-CEC, just make sure you enable HDMI controls on the AVR and TV.
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    Google Chromecast with Google TV

    It does. However occasionally, with my setup, it drops back to stereo (for hbomax, prime and netflix). Sometimes in stereo the sound is out of sync as well. I've been restarting to fix which seems to work. Not sure if it's the device or something about my setup.
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    Sony Blu-ray remote overrides Sony TV remote

    That is likely a Bravia Sync with HDMI control "feature". The fix is to go into the HDMI settings on your TV and change the Device Control Keys. "None" is probably the best setting.
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    No Sound to Receiver from Smart TV

    Not sure if this apples but does non app TV sound output to receiver? Make sure your TV sound is set to output to an external sound system.
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    Favorite PS1 games

    Funny you should ask. We just pulled a box of PS1 and PS2 games down from our attic and I tried a couple of them in our "classic" PS3. Favorite PS1 game? Wipeout of course.
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    Thoughts about iPad in a Windoze home/work environment?

    Why not just pick up another entry level laptop? Costs are about the same but a laptop (arguably) does more than an iPad and is (arguably?) more useful for college or work.
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    Really Impressed with Linux

    I boot persistent Ubuntu and linux Mint from USB flash drives now and then just to play around. Nice in that you don't need to mess with your existing setup and can use these memory sticks on multiple computers (sort of). Some resources here: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/
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    iPod touch (iTouch!) owners thread!

    1. A pictures tab will appear when you sync the ipod touch to iTunes. You can select photos there. 2. The internet connection is wifi which you set it up like any other wifi connection - you just need a wireless access point.
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    MP3 Players: Recommendations?

    It's hard to beat the combination of ipod with itunes - so many models and very easy to use software to maintain content. You don't need to buy music from Apple, just add your mp3 files into itunes, sync, and you're good to go.
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    Killzone 2

    I've been playing online. Mostly I suck, but online is really a blast and the game looks great with all of the fire/smoke/dust effects. I don't really play enough to reliably be available any particular time. I'll play maybe an hour or two every other day perhaps.
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    Noby Noby Boy

    I got that silver trophy and I wasn't really trying. Must have been something I ate... Such a silly game.
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    Noby Noby Boy

    It's a pretty weird game. I had a tough time keeping my elongated "boy" on some of the maps. That's half the fun I guess. Strange, goofy time waster...
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    Opinions on the Sony DG820

    The Sony STR-DG820 does decode all of the HD sound formats.
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    JBL studio series question

    I recently bought a pair of the all weather s36s. They sound the same as the indoor s36 (although they are off white color with different grills). Finally, I have all studio series (except for sub) s36 front and surround along with s-center. Sounds great to me!
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    Dead Space (PS3/Xbox 360) - A great horror game!

    I agree completely. Great surround sound and visuals really set the mood. I've played through twice to level up weapons. I might go through again after some time away from the game just for more chilling fun.
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    Can anyone help with e-mail issues?

    A web-based email client (like gmail if you use the web interface) wouldn't use your IP address to send mail. You should try testing using gmail web based mail only. That might narrow things down to whether it's your IP or not.
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    Can anyone help with e-mail issues?

    If the the mail doesn't work using just the Gmail based web client then something is definitely beyond weird because that ought to work from any browser in the world. Do the sent mails end up in the "sent mail" folder on gmail? Perhaps the PC has a virus or its AV software is too aggressive...
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    Can anyone help with e-mail issues?

    This could be your ISP. We have experienced similar email behavior with Comcast HSI. Apparently their spam filters trip on any number of incoming/outgoing patterns and rather than bounce the mail they send it directly to the bit bucket with no notice to the sender or recipient. Requests to...
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    PS3 - any shooter games using keyboard and mouse?

    Unreal Tournament 3 is the only PS3 games that allows the use of keyboard and mouse as far as I know.
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    Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

    I agree you Edwin about all of the shooting. Yes, it's a challenge but there are so many gun battles the game seems a bit unbalanced. A TOMB RAIDER that looks and plays as good as Drake's would be great.
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    A quick question about PS3

    GB doesn't matter - they are the same for Blu-Ray playback (but not for SACD however).
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    Can a PS3 play multiplayer without being online?

    You can play Warhawk split screen (up to 4 players I think) but, right, no single player game...
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    Can a PS3 play multiplayer without being online?

    It's not the system, it's the games - some are multiplayer (offline/split screen/online/lan/etc) and some obviously aren't....
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    Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

    I just finished this on "normal" difficulty. It's a fun game and it looks and sounds great. The game flows so nicely that you find yourself playing for much longer than you planned. Not sure if there's too much replay value (other than doing the fun stuff all over again) but I've started a new...
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    Anyone else have Meniere's disease?

    I've had it for nearly 40 years. I don't have too many violent dizzy spells. There's always some feeling of vertigo like when I close my eyes in the shower, etc. I have long since gotten used to the constant buzzing and whistling in my right ear. Plus I can't hear very well out of that ear...
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    Thinking about buying a motorcycle.

    Search Google news any day for "motorcycle accident". So many are rider error.
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    Thinking about buying a motorcycle.

    Most 4cyl 600cc sport bikes IMO would be not be suitable for beginners. But lighter, yes!
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    Thinking about buying a motorcycle.

    But a lighter bike is way more maneuverable. I've ridden different bikes over the years and I think, for a new rider, lighter is definitely safer. So many accidents are rider error.
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    Thinking about buying a motorcycle.

    Not sure the insurance industry backs up the safety aspect of size and power. If you raise your CCs they raise your rates.