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  1. BrianMe

    Composite versus Component

    What is the difference in physical makeup of a 3 RCA plug composite cable, and a 3 RCA plug component cable?
  2. BrianMe

    FP Ceiling Mount

    I just recently bought an Infocus 4805 FP. I need to mount it to the ceiling. I know that a number of people make their own mounts, but I don't have time for that right now (unless someone can send me some real good plans). I also don't want to pay $150 for a retail mount. I've been scouring...
  3. BrianMe

    Underwhelmed by SVS in new room

    I have an SVS 20-39 PC+. At my old house, it was located in a corner in my living room. The living room was on the main floor with a basement underneath (i.e. firing against a subfloor). The sound was unbelievable. The room was about 13X20 and it was awesome. It would shake the seat when hitting...
  4. BrianMe

    Location of FP Image on Wall

    I'm trying to determine the best location for the image of my Infocus 4805 on the wall. Obviously it will be center left-right, but how far off the floor is recommended? My wife and I tend to like to image closer to the floor, with our head level about the 1/3 to 1/2 the way up the screen. It...
  5. BrianMe

    Running Wires Along Ceiling

    I have just purchsed an Infocus 4805 FP. I don't see any easy ways to fish wire through the ceiling and down the wall. I'll need to run about 6-7 feet over to a wall, then down the wall to a rack. What have people used to make a clean installation of the wires like this? Pics please! Brian
  6. BrianMe

    HD OTA Receiver

    I'd like to pick up a used HD OTA receiver for under $100. Does anyone have suggestions on models? I'll need 2. They don't need to be fancy. DirecTV type would be preferred. Just a good picture is what is needed.
  7. BrianMe

    sub-$100 DVD player

    So, I need a DVD player right away. I'm guessing I get a "quality" lower cost one and then get an HD-DVD later. Which sub-$100 DVD player is the best one at this time? Thanks, Brian
  8. BrianMe

    Best DVD player for Infocus 4805

    My Infocus 4805 FP just came in the mail. I've been throwing it on a blank wall using my XBox as a source. I want to get a new DVD player. What is the best DVD player to get? I was thinking of getting an HD upscaling unit, but the 4805 will only do ED, so an HD unit probably isn't needed, right...
  9. BrianMe

    Got a 4805! Now I need your help...

    I just got my Infocus 4805 in the mail from woot. I fired it up and displayed it on a blank off-white wall (not a good surface) at 110" with SD through S-vid. Wow! I can't wait to see some better content through better cables. Wow. The rule of thumb is that you need to sit 2X screen distance...
  10. BrianMe

    OTA HD Receiver

    I'm looking to get 2 OTA HD receivers. One to display on my 46" Samsung 4663 DLP, and one for my Infocus 4805. What is a good all-around receiver that won't kill my bank? Are the Voom receivers all over eBay any good? How about the Samsung models? TS150, TS160, or TS360? Brian
  11. BrianMe

    FS: 15" LCD and 19" CRT monitor

    Dell 19" CRT monitor: $100 IBM 15" LCD monitor: $150 Prices are +shipping Brian [email protected]
  12. BrianMe

    OTA HD Receiver

    I'm still looking for ideas on a good inexpensive OTA HD receiver. They are all over eBay, but I don't know which ones are good, or not so good. Brian
  13. BrianMe

    Decent OTA HDTV Antenna and receiver

    What is a decent, middle of the road, antenna and receiver to get over the air HD on? Preferably an indoor antenna. Thanks! Brian
  14. BrianMe

    TV Recommendation

    Well, I've found out that the JVC DiLA 52" is just too big for where we want to put it, so now I'm looking for TVs in the 46" range. I've been checking out the Samsung 46" DP (4663) and like it a lot. Right now I can get it from Circuit City for $2069 with 10% back in CC dollars with 12 months...
  15. BrianMe

    52" TV and Oak Entertainment Center

    52" CRT RPTV. RCA. About 5 years old. I'm not home right now, so don't have the model number. Yes, the transformer has been replaced (twice) and I have a brand new spare in the box (about $100 each). Other than that, great picture and performance. Paid $2,200 for it 5 years ago. Solid oak...
  16. BrianMe

    TV Recommendations - talk me out of this...

    I'm looking for a new TV in our new house. Originally I thought I wanted a 46" DLP, but after looking at the 52" JVC DILA models, I was blown away. My wife also walked into BB and said "I like that one the best" right away without me telling her anything. The TV will be used in our family...
  17. BrianMe

    Mitsubishi HC3

    In early Feb, Mitsubishi dropped the retail on their HC3 from like $2,799 to $999. I've been searching around here to see if there has been any buzz, and basically it looks like nada, nothing. Anybody have any thoughts on this? Is it just such a so-so projector that you wouldn't even consider it...
  18. BrianMe

    RCA = Junk?

    Hello all. I haven't posted in a while. After getting my SWS subwoofer based on reviews here, I've been enjoying it and not looking back. BUT, recently my RCA projection TV took a dive (AGAIN!). It's about 6 years old. It will now be repaired for the third time in that time period. The High...
  19. BrianMe

    RPTV Recommendations

    I know this comes up a ton, but I'm looking for a recommendation on an RPTV. My 55" RCA just took a dump (residual results of a lightening strike on my home a couple months ago). Since this forum was so spectacular in recommending my subwoofer replacement (it too was hit by lightening and I...
  20. BrianMe

    WTB: DVDs and XBox Games

    DVD Wish List: Gladiator We Were Soldiers Saving Private Ryan Star Wars: Episode 1 The Usual Suspects Fight Club Jurassic Park Independence Day Twister Harry Potter Any other DVDs that are encoded in DD EX or DTS ES also interested! XBox Wish List: Send me what you got and...
  21. BrianMe

    Dolby Digital on Onkyo TXSR600

    Okay, I'm finally getting my system together. I have an Onkyo TXSR-600. I also have an RCA DirecTV receiver with Dolby Digital, and a Sony 655 DVD changer. I can't get either to run true Dolby Digital, nor can I get it to run 6.1 on either Dolby or DTS. My Onkyo manual says that it is only...
  22. BrianMe

    Unpacking my SVS

    I was on vacation when the Big Brown Truck came on Tuesday, so I had to wait until today to pick up my SVS PC+ 20-39. I went ahead and got that one after reading so many reviews and getting feedback from people here. I saw the box and had a hard time breathing "What will my wife say?" kept...
  23. BrianMe

    Which SVS subwoofer to buy?

    Okay, I'm looking at buying an SVS subwoofer and I need some opinions. I did receive some great email support from the guys at SVS (Thanks Tom!) and it backed up some of my assumptions, but I'd like to get some third-party opinion as well. My family room/home theater is approximately 22x14...
  24. BrianMe

    SVS Discount

    After all the reviews, I think I'm an SVS convert. I'm looking at the 20-39 PC+. I'm wondering, are there any discounts for forum members? Any sales they ever have? I'd like to get one in the sub $700 range. My old sub was burnt up during a lightening strike, and the insurance company is footing...