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  1. Jeff_HR

    Gojira is BLUE!

    GOJIRA stomps onto Blu-ray
  2. Jeff_HR

    Is there to be a "Show Boat" Box Set?!?

    :confused: I thought I had read that there was to be a Box Set release of the various "Show Boat" releases on DVD. I know there was one on LaserDisc years ago. Does anyone have any updated info on this? If there still is to be a release, might we possibly see a BD release too? THX for any info...
  3. Jeff_HR

    Any further Individual Universal Legacy Series Horror releases?

    I'm hoping there will be re-releases of "Bride of Frankenstein" + "Invisible Man" + "The Wolf Man" in the Universal Legacy Series of releases just like the prior 3 releases of "Frankenstein" & "Dracula" & "The Mummy"! Is there any hint about these titles getting the Legacy Series treatment? THX!
  4. Jeff_HR

    New AV System protection options - Opinions Wanted - THX

    My AV system will be as follows: 1. Pioneer Elite Kuro 111FD 50" Plasma 2. Integra 5.9 AVR 3. Sony S550 BD player 4. Toshiba HD-A30 HD player 5. Oppo Digital DV-981HD Multi-Regional DVD player 6. DirecTV HR21 PRO HD DVR 7. Panasonic LX-200U LaserDisc player 8. JVC VCR 9. JVC...
  5. Jeff_HR

    Pioneer Elite Plasma vs Elite Monitor: Opinions on which one to buy.

    Hi! After a lot of reading & viewing I've come down to a choice between the Pioneer Elite PRO-101FD KURO High-Definition monitor & Pioneer Elite KURO PRO-111FD. The purchase will occur in late March 2009 when I've finished saving up for the purchase. I've NOT used an OTA antenna in more that...
  6. Jeff_HR

    Where is "The Prize" - All about OIL!

    Given the daily headlines about the seeming endless increase in gas prices it would seem to me that releasing "The Prize - The Epic Quest for Oil, Money & Power" on DVD would be a No-Brainer! I watched this on PBS years ago. I can't believe it has not been released! :frowning: :frowning:
  7. Jeff_HR

    US Open 2008 - Golf

    I wonder why Woods didn't use the "Stinger" iron shot on the 1st hole given his problems there this week? IHMO it would make sense to try to get the ball in the fairway given the errant shots the other 3 days & his attempt to protect his lead. Did his caddy perhaps mention this? Or is it...
  8. Jeff_HR

    Where is "The Devil's Disciple"

    This lovely well acted film stars 3 Super Star actors in good form & one of the few times Kirk Douglas & Burt Lancaster acted together in the same film. So why isn't this film on DVD? It has been a favorite of mine for nearly 35 years. :confused: 1/2
  9. Jeff_HR

    Making the PLUNGE!

    Well after spending 2007 building a new computer - 2008 is the year of upgrading & rebuilding my old & aging Audio/Video System. So I decided to jump into the waters yesterday. The 1st purchases for the new system were two High Definition DVD players. On 12/31/07 I placed an order online for the...
  10. Jeff_HR

    "The Uninvited" :( Will we EVER see this on DVD?!?

    This 1944 title is long OVERDUE! This situation is one reason I keep my LD Player around. :frowning: :angry: :frowning:
  11. Jeff_HR

    Picking up "52"! :cool:

    For all those other John Frankenheimer fans out there, "52 Pick-up" is getting a R1 WS release by M-G-M on 6/12. DVD Empire & The Laser's Edge both have for $10.49. I've had this on a R2 DVD for some time now. It is about time that this got a R1 release. I love the Clarence Williams III character.
  12. Jeff_HR

    Is a R1 release of James Woods Mini Series: "Holocaust" coming at all?

    I have a non-R1 release of the mini-series, but I'd love to have a R1 release, perhaps with a commentary & documentaries.
  13. Jeff_HR

    My "A Night to Remember" disappears!

    My DVD of "A Night to Remember" has self-destructed in some way. When put into my DVD player the player indicates that there is NO DISC! It used to play just fine in the same player. All other DVDs play in this player. Has anyone ever had this happen to them with a DVD? :eek: I guess I'll...
  14. Jeff_HR

    NO MORE "scandal-gate'

    I'm really sick & tired of all of the Media using the suffix "gate" to indicate a scandal. How about earning your pay Guys by coming up with a new term! Hmmm?? :P
  15. Jeff_HR

    Bangkok Hilton, Re-versioned?!?

    When this mini-series was originally released on DVD it was released by a company, I believe called Delta Entertainment. A re-release by a company, I believe called Roadshow Entertainment says on the DVD packaging that the mini-series has been "re-versioned" Is anybody familiar with what...
  16. Jeff_HR

    Which Bed?

    ;) I was watching an episode on the new "Perry Mason" set & in one scene there was a typical example of 1950's morals, two beds in the bedroom, his & hers. I have a question. When a man & his spouse had sex, whose bed did they usually use, his or hers? ;)
  17. Jeff_HR

    iPod cover art won't sync

    I have a 60 gb video iPod. For some reason the CD cover art has gotten out of sync on some tracks, but not all. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to which tracks have the problem. Does anyone know how to fix this problem. I've not had much luck finding any articles at Apple's site that help...
  18. Jeff_HR

    WB and the M-G-M Diamond Jubilee Collection Titles

    Will we see "San Francisco" & "The Picture of Dorian Gray" any time soon? There are other titles in the collection, but I'd like these two next since we have been given "Gaslight" already. ;)
  19. Jeff_HR

    James Woods Mini Series: "Holocaust"

    I vividly remeber watching this on TV many moons ago. I had it on Beta tape at one time. I just ordered this on DVD from DVDZone2. It will be taking the "slow boat" here. I doubt I'll receive it until late July. I'll give my impressions when I've seen it. ;)
  20. Jeff_HR

    A WB Box suggestion (Or two)

    Since WB is putting out so many Box sets lately, here is a another one. How about one with romance films. I nominate the following for starters: - "Crossing Delancey" - "Rich and Famous" (1981) - "Humoresque" - "A Little Romance" already released but throw it in I didn't list any Bette...
  21. Jeff_HR

    Vivien Leigh's "Waterloo Bridge" R2

    I just ordered this title from CD Japan. It is an old favorite that I've had on LD for a long time.
  22. Jeff_HR

    R2 Spanish DVD of "The Big Sky"

    This is one of my favorite Westerns! Does anyone own the R2 Spanish DVD of "The Big Sky"? Are the Spanish Subtitles forced? There is also a French version, but I've been told that the visual quality is poor on the French version. Thanks for your kind help.
  23. Jeff_HR

    Histograms & DSLR exposure

    Does anyone know of a good, thorough & understandable tutorial or book on the use of Histograms & DSLR exposure. Thanks for your help. :)
  24. Jeff_HR

    "A Tale of Two Cities" R4

    Deleted due to lack of interest
  25. Jeff_HR

    Why isn't Electronic Banking Istantaneous?

    I have a credit card company that when I make an online electronic payment does not "post" the payment until Midnight of the next day if I make the "electronic payment" after 3PM EST, and they don't make the funds available until the day after that. To my own logical way of thinking, this is...
  26. Jeff_HR

    F-Secure Anti-Virus & Sygate Firewall: Can they co-exist?

    I'm thinking of getting away from Norton's AV mainly because of the product activation & all the ill news surrounding it recently. I'm thinking about buying F-Secure's 2004 AV app. The installation instruction s for F-Secure's 2004 AV app say to uninstall any 3rd party Firewall software. I use...
  27. Jeff_HR

    Canon i9900 vs. Epson 2200

    I'm interested in moving up to a wide format printer. Does anyone out there have any experience with the Canon i9900 & the Epson 2200? My current printer is an Epson c80, which is looking like it needs to be retired. I like what I've read about the 2200, but it is a bit expensive. Also, is it...
  28. Jeff_HR

    "Mogambo" coming in R4

    Mogambo coming with: "Clark Gable and Ava Gardner with Grace Kelly and Directed by John Ford in one of John Ford’s brightest films. Clark Gable portrays man’s-man Victor in a sassy, vibrant remake of Gable’s 1932 Red Dust. Ava Gardner plays tough-hided, vulnerable hearted Eloise. And Grace...
  29. Jeff_HR

    "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich"

    Who might hold the DVD rights to this WWII documentary? Does anyone know if it was released to Laserdisc? Thanks. :)
  30. Jeff_HR

    "The Gunfighter" - R4

    One of my favorite Westerns is getting a R4 release in a few weeks. Gregory Peck is outstanding in this Henry King film. I'll be able to retire my Laserdisc.