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  1. ThuanVu

    Sennheiser DSP 360 headphone amp FS

    Will you match the original post - $25 shipped ? Then I'm interested PLMK Thanks Thuan
  2. ThuanVu

    FS: Jolida SJ502A - $450 plus shipping

    Bump - still available Thanks Thuan
  3. ThuanVu

    FS: BAT Balanced Audio Technology VK-3i Tube Preamp

    Hi all, I have one for sale, Audiogon rate 7/10 Has original box, accessories, remote, manual Come with whole set of Electro-Harmonix (6922 x4 and 6V6GT x2) They're Platinum grade from upscaleaudio.com - Has around 200hrs on them MSRP: $2500 (with remote control option) My price: $1200...
  4. ThuanVu

    FS: Panamorph PSO-U100 pro-grade

    Hi all, Just try to bump to the top Thanks Thuan
  5. ThuanVu

    FS: Panamorph PSO-U15 - Anamorphic lens

    Hi all, Just try to bump to the top Thanks Thuan
  6. ThuanVu

    FS: Panamorph PSO-U100 pro-grade

    Hi all, I have one forsale here: PSO-U100 premium optics anamorphic lens It comes with orig box, rail, extension rods. Exellent condition - lens has some dust in it but they aren't affect the image at all. This model was Panamorph top of the line some years back MSRP is like ~$2K I found...
  7. ThuanVu

    FS: Panamorph PSO-U15 - Anamorphic lens

    Anyone can show me how to post picture ? Thank you Thuan
  8. ThuanVu

    FS: Panamorph PSO-U15 - Anamorphic lens

    Hi all, I have this PSO-U15 forsale. Bought it several years back but NEVER mount. Just experiment on NEC HT1000 and went with much more expensive PSO-U100 (pro-grade) I found this link, about U15 Integrated Media Systems Inks Exclusive Distribution Agreement For New Panamorph Anamorphic...
  9. ThuanVu

    FS: Jolida SJ502A - $450 plus shipping

    Email back to you (not PM) Thanks Thuan
  10. ThuanVu

    FS: Jolida SJ502A - $450 plus shipping

    The tube integrated amp SJ502A has 4 high-level inputs, front panel selector, volume, balance, and power on/off controls. Feature include 5-way type speaker cable binding posts and transformers made of zGerman silicon steel. The Jolida SJ502A features two matched pairs of world-famous Russian...
  11. ThuanVu

    360 HD DVD Add-On very slightly used

    Receive the package yesterday And find out HD-DVD ship is sinking :-) BB selling it for $49.99 now Thanks Thuan
  12. ThuanVu

    WTB:Cheap computer for my kids

    Micro Center Online - the center of .computer shopping Microcenter sell refurb Optiplex GX270 for $250 Unfortunately, in-store pick up only If you have relative who lives within states mentioned to get it for you ? Good luck Thuan
  13. ThuanVu

    360 HD DVD Add-On very slightly used

    PM sent, Thanks Thuan
  14. ThuanVu

    FS: Optoma MovieTime DV10 (Pojector w/ integrated DVD player)

    Still available? PM sent Thanks Thuan
  15. ThuanVu

    WTS Yamaha YSP unit

    I have brand new in box YSP800 Asking $400 Thanks Thuan
  16. ThuanVu

    New, Want help with Projector

    Not sure if you can get any cash out of it - But if you want to replace it, I see atleast 2 NEC HT1000 used sell @ avsforum for like $400 This model is king of video PJ, it has 1024x768 (4x3) but the image is awesome (I have one, and would not sell it for $400) Good luck Thuan
  17. ThuanVu

    Experience with virtual video glasses device?

    Hi all, Anyone here actually use one yet ? There are several "virtual" size: from 32" up to 80" - Highest resolution is VGA Don't care much about pixels but how about video rendition, sharpness, focus, contrast, dark scene. I try to search for reviews but no avail The i-Theater: Personal...
  18. ThuanVu

    Price check: iScan HD+ with and/or without SDI card.

    Hi Chris, I have HD+ with SDI card - and just bought another used VP30 + ABT102 from fellow here for $1K. VP30 is much more flexible and powerful than HD+ I love it. It's worth $350 upgrade (assuming you can sell HD+ for $650) Best regards Thuan
  19. ThuanVu

    Price check: iScan HD+ with and/or without SDI card.

    A quick search on eBay;completed items show price range from $530 - $650. SDI card is $169 (I bought 2 :-)) Good luck Thuan
  20. ThuanVu

    WTB: Panamorph VC Anamorphic lens

    Hi Eric, I have one Panamorph PSO-U15, this lens is a bit small for my HT1000, so I end up bought a new one. This one is in closet since. MRSP is $695 http://www.htmarket.com/pacole.html If you want it please do some research make sure the lens is fit your need I will sell it for $250...
  21. ThuanVu

    FS: Monoprice HDX-501 5x1 HDMI Switcher (Rev. 2.1)

    Paul, sent you PM Thanks Thuan
  22. ThuanVu


    Hi Ron, I bought my DVDO HD+ and SDI card from ebay (search for inetdistributors seller). Good price for SDI card ($169), but not sure this will fit your VP50 This guy sells brand new stuff and claim fully warranty by manufacturer Good luck Thuan
  23. ThuanVu

    Help with Flat Panel mounts

    No one mention monoprice.com ? :) Call me cheap but I ordered one from them to mount my Vizio P50 $40 shipped to your door. The mount has tilt option which turn out to be *a bit too thick* (space between the back tv to the wall). I don't need tilt option but they only has one kind Thanks Thuan
  24. ThuanVu

    Gold 15' hdmi to dvi cable

    Is this monoprice brand, with net around ? I need one PLMK Thanks Thuan
  25. ThuanVu


    Have you try monoprice dot com ? They have decent cables Good luck Thuan
  26. ThuanVu

    A question to buyers concerning laserdisc players. (Mods - move if necessary!)

    Tell him to read the manual Regards Thuan
  27. ThuanVu

    WTB: Millenium 5.1 DTS decoder

    I have it - black , orig box and manual, but not sure what test cd that came with it ? Send me your best offer Thanks Thuan
  28. ThuanVu

    WANTED! Bookshelf speakers for under $100

    I just got myself a pair of Mirage Omnisat for $160 free shipping from Vannsdotcom - MSRP is $250 each - sweet sound Good luck Thuan
  29. ThuanVu

    WTB: iScan HD+

    Hi Chris, FYI, Sometimes ago, you were checking my U15 forsale - But you want constant height set up. I see you mention here again, but I'm sure 752 is for constant width. Cheers Thuan
  30. ThuanVu

    WTB Toshiba HD-A1 HD DVD Player

    That's good deal Amazon item actually sell by third-party Vann's - still in stock Regards Thuan