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  1. ThuanVu

    FS: BAT Balanced Audio Technology VK-3i Tube Preamp

    Hi all, I have one for sale, Audiogon rate 7/10 Has original box, accessories, remote, manual Come with whole set of Electro-Harmonix (6922 x4 and 6V6GT x2) They're Platinum grade from upscaleaudio.com - Has around 200hrs on them MSRP: $2500 (with remote control option) My price: $1200...
  2. ThuanVu

    FS: Panamorph PSO-U100 pro-grade

    Hi all, I have one forsale here: PSO-U100 premium optics anamorphic lens It comes with orig box, rail, extension rods. Exellent condition - lens has some dust in it but they aren't affect the image at all. This model was Panamorph top of the line some years back MSRP is like ~$2K I found...
  3. ThuanVu

    FS: Panamorph PSO-U15 - Anamorphic lens

    Hi all, I have this PSO-U15 forsale. Bought it several years back but NEVER mount. Just experiment on NEC HT1000 and went with much more expensive PSO-U100 (pro-grade) I found this link, about U15 Integrated Media Systems Inks Exclusive Distribution Agreement For New Panamorph Anamorphic...
  4. ThuanVu

    FS: Jolida SJ502A - $450 plus shipping

    The tube integrated amp SJ502A has 4 high-level inputs, front panel selector, volume, balance, and power on/off controls. Feature include 5-way type speaker cable binding posts and transformers made of zGerman silicon steel. The Jolida SJ502A features two matched pairs of world-famous Russian...
  5. ThuanVu

    Experience with virtual video glasses device?

    Hi all, Anyone here actually use one yet ? There are several "virtual" size: from 32" up to 80" - Highest resolution is VGA Don't care much about pixels but how about video rendition, sharpness, focus, contrast, dark scene. I try to search for reviews but no avail The i-Theater: Personal...
  6. ThuanVu

    FS: Vutec Vu-easy with Britewhite 1.5 gain

    Hi all, I just order a Dalite HighPower 133", need to sell this screen My screen is 54"x96" 110" diag 16:9 HDTV Screen material is Britewhite 1.5 gain Frame is extruded aluminum with powder coated matte black finish http://vutec.com/vutec/vu-easy.pdf...
  7. ThuanVu

    For DFW only: Gateway Destination 36" CRT monitor - $300 OBO

    Hi all, Sorry - this unit is local pick up only - way too heavy I have this monster monitor for sale - great shape - rarely use I use it as a TV (progressive scan) to display 480p DVD material and 1080i HDTV - and desktop display This is a monitor type: no speaker, no conventional video...
  8. ThuanVu

    FS: DLP front PJs

    Hi all, I have 2 DLP PJs forsale: The Plus UP1100 was one of the good HT PJ two years ago, you can search info at www.avsforum.com It has less than 100hrs usage (i think) - PQ is awesome with HD source Specs at http://www.projectorcentral.com/PLUS-UP-1100.htm Price $650 The NEC...
  9. ThuanVu

    FS: NEC front projectors PG series - local pick up

    Hi all, I'm in Texas, have the following: PG6200: unknown hours, CRT look good with barely burn mark on one of the CRT - no remote control - $500 PG9200: 1700hrs but when I replaced system board on it - it reset to zero hour - no burn mark with remote control - $900 PG9100: around 800...
  10. ThuanVu

    FS: Gateway Destination 36" monitor - HDTV capable

    Lower price to $400 - local pickup only DFW TX Thanks Thuan Hi all, I have forsale: Gateway Destination 36" monitor - input is one VGA (HD-15) Excellent condition - native resolution is 800x600 I currently hook up with my DTC100 for Hidef program (1080i) and all video sources using...
  11. ThuanVu

    FS: Extron SW4 RGBHV switcher

    Hi all, I have one Extron SW4 RGBHV for sale Currently upgrade to DVI sources Unit is excellent condition, 4 inputs, 1 output - BNC connections - This unit is manually switching - Come with original box - not sure if I still have the manual - Support up to 350 MHz bandwidth This unit can be...
  12. ThuanVu

    FS: 6ft DVI-D Single Link cables

    Hi all, I have 4 DVI-D Single Link cables which come with my Gefen 4x1 switcher - 6ft long Price: $10 each + $4 USPS priority shipping Will take Paypal New never used Thanks Thuan
  13. ThuanVu

    FS: NEC LT 240K and LT260K DLP projectors

    Hi all, Anyone here interest in used LT240K and LT260K? My cousin has LT240K with less than 100hrs use in Ecomode (3000hrs lamp life) I have LT260K with less than 200hrs use in Ecomode (3000hrs lamp life) Excellent for hometheater application (high contrast ratio) or business...
  14. ThuanVu

    FS: Plus UP1100 DLP projector

    Hi all, I have two of these forsale. One is less than 100 hrs use Other is around 250+ hrs use Has power cord, VGA cable, remote control, hard copy of user manual, carry bag Perfect working condition Reason forsale: upgrade to NEC LT260K A NIB spare bulb can be had for extra $250 Price...
  15. ThuanVu

    FS: Replacement lamp NEC MT40LP

    Hi all, I have one spare NIB NEC MT40LP forsale Price: $300 shipped This lamp is for: NEC MultiSync - MT1045 NEC MultiSync - MT1040 NEC MultiSync - MT840 Box was opened to check the bulb when bought This comes with bulb and air filters Cheapest place online is $457 + shipping...
  16. ThuanVu

    FS: Harmon Kardon Signature 2.0 pre/pro

    *** SOLD *** Hi all, I have one forsale, AC3/DTS pre/pro, has original box, manual, remote. Asking $350 plus shipping from 75052 Thanks Thuan
  17. ThuanVu

    Lexicon DC-1 owners help

    Hi all, If you had done upgrade from v2 to v4, how complicate is it? Can you briefly describe the procedure here. I try to locate the instruction that come with the kit but none avalable Thanks in advance Thuan
  18. ThuanVu

    FS: NEC MT40LP lamp for MT840, MT1040, and MT1045

    Hi all, I have one MT40LP lamp module for sale, which including air filters. Brand new never use, box was opened to make sure it's okay during shipping. I purchased this as spare for my MT1045 PJ. Now the PJ was sold. Asking $300 plus shipping from TX75052 Fair price compare to...
  19. ThuanVu

    DVD Tuxedo DTS soundtrack ?

    Hi all, Did anyone notice that the (DVD)Tuxedo DTS soundtrack missing dialog ? I mean background/music are there but NO dialog ! Strange Thuan
  20. ThuanVu

    FS: Jolida SJ502A - $600 shipped

    Hi all, I have a integrate Jolida SJ502A forsale: unit is in great shape, roughly 50 hrs use (not even break in). This unit has subwoofer output modification. Serve as a piece of decor in my hometheater last 2 yrs :) It has Svetlana 6550C power tubes (Russian) Unit is in excellent condition...
  21. ThuanVu

    FS: NEC MultiSync MT1045 front projector 2000 lumens, HDTV ready

    Price REDUCED! Hi all, I have one forsale, this unit has less than 800 hrs on bulb/chassis XGA resolution, Hi-Def ready, ... Come with remote control, cables, manual, software Ceiling mount And EXTRA BULB new in box ($450 worth) Can be seen before buying in Grand Prairie TX Watch...
  22. ThuanVu

    Spy Game DVD in pan&scan format!!!

    Hi all, Anyone know the reason why this title is in 4x3 format? It has AC3 and DTS sound track (good) but why not widescreen and anamorphic? If I know before hand, I wouldn't buy it! Thanks Thuan
  23. ThuanVu

    WTB: Original SVS driver

    Anyone upgrade their CSi want to get rid off the old driver please let me know Thanks Thuan
  24. ThuanVu

    Single SVS with S700/S1000 set up

    Hi all, My question is if you have single SVS and the Samson amp, did you bridge the amp (1000wpc) or stereo mode and hook up only one channel? In bridge mode, the amp is not as stable at 2ohm load! Is there any 2 ohm load present in sub frequencies? Thanks Thuan
  25. ThuanVu

    Velodyne vs SVS ?

    Hi all, I currently own a 12 yrs old Velodyne ULD18 and just bought 2 SVS 1649CS (? the biggest) Hook up these SVS to my AA OM150 (150wpc) and run several movies thru my system and my conclusion is my 12 yrs old Velodyne is better bottom/more dB at lowest octet My question here is why are so...
  26. ThuanVu

    How to change my password?

    Hi all, I don't know where to post this question so I try it here I have live with default password for a while and just can't remember it and don't know how to change it Please let me know Thanks Thuan