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    Your new BD titles requests from Twilight Time

    A few of my hopes for TT to release: The Best of Enemies (1961) Nine Hours to Rama (1963) Who's Minding the Mint (1967) You Can't Win Em All (1970) The 7th Dawn (1964)
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    The Twilight Time News and Info Thread

    Really looking forward to the March titles. I ordered all 5 of them. I am dying to see Anastasia and Exodus again. Two of my all time favorites. On another note, does anyone else have mixed feelings about the revelation of a Fox deal with Kino? While I am certainly grateful for any blu ray...
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    Upcoming Twilight Time Sale...From TT's Facebook page...

    “TWILIGHT TIME turns 4 this week! Help us celebrate by participating in the very popular birthday promotion, which this year will commence on Wednesday, March 25th at 4 pm EST, and continue through 4 pm EST on Friday, April 3rd. Please check back in with us tomorrow at the usual time, 4pm EST...
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    HTF EXCLUSIVE! Twilight Time May/June 2015 Release Announcements

    I am eternally grateful to Twilight Time for finally releasing Night of the Generals. I cannot wait to have this in my hands. A huge thank you to Nick, Brian and Julie for this title. :D
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    Your new BD titles requests from Twilight Time

    Any hope for these two titles from Director Mark Robson: Lost Command (1966)(Columbia) Nine Hours to Rama (1963)(20th Century Fox) Would love to see Twilight Time give these two fine films the respect they deserve. :D
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    HTF EXCLUSIVE: Twilight Time January/February 2015 Releases

    Pre-orders for the Jan titles go live on Tuesday, December 30th at 4 pm EST.
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    EXCLUSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT: Twilight Time November/December 2014 Releases

    Tune in at SAE this Wednesday, December 3rd at 4 pm EST to qualify for your free copy of AUDREY ROSE signed by actress Susan Swift. Just purchase $100 or more of TT product to win one of these special copies. Only 100 available - and strictly limited to one per person.
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    Your new BD titles requests from Twilight Time

    How about these Columbia Comedies: The Trouble with Angels (1966) Where Angels Go Trouble Follows (1968) Who's Minding the Mint (1967) And these Columbia War movies: Anzio (1968) The Night of the Generals (1967) The Heroes of Telemark (1965) The Bedford Incident (1965) I really do have a...
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    Your new BD titles requests from Twilight Time

    I would be forever grateful for the following titles: You Can't Win 'Em All (1970) Charles Bronson and Tony Curtis The Night of the Generals (1967) Peter O'Toole and Omar Sharif The Horsemen (1971) Omar Sharif and Jack Palance The Beast (1988) Jason Patric and Stephen Bauer Please Twilight...
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    EXCLUSIVE: Twilight Time July/August Titles

    Seven titles for me! I can't say thank you enough to Twilight Time for Follow That Dream and The Secret of Santa Vittoria. Two of my favorites from the 60's.
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    A Sneak Peek at Zulu and Khartoum

    Now I know why I admire and respect Twilight Time as much as I do! What a classy company!
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    A Sneak Peek at Zulu and Khartoum

    My first post to the forums! I received my copies of both Zulu and Khartoum and could not be happier with the results. The transfers look brilliant! Unfortunately, the packaging on the discs I received were not so great. It seems there has been a switch to the Eco Cases. As a long time...