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  1. Mark Philp

    Need a little help regarding a DirecTV Tivo

    I own three R-10s and they're the best. However, one of them is sick. All I get is a full-screen message that says "recorder must reaquire information from satellite" and "0% complete". It's been that way for days. I tried all the usual things like resetting it. I unplugged it for about 48 hours...
  2. Mark Philp

    British DVD dealers

    I've gotten tired of reading about all my favorite British films that aren't available in the U.S. so I'm thinking of getting a multi-region player with PAL/NTSC converter. Any suggestions on good sources for DVDs in Britain? I know of Amazon's U.K. sight, but that's about all.
  3. Mark Philp

    Media Play might be in big doo-doo

    Both the New York Attorney General and his counterpart in Connecticut are investigating Media Play's tactics regarding their going out of business sale. It's claimed that they've received hundreds of complaints from consumers stating that MP raised their prices before the sale started so that...
  4. Mark Philp

    Media Play is closing all its stores

    Heard on the news today that Media Play is shutting down all 61 of its stores sometime after the holidays. Doesn't surprise me as the stores around here never seem to be doing much business and their prices are always higher then other stores.
  5. Mark Philp

    No complaint about the Post office today.

    Last tuesday,I placed an order with Deep Discount DVD. As usual I had it shipped for free via Media Mail. They confirmed that it was shipped on Wednesday and, if you can believe it, I received it on THURSDAY! Now it usually takes 7-9 days to get here via Media Mail. I asked the mail carrier...
  6. Mark Philp

    What happened to "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn"?

    Just got an e-mail from Deep Discount DVD saying my order for "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" has been cancelled because it's been discontinued. It's no longer on their website or DVD Empire for that matter. Anybody know what happened? I'm usually pretty patient about these things, but would love to...
  7. Mark Philp

    Ever hear of Rave Theatres?

    It was announced a week or so ago that a company from Texas called Rave Theatres wants to build an 18-screen multiplex in our city. It would be their first in NY state. This might be a good thing because all of the first-run houses are owned by one company (Regal) and they've closed the smaller...
  8. Mark Philp

    Are films screened too many times a day?

    Here's something to ponder. Do you think that theatres schedule too many showings a day of hit films? For example, I live in a medium-sized city with a population of about 160,000 and maybe another 100,000 in the suburbs.We have four major multiplexes with a total of 48 screens. Right now...
  9. Mark Philp

    Did Best Buy & Circuit City merge?

    A few days ago, there was a brief article in the local paper about talk of a Circuit City opening a store in our major mall just a few doors from Best Buy. Seems to me that I had read someplace that Best Buy was buying Circuit City. Any truth to this? I can see them going head-to-head like this...
  10. Mark Philp

    Ever hear of flat coax?

    A year or two ago I read an article about a flat coax cable the was good for running under carpets and places the regular kind won't fit. Sadly, I can't remember were I read it. Has anyone heard of this? Is it any good? If so, were can I get it?
  11. Mark Philp

    A DVD Planet & Deep Discount Merger?

    I use Deep Discount DVD as my primary source and while I was a pretty good customer of DVD Planet, a while back, I hadn't used them in some time. I sent an order to them and it just happened to arrive on the same day as one from Deep Discount. I was surprised to see that they both came from Deep...
  12. Mark Philp

    AMC executives "canned"

    I just read in a New York paper that something like 14 executives of AMC, including the president, have been let go because of "financial irregularities". I guess they'll be adding more commercials to make up for it. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.;)
  13. Mark Philp

    Public domain on DVD

    I know many people look down their noses at PD films, but there are some excellent titles out there. I use to go nuts trying to find a good copy of various PD films on VHS (I must have had 10 different tapes of "Our Town" over the years) and I'd like to save myself from doing the same with DVD...
  14. Mark Philp

    How is Regal Cinemas?

    Hoyts which owns 57 of the 59 first run screens around here just sold out to Regal. I've been reading that in some cities they've started running 20 minute blocks of commercials before the films is this true? If so the 4 or 5 minutes that Hoyts ran doesn't looks so bad.
  15. Mark Philp

    Ed Sullivan Show 9 disk set

    I've been seeing interesting ads for the 9 disk "Ed Sullivan Rock 'n Roll" set. Anyone know where I can find a complete list of what performances are on it. They all list the Beatles but not much more. Thanks.
  16. Mark Philp

    Where's "West Side Story"?

    Having only been into collecting DVDs for less than two years, I've been working hard at replacing many of my favorite VHS titles. Recently, I went to buy the movie "West Side Story" and nobody has it anymore. I always figured it was a catalog title that would always be around. Does anybody...
  17. Mark Philp

    What's wrong with parents these days?

    I'm still steaming about this. After dark on July 4th, as I took my dog for a walk I had heard firecrackers going off in the next block. Now, fireworks are illegal in New York State, but that's not my point. As I got down to the source of the noise, I saw several little kids, the oldest couldn't...
  18. Mark Philp

    "Wonka" slow on delivery?

    After not yet receiving the LBX "Willie Wonka" I preordered from a company I've bought from many times, I checked and they told me that delivery was delayed from Warner Bros. I believe this is true because none of the stores in this area have it yet either. What's the story WB?