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  1. Chris Nauert

    Alias Season Premiere - 09/28/03 - The Two

    I love trying to figure out what they are selling. Last season it was Nokias, Sam Adams, and Fords....hmm....I rember seeing some blatant logo inserts, but can't remember if it was anything new.
  2. Chris Nauert

    Well, i bought a Toshiba (pics inside)

    I can't put pics or links on here yet....but the bars on the Toshiba pics are definitely bigger than they are supposed to be when displaying a 2.35 anamorphic DVD. Hope you find a way to use all those square inches you paid for!!
  3. Chris Nauert

    Home Automation Site?

    Anybody know of a good home automation site with info on surveillance, wiring, home networking...etc?
  4. Chris Nauert

    Austin Movie Nights!

    Oops, maybe I should have said decent (to me at least)! It's just a middle of the road Denon with fairly generic surrounds. The sub is a sufficiently deep and full Velodyne 12. The thing is, this the best system I've ever heard! I really get nothing from in-store demos, and friends aren't...
  5. Chris Nauert

    Austin Movie Nights!

    Maybe we'd all like to see the footage, Mike. Haha.
  6. Chris Nauert

    Austin Movie Nights!

    Hey folks, just wanted ya'll to know I've been very entertained and actually learned a few things by reading this thread. You can imagine my surprise to see Austin so well represented here. Another reason I love this town :) Keep up the good discussions in this and other threads, cause newbies...
  7. Chris Nauert

    T2 Extreme vs. T2 Ultimate comparison screenshots

    I obviously don't understand the relationship between resolution as quoted below and the screen aspect ratio. A resolution of 1600x1200 is 1.33 aspect ratio. Who would watch T2 at 1.33? Are resolution and aspect ratio related in this way?
  8. Chris Nauert

    T2 Extreme vs. T2 Ultimate comparison screenshots

    I don't get it. The resolutions stated here are 16 x 9. This isn't OAR for this movie is it?
  9. Chris Nauert

    List of HBO DD shows?

    Anybody know where I can find a list of HBO-Standard shows/movies that are broadcast in DD 5.1? Time Warner digital cable in Austin finally gave me a box with digital coax out and I had my first experience watching a 5.1 feed with Band of Brothers last night. I'm stoked and want to watch more...
  10. Chris Nauert

    Random Movie Discussion: Real Genius

    "now lets just take a step back..... now a step forward..... now a step back.... now we're doing the cha-cha!"
  11. Chris Nauert

    Random Movie Discussion: Real Genius

    Like i said on the software post, this movie made me choose my major and become an electrical engineer...I was gonna go pre-law....whew...thanks Val! I'm so happy for Laslo...has Kilmer been this witty in any other movies? Maybe that German WWII flick (das boot?) "Have you heard that hamburgers...
  12. Chris Nauert

    Samurai Jack

    I thoroughly enjoyed myself watching this show....it's definitely got great syndication appeal....a new adventure each week.....possibly in some of the places he trained as a child (really loved the training sequences). I think the backgrounds are gorgeous, as well as the soundtrack. The rave...
  13. Chris Nauert

    how to identify the new JP (and LW?) dts discs + who has done a review yet ?

    This from DVDangle.com: ------------------------------------------------- Attacking a Studio: First and foremost, I want to thank the hundreds of you out there who emailed me about the new Jurassic Park (DTS) release. It seems there is a way to determine which version is which - and it's...