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  1. KevinHunt

    Austin soldering gurus??

    Hey Austinites.....are any of you most excellent at soldering circuit boards? If so, I would like to employ you for a fix. It is my Pioneer pro510hd CRT rear projection set. I thought the set was on it's last legs but have just finished a huge 18 page thread over at AVS detailing the problem and...
  2. KevinHunt

    Marantz RC5200 remote

    Includes serial cable, docking/charging station, and manual. Marantz original configuration is loaded. Can download the Marantz touchscreen setup software at marantz.com and obviously create your own configs like the prontos. I've never used the Marantz software but assume it's similar to if not...
  3. KevinHunt

    Marantz RC5200 remote

    Marantz RC5200 remote, docking charge station, serial cable and manual. asking $200 + shipping...retailed for $599. Pics on request
  4. KevinHunt

    software DVD player that supports DTS?

    Hi guys, I just picked up a Dell 8400 desktop w/ Audigy 2ZS, and Dell 24" flat panel. Already have a good Dell ADA995 5.1 speaker system. Dell's factory installed PowerDVD doesn't seem to support DTS and I know the Audigy 2ZS does. Are there any software DVD players that support DTS?, like...
  5. KevinHunt

    SVS PB2-ISD For sale

    Only a few months old and sparingly used(also have a couple of 16-46 cylinders), 10/10 cosmetic condition and function. Wanting to try a PB2-ultra. $750. Prefer local pickup but will consider meeting halfway to Houston, Dallas, San Antonio etc.. cash, check, MO
  6. KevinHunt

    Another SVS CS+ review

    I've spent the last 2 days with my dual 16-46CS+ and S1000 setup. I very recently had been a proud owner of dual 16-46CS subs and the S700 amp. Here is my complete system for a reference: EAD Ovation-8 pre/pro Arcam FMJ DV27 DVD/CD player Bryston 4B-ST(mains amp) 3 Marantz MA6100...
  7. KevinHunt

    CS+ shipping update!

    Just a heads up. My CS+ order was not received until mid-late week last week and they shipped today. So they MUST be very near if not to the end of the pre-orders. Shipping for the CS+ should very nearly be at the standard 1-3 day turnaround time. Great job guys! I'll live through the...
  8. KevinHunt

    Ron, Tom- Can we expect any new CS+ info soon...

    Like maybe a few snaps of the final driver, response chart etc.. before the CS+ line ships? I know the finished driver spec'd out better than expected...any other new exciting tidbits? :D
  9. KevinHunt

    1 b-stock SV Ultra available!

    here: http://svsubwoofers.com/Merchant2/me...y_Code=B-stock
  10. KevinHunt

    First time console owner(Xbox)-controller acclimation?

    I've never owned a console before, not including the Atari 2600 whenever that was(early 80s?) I've just purchased the Xbox with Halo and NFL Fever 2002 so far. Ofcourse I started right off with Halo in easy mode. Now.... I've played many a FPS shooter on the PC of the likes of Halflife, Quake...
  11. KevinHunt

    FS 6 mo. old dual SVS 16-46 w/ Samson S700 amp

    Excellent condition both functionally and cosmeticly. I'm in Austin and would prefer not to ship this rather large package. Any locals interested are welcome to come by and inspect, look and listen. Hoping to upgrade to the CS+s or Ultras. E-mail me if you have any questions or need...
  12. KevinHunt

    Pioneer Elite RPTV owners-question!

    I have an Elite 510 and use the VGA input 3 and RCA DTC100 to reveive my HD programming. For anyone else who has the same, what are your picture setting on this input? You can only adjust contrast and black level when receiving HD on this input. Just curious what your settings are. Thanks...
  13. KevinHunt

    Need some cooling advice and recommendations

    I have two audio racks side by side that hold all of my equipment. I've left the back slide-in cardboard pieces out as they are backed against the wall with about 3-4 from the wall to the back of each cabinet. They each have a smoked glass front hinged door. In one cabinet I have a Samson...
  14. KevinHunt

    calibrating direct radiating side surrounds?

    I have M&K S150 LCR THX Ultra speakers that I have aligned at the listening position with a laser tool. My side surrounds are M&K THX Select direct radiating Surround 550s. They are mounted on the wall about 3-3.5 feet above seated ear level and they are currently parallel with the floor...
  15. KevinHunt

    Problem with 16-46 SVS?

    RS and TV and anyone else. I just got my 2 16-46s and Samson amp yesterday. I'm still waiting on another amp so I'm not doing the complete 5.1 calibration yet. I started by hooking up my left and right fronts and one 16-46. I did a quick calibration running the SVS just 3dB hot and listened...