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  1. Matthew_V

    *** Official LAND OF THE LOST Discussion Thread

    [wrong thread. sorry]
  2. Matthew_V

    *** Official THE HANGOVER Discussion Thread

    It was the Conan Obrien show that introduced me to him. I tried to find a video clip of one of this performances on the show, but all I could find was this audio clip: http://m1.cdn.spikedhumor.com/1/123754_1142758_1.flv
  3. Matthew_V

    *** Official STAR TREK (2009) Discussion Thread

    That still happens ? That problem didn't cease to exist somewhere in the 70s or 80s ?
  4. Matthew_V

    *** Official STAR TREK (2009) Discussion Thread

    I've been reading lots and lots of reviews over the last few days in part because it's been interesting to hear what people think now about the preceeding Star Trek films and tv shows. The article that I just read had some comments that really surprised me because I thought to myself, "that's...
  5. Matthew_V

    didn't know R. Lee Ermey felt this negative about working with director David Fincher

    That's along the lines of what Martin Sheen said in one of the extras on the Wall Street DVD. I don't remember his exact words, but he wanted sometimes to improvise. Oliver Stone didn't want that because what was in the script was in a sense the finished product in that the script was 100% what...
  6. Matthew_V


    Based on my response to this thread, my answer would be "not familiar in the slightest". When I saw the title of this thread, I assumed it was referring to the 1988 Clint Eastwood movie
  7. Matthew_V

    didn't know R. Lee Ermey felt this negative about working with director David Fincher

    His comments (about the process of working with directors) in the latter half of this second interview might shed some light on why he said what he said in that preceeding quote. Bloody Disgusting - Interview Texas Chainsaw Massacre Prequel: Star R. Lee Ermey
  8. Matthew_V

    didn't know R. Lee Ermey felt this negative about working with director David Fincher

    The other day I was suddenly interested in looking online for some interviews with R. Lee Ermey. I stumbled upon this:
  9. Matthew_V

    Family Guy Season Seven

    I wasn't sure where to put this. Since I now associate Adam West more with Family Guy than with Batman, I thought the Family Guy fans would enjoy this comedic clip. It's only related to Family Guy in that Adam West is in this; but the humor in the clip immediately makes me think of the Mayor...
  10. Matthew_V

    Are tanning salons safer than they used to be?

    To the op: In addition, this is another excellent reason to protect your skin. I don't know if the style of summer clothes in other states is similar to that in Arizona. But while the tanned skin from low cut or sleeveless tops may look sexy on the 20 and 30-somethings, you can observe the...
  11. Matthew_V

    Are tanning salons safer than they used to be?

    "Skin Cancer Researchers Oppose Industry Campaign to Portray Tanning Beds as Healthy" Sept. 18, 2008 Healthy Tanning Beds? Experts Say No "American Cancer Society Deputy Chief Medical Officer Len Lichtenfeld, MD ... points out that the American Cancer Society, the National Council on Skin...
  12. Matthew_V

    when a title is on xbox AND PS2, is xbox version always better ?

    I made a list of games that I'm interested in, and most of them were released on the xbox AND the PS2. When I've compared photos (at gamespot) of the xbox and PS2 versions of a game, it usually seems like the xbox version has graphics that look a little better. But I wasn't sure if this is...
  13. Matthew_V

    "Xbox 360 defects: an inside history of Microsoft’s video game console woes"

    Xenon/Zephyr/Falcon/Opus/Jasper/Valhalla - Microsoft Xbox and Xbox 360 - Digital Spy Forums posted 18-09-2008, 23:40 Valhalla is predicted to be the final (or at least scheduled) revision of the Xbox 360 before the next generation Xbox is launched. Apart from the possibility of the CPU and...
  14. Matthew_V

    "Xbox 360 defects: an inside history of Microsoft’s video game console woes"

    "Xbox 360 defects: an inside history of Microsoft’s video game console woes" by Dean Takahashi | September 5th, 2008 http://venturebeat.com/2008/09/05/xbox-360...e-console-woes/
  15. Matthew_V

    is xbox (not 360) durable/reliable enough to safely purchase as refurbished

    I was weighing whether it'd be a mistake to buy a refurbished xbox system. Gamestop appears to be selling them for around $ 50, and Hollywood Video's Game Crazy has a special right now where for $ 60 you get a refurbished system and three used games. I'm aware that a large percentage of the...
  16. Matthew_V

    XBOX 360 Info/Advice

    I spent some time reading today about the jasper XBOX 360. Here's what will identify it as a jasper: "The box has a window where you can actually see the voltage the system uses. If it states it's 12.1 then that is the latest chip. Look for a 150W power supply, not the 175W Falcon one...
  17. Matthew_V

    Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America ....

    That youtube trailer's down. I found another one: YouTube - Red Band Trailer For Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno
  18. Matthew_V

    Family Guy Season Seven

    Another thing that bothers me about Family Guy this year is the way that Mila Kunis's talent is being wasted. I realize that Meg has always been the most minor character in the family. But Mila's voice is perfect for Meg, so I figured that once Mila joined the cast this would be the perfect...
  19. Matthew_V

    Family Guy Season Seven

    I completely agree. This episode was as much of a letdown and waste of time and energy (of the viewers, writers, and creators) as the recent Family Guy episode with the three interminable minutes of Conway Twitty. Here we have this incredible opportunity where the whole cast of STNG was...
  20. Matthew_V

    9 - new animated feature

    hidef trailers: Apple - Trailers - 9
  21. Matthew_V

    Alarm Clocks

    The vibrate on my cellphone is loud and strong enough to wake me. Is there a standalone alarm clock that has a vibrate-only mode ?
  22. Matthew_V

    Iron Man colors on HTF, Neato!

    A thumbs down for me, too. The "iron man" colors make the site hard to read. I was about to give up reading this site for a week or two until someone mentioned the "skin chooser" feature as I was totally unaware of that.
  23. Matthew_V

    Question about Homer Simpson's aging montage last night

    Here's Noah Kalina's youtube video and homepage Here's Carly Comando's homepage
  24. Matthew_V

    Capital One is driving me crazy!!!

    I'm just brainstorming here, but I wonder if it would help any if you contacted Capital One's fraud department (and fax to them a written/typed statement from the doctor's office). I also wonder if (assuming this is possible) it would help matters any to file a report with the police (dunno...
  25. Matthew_V

    Capital One is driving me crazy!!!

    I don't want to be adding to your worries, but what has me feeling worried for you is that, even if you were to go ahead and pay this amount to get the collection department off your back, there is I believe a very real and very strong chance that Capital One is at this very moment reporting you...
  26. Matthew_V

    Capital One is driving me crazy!!!

    Although a credit report can be ordered for free from annualcreditreport.com, my personal preference is for paying the fee and ordering the report directly from the credit reporting agency. Why ? If ever a consumer should need to dispute an item of information in his credit report, it turns out...
  27. Matthew_V

    Capital One is driving me crazy!!!

    You may have to resort to invoking your rights under a law called the FDCPA -- Fair Debt Collection Practices Act: http://www.ftc.gov/os/statutes/fdcpa/fdcpact.htm. Several great websites for self-help on credit issues are the following: http://www.creditboards.com/forums...
  28. Matthew_V

    Capital One is driving me crazy!!!

    A couple of questions: 1) Please don't take any offense. Could you clarify this ? "in April of this year. We basically closed the account and cut up the card" Did you contact Capital One (by phone ? by mail ?) and specifically request for the account to be closed ? This incident is an...
  29. Matthew_V

    Weekly RoundUp 12-11-2007

    With the $ 5.00 discount for purchasing the Bourne Ultimatum at Limited Edition at Best Buy, I guess there's no reason to not get it ($ 13.99$16.99 standard edition vs $18.99 Limited Edition [$23.99-$5.00]). But are the extras "Big City Action" and "The Evolution of Nicky" all that...
  30. Matthew_V

    animated movie Final Fantasy VII Advent Children $ 4.99 @ Suncoast

    I did a quick search and did not see this listed. I was at a shopping mall Suncoast store, picked up a sales flyer, and noticed that the two DVD Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is on sale for $ 4.99. According to the flyer, the sale is good for Sat Nov 25th and Sunday Nov 26th...