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  1. John Wilson

    Need help with a Mac PPC G4 upgrade

    Hey fellow HTF'ers. I am just getting my feet wet in the Mac world so I am a complete noob when working with these units, especially the G4 towers. Here is my scenario: I originally purchased a Digital Audio G4 with OS 10.2.6 but with no disks. It was fine for a while but I wanted something...
  2. John Wilson

    Bluetooth Mouse Woes

    I recently purchased a Laptop with Windows 7 64-bit but it does not have built-in Bluetooth. I had a small mini-dongle (no wise-cracks) laying around (http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.11866#forum) that I tried to use and W7 had the drivers but I couldn't get the mouse to work with it...
  3. John Wilson

    Paradigm CC-370 v.2 Center Channel Speaker

    The next item from my underutilized HT setup; I have for sale an immaculate Paradigm CC-370 v2 center channel speaker in graphite(black). It is in excellent shape and will be shipped in the factory box. I'm asking $200 plus shipping to the lower 48. Thanks for looking
  4. John Wilson

    Sony STR-DA777ES Receiver FS

    I'm dismantling an underutilized home theater setup and I'm selling the cornerstone of that HT: my Sony STR-DA777ES 5.1 A/V Receiver. It is in excellent condition and sounds incredible. This 63-pound beast was Sony's short-lived flagship receiver close to 9 years ago and was supposedly...
  5. John Wilson

    FS: Sony HiFi VHS

    Hello. I have for sale a Sony SLV-676UC HiFi VHS VCR. It is in very good condition and works like a charm. I have had no issues with it but it has not been used very much in the last few years or so. It comes with the original remote, manual and box. Here are a few pics: The...
  6. John Wilson

    WTB: Desktop SDRAM PC133 256MB or 512MB

    Hi. Does anyone have any good, cheap pc133 sdram sticks in either 256mB or 512MB sizes that they would want to sell? I have a few older computers that would make great web surfers if they only had a bit more memory. Let me know what you got and maybe we can work out a deal.
  7. John Wilson

    For Sale: Dell MMS 5650 5.1 speaker system

    I have a brand new-in-the-box Dell MMS 5650 computer speaker system. The box was opened to verify content but none of the components were removed. I don't have a place to use these. They have received very good reviews such as this one: Review: Dell Home Theatre Speaker System MMS 5650 -...
  8. John Wilson

    FS: D-Link wireless b devices

    hello. I have two wireless b devices to sell. The PCI card is opened but unused. The access point was used for 6 months but I ran some Cat5 cables to additional parts of the house so the wireless was unnecessary. D-Link DWL-520 H/W rev A2, F/W rev 1.3.4 $10 shipped obo D-Link...
  9. John Wilson

    For Sale: Draper 73" Portable Hi-Contrast 16:9 Projector Screen

    I have for sale a Draper Traveller Portable Projection Screen. It measures 73 inches diagonally(HDTV aspect ratio of 16:9) and has the Hi-Contrast gray surface. I used it with both an InFocus SP4800 and an Optoma HD 70 DLP projectors. The gray surface worked very well but I wanted both a larger...
  10. John Wilson

    For Sale: Timeshare slot in Las Vegas during CES 2009

    I am selling a 1-week timeshare slot in January. The dates are Sunday, January 4th through Sunday, January 11th, 2009. This is at the acclaimed Carriage House in Las Vegas, Nevada. The accommodations are a 1 Bedroom Suite that sleeps up to 4 people and a kitchenette. There are no additional...
  11. John Wilson

    RCA and Toshiba VCRs FS

    Hi. I have a Toshiba M649 HiFi VCR in very good condition available. I have the manual and remote and possibly the original box. Either way, it will be packed and shipped very well. It works great but I don't watch many tapes these days SOLD I also have a little-used RCA VCR Model...
  12. John Wilson

    FS: Sony Minidisc Recorder and Player

    I have a mint condition MDS-JB930 Minidisc deck for sale. I've had it about 4 1/2 years and have only used it maybe a dozen times. It works great and has no known problems. You can read a list of features and reviews here MD Community Page: Sony MDS-JB930 . This is a well respected component...
  13. John Wilson

    FS: Optoma Panoview Pull-down screen

    Hello. I have a new-in-the-box Panoview screen for sale. It has the matte white finish with a gain of 1.0. I bought this screen and the Greywolf II screen at the same time to see which one I liked better. I like the GWII so much that I never opened this screen. Here are some additional specs on...
  14. John Wilson

    Help! I'm under attack

    I have one computer on my home network that has some strange files showing up recently. There are small applications (~ 16kb) with names that end in "hacker" like: website Hacker, Microsoft Windows Hacker, AOL Email Hacker, etc. I can't figure out where they have come from and why my anti...
  15. John Wilson

    FS: SATA300 Internal/External eSata PCI Card

    NO LONGER AVAILABLE This card is brand new/never opened. I changed my mind about using it. Here is a link to the product. Amazon.com: SATA300 TX4302 2PORT Esata Ext & Int: Electronics I'm asking $65 shipped to the lower 48 states. Please contact me with any questions. Thanks for looking.:D
  16. John Wilson

    Ned advice on setting up external monitor on laptop

    Hi. I'm trying to setup an older eMachines M5309 laptop as a desktop replacement for an old Dell 4100. The laptop has a ATI Radeon IGP 320M video adapter with 64mb memory. What I would like to do is set up the external monitor (Dell Ultrasharp 1905) as the only monitor via the laptop's VGA port...
  17. John Wilson

    Suggestions on purchasing digital photo frame?

    Hi . I'm looking to purchase a digital photo frame for my wife for Christmas. I don't know much about but I imagine that some are better than others at just displaying a simple slide show. I'd like to be able to have it read multiple card types or have connectivity to a PC for downloading...
  18. John Wilson

    Video Card Suggestions

    I just ordered this monitor http://www.tigerdirect.com/applicati...647&CatId=2775 and I'm looking for video card suggestions to take advantage of its native resolution which I believe is 1680 x 1050. A card with both VGA and DVI is probably the wisest choice. I don't need anything for gaming...
  19. John Wilson

    Yet another "Purchasing a Laptop" post

    :) I know there are other posts asking for purchasing advice but I didn't want to hijack any of those so here I am:) My wife's 8-year old Dell desktop is having issues and she would like to get an updated system. We are seriously considering a larger laptop as a "desktop replacement"...
  20. John Wilson

    DirectTV technical question

    My Father and I have cabins on the same lake about a mile apart. He has been a D*TV customer for about 3-4 years and has what they call a "local" channel service which is grandfathered at $7/month. My folks have been spending more time up there and are looking to get the next tier which I...
  21. John Wilson

    FS: 1 GB microSD card -NEW

    Hi. I'm selling this new 1 GB microSD card as my phone (Moto V360) will not recognize anything over a 512MB microSD card:frowning: It is the same as this one: http://www.buy.com/prod/us-modular-1...tml?adid=17662 It works great in its adapter in my notebook but not in MY phone...
  22. John Wilson

    FS: Sony 5.1 Receiver

    SOLD. Thanks Matt:)
  23. John Wilson

    FS: (2)256MB DDR2-4200 Laptop Memory sticks

    Hello. I recently upgraded my laptop memory to 1 GB so I'm selling the original WORKING 512MB memory. It is two sticks of Hynix memory from a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop but it will fit many other brands as well. The part number is: HYMP532S64BP6-C4 and the model number reads : 256MB 1Rx16...
  24. John Wilson

    Question for TrendMicro's PC-cillin users

    I have been using a pretty good combination of anti-virus s/w (PC-cillin 2005 and 2006)) and anti-spyware s/w ( ad-aware SE and spybot 1.4) for the last few years with good results. I am now faced with a dilemma. I have PC-cillin expiring on 2 of my computers in the next few days and I...
  25. John Wilson

    FS: Phillips TiVo Series 1

    I have an excellent condition Phillips-branded Series 1 TiVo for sale. It does NOT have any service on it right now but that can be added by TiVo. I have updated the capacity of this box by adding a 5400rpm 80GB drive to the original 30GB drive. This yields a recording capacity of 36 hours at...
  26. John Wilson

    FS: Yamaha Cassette Deck with DBX

    I have a Yamaha Natural Sound single well cassette deck for sale. Its the model KX-800U. It was the 2nd from the top in Yamaha's line in 1988. It has Dolby B,C and HX PRO as well as DBX noise reduction. It has 3 motors, performs very well and is in excellent condition. It just doesn't get used...
  27. John Wilson

    FS: Toshiba VCR

    Hi. I have a Toshiba M649 HiFi VCR in very good condition available. I have the manual and remote and possibly the original box. Either way, it will be packed and shipped very well.:) It works great but I don't watch many tapes these days;) The owners manual can be seen here...
  28. John Wilson

    FS: Radio Shack Remotes and JP1 Cable

    Hello. I have 3 fully functional Radio Shack remotes (6 in 1) for sale. I started to get into the JP1 programming but switched to the MX-500 remote w/IRClone later. 1. Mint-condition RS 15-1994 remote in box with manual. $30plus shipping 2. Excellent-condition RS 15-1994 in box with...
  29. John Wilson

    IDE help needed

    Hello. I'm having an issue with an older computer. Somehow the IDE 0 channel has set itself to PIO mode instead of DMA or UDMA. I have the BIOS (Award) set to Auto and when I look at it in the Device Manager, it is set to "DMA if available" but is set to PIO. I noticed that something was amiss...
  30. John Wilson

    FS: Pioneer LD Player and Denon Processor/DeMod

    Item 1 Pioneer CLD-504 LD Player. This was a backup player for my CLD-704 and Elite CLD-79 players and it obviously didn't get used much.:eek: Works perfectly and is in very good condition; just a few very light surface scratches on the top. Includes remote(not original but works perfectly...