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  1. Jim__B

    Comcast HD in Tallahassee!!

    Sounds so typical of a Tallahassee business. Last time I talked to WTWC who also I guess owns ABC, & WB they did not know when they would go HD but were hoping this year. Don't know about FOX.
  2. Jim__B

    Comcast HD in Tallahassee!!

    Did comcast give him the cables he needed? ALso do you get both Showtime and HBO or just one. I called WTWC(NBC) which owns ABC and WB an they told me there was no timetable for full HD, they are just digital now. I did not call WCTV.
  3. Jim__B

    Comcast HD in Tallahassee!!

    I posted this a few weeks ago, but I don't think it will be worth it until they can get some additional channels. Once they get the Network channels I will get it. Also right now they are not offering self install, they want to charge 17.50 to install. They said it because there are lots of...
  4. Jim__B

    Hdtv InTallahassee?

    Wanted to give an update on Comcast HDTV. When I was flipping channels the other night I got to the 170's and they were all HD but could not get a reception since I don't have the right box. Well the next day I called comcast and they told me they plan on rolling it by at the latest the years...
  5. Jim__B

    Any word on Duke Nukem?

  6. Jim__B

    Teresa Strasser leaves While You Were Out

    Isn't the reason that they rarely show Alex Mcleod episodes is because she did not leave Trading Spaces on the best of terms. As for Teresa it seems she is not leaving on bad terms, just a personal decision. If that is the case I think there would be no problems airing her episode. Plus, 50...
  7. Jim__B

    what's bad about the panasonic F85's video quality?

    I got mine for 129.99 on May 28, 2003. So it was during that week of the May 25-31. So they should give you some money back. BTW, I have to say that the picture qaulity is pretty darn good, especially for $129.
  8. Jim__B

    Blackhawk Down 3-Disc $16 @ My.Sony

    Got my confirmation today ordered on May 31. Guess I will see it in about 5 days.
  9. Jim__B

    ***Official Survivor: Amazon Discussion Thread***

    Really doesn't surprise me, I mean getting naked for $500K+ vs what they did for on the show is a no brainer. Heidi though seems more like a Penthouse girl not Playboy.
  10. Jim__B

    Cleaning out dead-link bookmarks - utility available?

    Don't know if this is exactly what you are looking for but I use FavOrg. It will scan your favorites, and tell you which are dead. It has a tool to delete by satus. Works good for me. FavOrg
  11. Jim__B

    Next Best Buy preferred customer weekend?

    I don't have a BB card but I get them. The only reason I think I get them is maybe from store rebates I mailed in. I am not going to complain though, it is nice to get them.
  12. Jim__B

    "Sweet Home Alabama" problems & issues

    Just watched it. The subtitles popped up 3 times. It was kind of annoying but it I will get over it. I am using an old Sony 550d. My wife liked it too much so I have to keep it.
  13. Jim__B

    Er - 2/6/2003

    Is it possible that someone finds outs that Weaver changed the labs for the alderman, and that will come back to haunt her somehow? I see that almost as bad as just giving the guy a prescribed narcotic without an exam. It shows how she will compromise her integrity for the right price. I am...
  14. Jim__B

    Golden Globes-best looking female

    I second Salma Hayek she looked good, I like her curves.
  15. Jim__B

    Mark's Survivor: Amazon - HTF Challenge

    I'll take Dave Johnson, the rocket scientist. How can you go wrong with a rocket scientist.
  16. Jim__B

    Sim City 4 earlier than expected!!!

    What kind of computer do you have? I would really like to get this game but the recommended specs say PIII500. I met the rest of the minimum specs. I have a P2 450 with 384 MB RAM 16MB TNT. Does anyone now if I could run have perfomance issues?
  17. Jim__B

    What College Football Games Are Missing

    I don't like the the idea of some of those. I play as Florida State and by game 11 I would be out of players.:D Seriously though they would be pretty funny to have in the game as long as they were not common happenings. How about random NCAA investigations.
  18. Jim__B

    comcast & hdtv in Tallahassee, fl???

    Ok how can we find out if they are broadcating in HD. What do we need. CBS will never have it they are the same station that pre-empted the VS fashion show with Frasier they have morons making the decisions there. BTW, I a Mitsubishi 55808 which is HD ready.
  19. Jim__B

    comcast & hdtv in Tallahassee, fl???

    I was on a waiting list too, but one day when I called I asked if they had them in they said yes. I was there later that day to get one. They said they had quite a few. I was on the list for about 2 1/2 months(july-september)and pretty much was told they don't follow-up on that list. I just...
  20. Jim__B

    comcast & hdtv in Tallahassee, fl???

    I have the motorola box with the S-Video and the digital optical and coax out. You have to keep bugging them for the good boxes. The only channels brocasting in DD are the one 100+. HBO is the only one I know that does 5.1 on most movies.
  21. Jim__B

    comcast & hdtv in Tallahassee, fl???

    The only thing I have heard is from the WTWC commercial and how they will be offing it in the next few weeks. I hope they do it soon, does anyone know what Comcast charges for HD? I called Comcast and they said not to look for it until 2004 but I find that hard to believe. I hope Mathew is right...
  22. Jim__B

    The Simpsons 12/01/02

    I usually try to find something good in each episode, but could not here. The whole show crawled and left me scratching my head wondering is this all.
  23. Jim__B

    Let's talk college football!

    Go Noles, that's all I got to say. I was very impressed how the team pulled themselves together after all that happened with them this week. Hope they can keep can continue this way onto the bowl game, and to next year. They only lose a few players granted they are on the OL, but the...
  24. Jim__B

    Black Friday Deals

    I got to BB at 6:10 the line wrapped around the store and up an down all of the CD aisles. Got the few things I wanted and got out of there at 8:15. When I got to circuit city the definite buy things were gone and the lines there were outrageous, I hope the CD sale is all day I will have to find...
  25. Jim__B

    Let's talk college football!

    It has definitely been a interesting day here with all the rumors and speculation behind what AD did. Bowden is usually pretty lenient he only kick coles off the team after his 3rd offense. Peter Warrick was suspended a few games in 99 for his discount clothes. If what AD did is true and the...
  26. Jim__B

    Victoria's Secret Pre-Empted?

    I found out they did finally show it at 1:30 after Kilborn. I asked at work and they said something was mentioned on the 6 oclock new but they could not remember what exactly.
  27. Jim__B

    Victoria's Secret Pre-Empted?

    While my wife and I were watching amazing race the commercials for VS Show whould last 1 second then goto doppler radar. We did not think anything of it but when AR ended it went to an episode of Frasier. Any other areas not getting the broadcast. I had no plans to watch had to finish Sum of All...