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  1. Joe Caps

    Barabbas HELP !!!!!!!!!

    Am trying to watch this now. this is the worst transfer of any major spectacle. Youd think Sony would be ashamed to have it out there. The stereo track was copies from a collectors print. that print was technicolor and looked glorious. What oare the chances that Sony will restore this?
  2. Joe Caps

    blu ray player problem

    today, the electricity in my building quickly shut off, then quickly returned. Everything cme bck on except my philips blu player which will not come back on at all. thoughts?
  3. Joe Caps

    eliz and essex and other Korngolds

    It is great that thiw film has been remastered. Composer Erich Korngold only made 16 films for warners. I would like to see two things happen-- 1. Of Human bondage- the only korngold film not on dvd at all. 2. Prince and the Pauper - I would love to see this remastered. Picture is fine but the...
  4. Joe Caps

    warner archive4 - the Miracle - what happened to it?

    A FEW YEARS AGO, WARNERS AIMED AT DOING A RESTORATION FO THE 1959 FILK, tHE mIRACLE. Then nothing happened - No release - does anyone know why?
  5. Joe Caps

    fosse verdon

    my library got thi title the other day. they have three copies. I have three dvd machines and none of them will play back these discs. they are individually pressed which fox does not tell you in their description. Amazon has massive amounts of complaints about these discs. I would love to...
  6. Joe Caps

    Warner Archive - The Miracle (1959)????

    the Miracle (1959) was supposed to be restored and released a long time ago. I have not heard anything about this in a long time. What Gives???
  7. Joe Caps

    Help twilight time song of bernadette

    Ii have been thinking of getting the now expensive twilight time version of
  8. Joe Caps

    missing HAMLETS

  9. Joe Caps

    Night People blu release

    I read months ago, that one of the small licensing labels was getting from Fox, the 1954 Night People. This was important for scope fans as this would be the first widescreen release of this film. Now I can find no mention of it anywhere. This was to be on blu. Doesn anyone know what...
  10. Joe Caps

    New Warner Archives. order.

    Just put in a new order a few weeks ago and just received them. I got Valley of the kings - first time widescreen. The film was originally stereo but is mono here. Film looks good but colors do not pop. Also received The Seventh Sin and Tip on a dead jockey - two fims I never realized were...
  11. Joe Caps

    world, the flesh and the devil WARNER ARCHIVE

    This film was released a while ago from Warner Archive, mistakenly in mono. there were rumors it would be recalled and redone n stereo. Has this happened?
  12. Joe Caps

    WHITE COLLAR SEASON FIVE multiple release dates

    I saw this past Friday, several sites now have White Collar season five up for preorder. One site has it release on Nov. 4 Amazon has it as January 4, 2015 Fox Home entertainment site also says Nov 4 How can Amazon be so far off? White Collar fans, tell me, why has this show gone so down...
  13. Joe Caps

    International In love and War fox 1958 warning

    I am very frustrated. I like this film a lot. Way back in the old days, it showed on Cinemax, full screen, but stereo. much, much later it was on FXM, widescreen but mono. Then Fox releases it here fulol screen(dont know if its stereo) In frustration, I get the spanish widescreen disc...
  14. Joe Caps

    In love and War 1958 fox

    I am very frustrated. I like this film a lot. Way back in the old days, it showed on Cinemax, full screen, but stereo. much, much later it was on FXM, widescreen but mono. Then Fox releases it here fulol screen(dont know if its stereo) In frustration, I get the spanish widescreen disc...
  15. Joe Caps

    FOX MOD scope news

    A friend of mine, in the industry, with good contacts, called me last night. Fox is rethinking the MOD program because of 1. no sales on scope films 2. super brad press everywhere. Serious consideration is now being given to releasing scope films in the proper ration, more than likely...
  16. Joe Caps

    KING RICHARD warenre archive beware

    Several times over the years, Warner Archive has been asked about the release of the 1954 scope film, King Richard and the Crusaders. We were told we had to wait for some restoration work. Even if the work is done, that does not mean that the person transferring the film from film to tape...
  17. Joe Caps

    Harry Potter Wizards Colection - Where are the reviews?

    this collection was released last week, yet no one on the net has covered it at all. What are the new extras like ? Are these new transfers? Has anyone bought it? What do you think?
  18. Joe Caps

    twilight time- SOUND AND THE FURY mono?

    a review over at blu-ray.com says the new disc is 2.0 mono. this is definitely a stereo film and was shown in stereo last year on TCM . Has blu-ray.com made a mistake?
  19. Joe Caps

    International Prince Valaint Blu from Great Britain.

    Afreind got me Prince Valiant on Blu ray from england, swearing it was restored color. No. this is exactly the same print used for the regular dvd. I remember LACMA showed Valiant in an orignal Technicolro print. What a difference !!! BTW, the american dvd is 4.0 the blur ray is hhigh def...
  20. Joe Caps


    I have a samsung blu ray player. Lately, it is developing problems. Some of my hmoe blu rays and discs from the public library, all get rejected, saying THIS DISC WILL NOT PLAY as an on screen warning. whats up with this?
  21. Joe Caps


    I got my blu ray of Camelot today, watched it once and gave it away. What a travesty. Picture - dull looking picture, beyond belief. the dvd has more color than this, grain is all gone, and so is all fo the detail. Horrid !!!! Sound - this is still the remix done for the first dvd and...
  22. Joe Caps

    new MCA Spartacus

    Inoticed early today, that blu-ray. com has listed under their new upcoming titles and mca combo release of Spartacus due on June 5. I am surprised there is no mention of it here. Any one else have more info?
  23. Joe Caps

    Maude the Nanny

    I'm relatively new to this part of the forum. Years ago, Sony released just one season of Maude, then no more. Could they possibly release more of this series on Sony dvdr? they have also released no more of the Nanny in some time - what gives? Last - does anyone know when Glee Season three part...
  24. Joe Caps

    LOSST Horizon the musical announced

    Over at DVD empire under new release - they have Lost Horizon the musical announced for regular dvd on Dec 30 16.99 Includes some preiously unseen sequences including the notirious fertility dance.
  25. Joe Caps

    new warner archive musicals - some thoughts

    I just received some of the new Warner Archives. musicals yesterday. One - Merry Andrew - I have never seen this film. Pier Anglei is dubbed by Betty wand, the same year Betty sang for Leslie Caron in Gigi. color and sound are very good. Two - Meet Me in Las Vegas - also very good color and...
  26. Joe Caps

    help with blu ray upscaling

    two friends of mine both bought a Sony blu ray player. tjhey both claim that the instructions say it will make a redular dvd play in 1080 p How is this possible ? or is this just hype.
  27. Joe Caps

    Latest Warner Archive releases- a mini review

    I just got four of the Warner Archive musical releases today. Rose Marie - this was on a not very good letterbox laserdisc, looking like it was from a very damaged element. this new dvd has a sharp picture, immaculate colr and great stereo sound. Yolanda and the Thief. - this does...
  28. Joe Caps

    Studios in contest for ugliest biblical cover

    all of a sudden, the studios are releasing a bunch of biblical spectaculars on blu ray in the next few months - each invarious degrees of ugly covers. So Far Ten Commandments - not good King of Kings - ugly beyond belief and now, the just announced The Bible (fox) with a general...
  29. Joe Caps

    BLOCKBUSTER worst experience of my life

      I am always looking for places that rent operas on dvd. Netflix doesn't ahve all that much.   I looked at Blockbuster online. Theyhad a browse sectioin for operas. There were about eight selections I have never been able to see and they had a free trial offer.   The troubles...
  30. Joe Caps

    Harry Potter - what is wrong with these discs

    I am a hardcore Harry Potter fan and saw the films many times in the theater and on vid. For my birthday, a few weeks ago, a freind got me all of the films on Blu Ray. Very dissapopinted. First, I've had the films on regular dvd for a long time. It amazes me that films that made so...