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  1. Steve_Z

    Is Total Drama Island ever coming to DVD?

    Is the ultra popular canadain cartoon Total Drama Island going to get a DVD release? More specificly will it get a release in the U.S., because there could possible legal complications. I know it can easily be released in Canada, I want the canadain to be released, and if it is only released...
  2. Steve_Z

    Ben 10 season 4 DVD extras

    I just got the Ben 10 season 4 DVD today, and it included the movie Secret Of The Omnitrix, not only it had the alternative endings, and pop up info edition. So if you are planning on buying the Wallmart exclusive of the Secret Of The Omnitrix, you don't need to. Just get the season 4 DVD...
  3. Steve_Z

    Who has the DVD rights to Digimon?

    Who has the american DVD rights to Digimon, because I think that show should get a season set release? The first 13 episodes were released, there is an unoffical sets for season 1, and the first 32 episodes of season 2. I think the show is a underrated classic among anime shows. I am just...
  4. Steve_Z

    Pinky and the Brain fans feel ripped off?

    I am both a fan of Animaniacs and Pinky & The Brain, so it doesn't concern me. But for those that fans of Pinky & The Brain but not Aniamaniacs, how do you fell about the way the WB video has packaged the DVD episodes, and the fact that on the 3 volumes of Pinky & The Brain they only have the...
  5. Steve_Z

    Anymore classic Scooby Doo series coming?

    First of all this is all completely seperate from Pup Named Scooby Doo and the any series from the new millenum. Are they done releasing Scooby Doo shows from the classic era (1969 - 85)? Or do you think they will be more releases to come? Because right now they are up to a point when a...
  6. Steve_Z

    The Alvin Show on DVD soon?

    I hope this happens, but 20th Century Fox said they would release the Alvin Show series on DVD in 2007. I hope they keep their word. This is one show I want on DVD, Clyde Crasscup would probably take credit for the DVD today. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Alvin_Show
  7. Steve_Z

    Studios that use their old logos on DVD releases?

    Does anyone know what studios use the old logos from the era of what the release in question, and what uses updated logos on DVD releases? And what are your opinions on it? Today most shows on syndication use the up to date studo logos. But I am glad some DVD releases have the old logo. Some...
  8. Steve_Z

    All That on DVD? Nickelodeon is thinking about it

    I posted in another thread. I feel it deserves its own thread since it will not be part of the Rewind Collection if what I heard is true. Nickelodeon is thinking about releasing the show All That on DVD in a new DVD series called "Unwind All THAT", or something like that. Anyway All That old...
  9. Steve_Z

    Chris Rock show season 1 and 2 announced

    http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=5218 It's offical HBO and Warner Brother video has announced that season 1 and 2 of the Chris Rock show will be released on DVD. I am shocked to hear this, I thought the Best Of's was all we were going to get. Before Chappelle's Show, this...
  10. Steve_Z

    Studios best / worst jobs of securing music rights

    Who do you believe does the best and worst jobs of securing music rights for DVD releases. The best job in my opinion is Sony, unbeliveable how they were able to clear all of the music for Seinfeld so far, including a Beach Boys song. The worst job is 20th Century Fox, 21 Jump Street and...
  11. Steve_Z

    Starrcade on DVD?

    If the Wrestlemania Legacy DVDs sells well, I hope the WWE follows that up by releasing every Starrcade on DVD. If Vince McMahan's ego would allow it to happen, and that is a big if, these would be the issues that would have to be cleared. 1) Music rights, especially in the early...
  12. Steve_Z

    South Park question

    On tv.com it says that on the season 2 DVD of South Park, the original unaired pilot is on the season 2 DVD? Can anyone confirm or dismess this information?
  13. Steve_Z

    Sort of good "In Living Color" news

    I have some sort of good news for those that were disappointed in the edits in the "In Living Color" season 2 and 3 DVDs. "In Living Color" will air weeknights on BET at 11 pm et. starting in October. I don't know about you, but I'll tape the season 2 episodes of "In Living Color" to make up...
  14. Steve_Z

    First Fame, now Kids Inc., I thought we had music clearance problems?

    First Fame is released on DVD, now maybe Kids Inc., get released on DVD. How in the world is this possible? How can these shows clear their original music, and they did clear their music, or the episodes would be very very short on the DVD. How come shows like these when there are up to half...
  15. Steve_Z

    Nick Rewind Collection

    The latest Nickelodeon Rewind Collection update, season 2 of "The Adventures Of Pete And Pete" will be released on November 1st. That is all they announced for now, that could change anytime. All indeciation are that Pete And Pete sold more than expected, while "Clarissa Explains It All"...
  16. Steve_Z

    Steve Harvey sitcom "Me And The Boys"?

    With Disney releasing some of their cartoon shows like Ducktales, and short lived classics like Freaks and Geeks, Undeclaired being released on DVD. Let me tell you another show from Disney and short lived criticly acclaimed show that should be released on DVD. They should release the...
  17. Steve_Z

    "Steve Harvey Show" season 1 on DVD?

    Just like "Moesha", this is another show I would to see released on DVD. They did release a Best of DVD a few years ago, but I want a season set. I hope they released season 1 of "The Steve Harvey Show" on DVD someday.
  18. Steve_Z

    "Moesha" on DVD?

    This is one show, I would like to see released on DVD. When will they ever release season 1 of "Moesha" on DVD? It was a good show.
  19. Steve_Z

    What's Happening Now!

    Not that they are up to the final season of What's Happening!, could What's Happening Now! DVDs release be just around the corner.
  20. Steve_Z

    A Different World season 1 due out early next

    In case, you haven't heard the first season of A Different World will be due out in early 06. I have a question, will the original background music be included on the DVD. In season 1, they played a lot of popular songs as background music.
  21. Steve_Z

    I hope they release the Alvin show on DVD

    I request whoever who the rights to the "Alvin show", to release it on DVD. That cartoon show was great. Especially Clyde Crasscup.
  22. Steve_Z

    Best of original "All That" due out in September

    I got some good news and bad news for fans of the original All That. The original show will be released on DVD in September, however it is not a season by season DVD. On September 1st, Nickelodeon will release three All That DVD's. The Best of Superdude/Ishboo, Vital Information/Big Ear...
  23. Steve_Z

    Will they ever release "All That" season 1 on DVD?

    With Mad TV now being released on DVD, I would love for Viacom to release the 1st season of "All That" on DVD. That was a great show in the beginning. Though it has not been any good for years, it was a great show. I think they might have to get clearence from the artests and record companies...