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  1. Robert McClanahan

    Rotel RSX-1055 same as 1066??

    I just bought a Rotel RSX-1055 for just under$1200.00 including tax.I have seen the RSP-1066 processor and can find no difference between the two except the 1055 has five 75watt high current amps.My question is why would Rotel charge so much more for a 1066?The 1055 even has a RDS(radio data...
  2. Robert McClanahan

    Energy RVSS surround speakers for sale.

    I have had these for 3years and they are great surrounds.They are very reliable and sound very good with surround music too.$250.00 for the pair.No original box.
  3. Robert McClanahan

    Rotel RSP-985 PRE/PRO &RMB1095 AMP for sale

    I have had these units for about a year and a half.They are in perfect condition.I have original boxes and manuals.$2500.00 together plus shipping or will sell separate.Excellent DB-25 connectors supplied including DB-25 to 6channel RCA connector for DVD AUDIO or multichannel SACD.They are the...
  4. Robert McClanahan

    Rotel RSP-985 PRE/PRO for sale

    I have had this one for a year and am upgrading.Decodes DTS/DOLBY DIGITAL and is THX ULTRA certified.Uses MOTOROLA chips throughout.I will include custom DB-25 cable for interconnect between preamp and amp and DB-25 to RCA interconnect for DVD AUDIO or MULTICHANNEL SACD.Original box too.Asking...
  5. Robert McClanahan

    Rotel line conditioner for sale.Model RLC-900

    Its in perfect condition.It has 3 digital plug ins,3 accessory plug ins,and two power amp plugins.It powers up and powers down in sequence.$125.00 PLUS SHIPPING.No original box but I do have the owners manual.
  6. Robert McClanahan

    Yamaha DDP1 Dolby Digital decoder for sale

    I have had this unit since1996 and it works great although a bit out dated,its a great piece for a person just getting into hometheater.It has an RF input for DD laser discs.$75.00 plus shipping.No original box.
  7. Robert McClanahan

    Yamaha RXV3000 receiver for sale.

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