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  1. younger1968

    The Magician

    I pickup the magician from Visual Entertainment as such I was really impressed with Bill Bixby's role as the magician.
  2. younger1968

    Immortal TV Series (1970s)

    I have purchased the immortal and the series is amazing!!
  3. younger1968

    CHiPs S6

    It appears that S6 of CHiPs is coming out in June 2017.
  4. younger1968

    Stargate - Atlantis

    Hi all, I purchased Stargate Atlantis on blue-ray as a blind buy. I have thoroughly enjoyed the show. In fact I find it a cross between Star Trek and Battlestar Gallactica.
  5. younger1968

    Barnaby Jones - The Complete Series

    Hi all, I have just received the complete Barnaby Jones Series. I was looking at tracking down episode mention on Cheers "Hey, it's right now. Let's tune in. Oh, this is a great Barnaby Jones, though. This is the one where he goes undercover as a swinger to solve a jewel heist. Well, we'll...
  6. younger1968

    Why are show newer than 1990s being released compared to 1990 or prior

    I watch the dvd releases and notice a trend that majority of the shows being release are 1990 or newer. What is going on with the classic TV market?
  7. younger1968

    Gerry Anderson Sci-Fi Work

    Hi all, There are some very old threads related to Gerry Anderson as such I decided to start a thread on Gerry Anderson. I really like Gerry Anderson's work as such I have been watching Captain Scarlett and Mysterious. I have order Captain Scarlett and the Mysterions as well as Stingray!!
  8. younger1968

    Search (TV series)

    I did a blind buy with Search (TV) series as such I was not sure what to think of the show as I was too young during the 1970s when it ran for the first time. I have watched a few episodes as such the show impresses me with the quality of the episodes. I have also notice that quality imagery...
  9. younger1968

    Are you being Served

    Hi all, There are some threads on "Are you being Served", but many of them are really old and in some cases you cannot post to the thread. I order the complete series today from Amazon as it was on sale. I have fond memories of the show as a kid as such it is one of those British shows that is...
  10. younger1968

    Barney Miller

    There are couple of threads on Barney Miller, but they are either archived or relate to a particular season. I have the complete Barney Miller set as such I watched an episode today as I like to periodically as part of TV viewing. I watched the episode with hashish brownies and it was very...
  11. younger1968

    Dead Zone

    Hi all, There was TV series starring Anthony Michael Hall called the Dead Zone as such I was looking for people's opinion on the quality of the show!
  12. younger1968

    Adventures of Tintin

    I remember in the 1970s as well as early 1980s seeing the adventures of Tintin on the french channel as well as TV Ontario. I purchased the 1990 version, but it is not the same as compare to TV airing.
  13. younger1968

    The Invaders

    I have both S1 and S2 of the Invader on dvd as such I love the show. I am big into classic sci-fi including shows like "The Invaders", "Kolchak", "The Originial Outer Limits", "Space 1999", etc. It is too bad that space channel has not realized there should be a classic space. Currently...
  14. younger1968

    Ellery Queen

    I believe there are issues with both the search as well as the archive as such my search did not return anything on Ellery Queen. I really like Ellery Queen, especially how you get a chance to figure out the killer. The last 10 minutes are great, especially when Ellery Queen comes on and says...
  15. younger1968

    Hogan's Heroes

    Hi all, I tried doing a search for Hogan's Heroes as I sure there was a thread that discussed the show, but I did not have much luck as such I started a new thread. I have all the seasons of Hogan's Heroes on dvd as such I watch it from time to time. Today during my lunch I decided to watch a...
  16. younger1968

    The Prisoner

    Hi all, I picked up the prisoner as blind buy as such I was unclear of the quality of the show. I have watched a few episodes as such I have been impressed with the show, especially the acting of Patrick McGoohan. I am not sure the prisoner was given enough accolades for the quality of its episodes
  17. younger1968


    I notice a post today that Maya is being released by WB via their on-demand program. I did some research on Maya, but was not able to find much information on the premise of the show other that it was based on elephant and ran for only 18 episodes. I welcome input on this show to see if it is...
  18. younger1968


    I tried finding an old thread, but had difficulties finding anything related to SWAT. I have both S1 and S2 on dvd as such I do like to watch the show from time to time. I am currently watching a few episodes of S2 after giving it a rest for about year or so. I really like SWAT as such was...
  19. younger1968


    I purchased Destry as blind buy as such I was pleasantly surprised on the quality of the show. It was only 1 season, but it was a very good show!
  20. younger1968

    Knots Landing

    I am very surprised that we have not seen S3 for Knots Landing as it was a great night time soap. There were rumors that Knots Landing S3 was stalled due to music rights, but nothing has been said lately to confirmed or denied that is the issue for S3. I am watching S2 as it was a very good...
  21. younger1968

    Ripper Street

    There is another forum on Ripper Street, but is more a review of the dvd set. I am interested to getting feedback from people that have watched Ripper Street to get their their thoughts on the quality of the show. I have watched one episode as such it has impressed me so far in terms of the plots.
  22. younger1968

    Cimarron Strip

    I purchased the past week as such I have watched few episodes. I notice that the set was not remastered as it pictures look very rough. I welcome anyone else thoughts and/or suggestions. Regards, Paul Young
  23. younger1968

    Rockford Files

    I have decided to watch S6 of Rockford files as Rockford Files is one of all-time favorite shows. I really like Angel, especially his schemes.
  24. younger1968

    Route 66

    There are few forums on Route 66, but they mostly deal with a particular released. I have the complete series on dvd and decided to watch it for the first time. I really like the character interaction between Tod and his partners. Tod (Martin Milner) is a very good person, especially having a...
  25. younger1968

    Rocket Robin Hood

    I have the complete series of Rocket Robin Hood on dvd (ex safari episode) as such I decided to watch the series again. I found the series very good, especially since it has been years that I watched it!
  26. younger1968

    Archie's Funhouse

    I was on one of those kicks friday night and decided to watch some of my old cartoons and popped in the Archie's Funhouse. I really like the Archie's, especially the music!! It is too bad today's cartoon could not learn a few things from the classic cartoons!! BTW: I still love "Sugar, Sugar"...
  27. younger1968

    HB - Roman Hollidays

    Hi all, I purchased the Roman Hollidays many months ago and watched it when it first came out on dvd. I decided the past two days to watched the series again and love the series. It is too bad that there was not more episodes as the series grown on me!
  28. younger1968

    Space Ghost and Dino Boy

    Hi all, I decided to watch Space Ghost again and after all these years the show still hold up very good! HB did some right with Space Ghost!
  29. younger1968

    Goober and the Ghost Chasers

    The Hanna Barbera thread is getting to big, so it is hard to find a question. I have Goober and the Ghost Chasers and like the show. My questions is some of the episodes had a guest stars like the partridge family. I curious to know why this show was able to released on dvd with Partridge Kids...
  30. younger1968

    Starsky and Hutch

    I have S1-S4 on dvd and watch it from time to time. I like S1/S2 the best as it had some really good episode. Huggy Bear was very good as well!! I welcome people's thought on some of their favourite episodes!! I like Satan's Witches from S3 along with Kill Huggy Bear from S1. The pilot was neat...