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  1. Garrett Lundy

    Books you've read in 2010

    Just finished S.M.Stirling's original emberverse trilogy (aka. The Change novels). A trio of survivalist-fantasy novels. Very long-winded accounts of how low-tech functions, characters carved entirely out of cliche, and the central deus-ex-machina plot is never resolved. Recommended only to...
  2. Garrett Lundy

    Your take on the Toyota debacle?

    I'd be much happier if the "electronic bug" also caused the radio to play the Christine theme every time the accelerator was about to automatically engage. "Beeoooooooo-dum-dum-dum-dum-dum"
  3. Garrett Lundy

    Your take on the Toyota debacle?

    Do bad things happen with mass produced product? Yes. Is Toyota immune? Of course not. When the fecal matter hit the rotary oscillator did Toyota respond in the best possible manner? No, it could have been better, but I speculate Toyota has actually done more than most other manf's would have...
  4. Garrett Lundy

    How old should you be....

    - Cell Phone - I've seen 5/6 year olds with cellphones. They'd sell bluetooth ear pieces for babies if it was legal (and people would buy them) - Email - I had one at 14. But what kid uses email anymore? (Is it used for anything but credit card balance sheets and phishing scams?) - Flickr - I...
  5. Garrett Lundy

    CSI: unrealistic?

    +1. "video" is not a 70mm piece of film. You can't "zoom in" on a five pixel cellphone camera picture and magically render a glossy 9x11" of the suspect with better lighting than he got for his highschool yearbook photo. Almost every crime/police series has dozens of crimes that are only...
  6. Garrett Lundy

    Can you see into the future? Your 2010 predicitions

    Isn't that like saying water will still be wet? (gas is currently $2.87 in my small town).
  7. Garrett Lundy

    Can you see into the future? Your 2010 predicitions

    If the large format iBook eventually offers color it could kill the college textbook market in a year. Grey's Anatomy (college bookstore): $199 Grey's Anatomy (Apple iBook download): $19
  8. Garrett Lundy

    What is this decade called?

    So, is it "the Teens" now?
  9. Garrett Lundy

    Can you see into the future? Your 2010 predicitions

    Edit: The NIF Fusion reactor is slated to run its first test in early 2010. If it doesn't work... well then its another in a long history of non-working fission reactors. If it does work.. it may create a black hole and destroy the earth in 1/10,000th of a second. Strange days. Always assume...
  10. Garrett Lundy

    Can you see into the future? Your 2010 predicitions

    SETI confirms extra-terrestrial radio frequency signal from crab nebula. "Please stop contacting us, This is an unlisted planet. We're eating dinner."
  11. Garrett Lundy

    Can you see into the future? Your 2010 predicitions

    What wonders and horrors stalk the world of tomorrow? Consult your inner Nostradamus and blow some minds at the AHL. (note: Prophecy is magic so you don't need to show your work). Disney/Honda build android: Mega corporations combine to build free-roaming animatronic human capable of conversing...
  12. Garrett Lundy

    Ridley Scott's "Robin Hood" Trailer

    Well the movie is set in England
  13. Garrett Lundy

    Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

    For those of us who are not current fans of the 'Alice' mythos... Is this a remake or a sequel? If its a sequel, what movie should I watch first?
  14. Garrett Lundy

    Inglourious Basterds (2009)

    Nope, certainly not an 'action' movie. But there is no small amount of tension. My hats off to Christoph Waltz and Melanie Laurent (Lt. Landa and Soshanna Dreyfus), now that was some fine acting there.
  15. Garrett Lundy

    *** Official AVATAR Review Thread with a few thoughts from Ron Epstein

    My very short review (as seen on a digital 3D non-IMAX projection). Presentation-wise the film is stunning. In 3D the film is well worth whatever the theater is charging for admission. In 2D I imagine the film will lose a lot of its appeal (as did Beowulf). Sound quality was excellent but I've...
  16. Garrett Lundy

    Price of a "large" popcorn at your theater?

    For $5/drink I should be able to get Sam Adams at the multiplex
  17. Garrett Lundy

    Black Friday 2009

    Meh, Its a lean year for 2009. I'm getting somebody a Super Mario bros. Wii, and everybody else who rates high enough to get a gift is getting booze (because at least people will drink the booze before they regift it). Since wii games and booze rarely go on sale I don't expect to do much...
  18. Garrett Lundy

    True Blood: Season Two

    Godric was Sheriff of the Dallas/Ft.Worth area of Texas (under King Steve I think). It so far hasn't been explained which governing system the Magistrates fall under, there may be one for every kingdom, maybe several kingdoms share the same magistrate.
  19. Garrett Lundy

    Help I am having a party for a group of 13 and 14 year old boys! I need help deciding what to watch.

    14 year old boys? The Playboy channel obviously! But seriously.... Idiocracy Invader Zim Monster Squad Monty Python & Holy Grail Coraline Beowulf SpaceBalls Clue Creepshow Movies to avoid: Fight Club Sick! Life & Death of Bob Flanigan, Supermasochist House of 1000 Corpses Moonlight Whispers Se7en
  20. Garrett Lundy

    True Blood: Season Two

    If it follows book 3 of the series you're going to be disappointed The Shreveport werewolves make their appearance.
  21. Garrett Lundy

    Monolith Found on Mars

    Door to the Krell machine.
  22. Garrett Lundy

    True Blood: Season Two

    "Eggs" Benedict Talley. TrueBlood season one was so faithful to Dead Until Dark that I'm surprised at how season two has so little to do with the book series (To be fair a word-for-word adaption of any of the books couldn't fill 14 hours of a TV season, book #2 especially).
  23. Garrett Lundy

    True Blood: Season Two

    TrueBlood is unique because it appeals to everyone's dirty little guilty pleasure, all of us, at the exact same time. BDSM, latex, goths, BMWs and black couture, leather, blood, boobs, southern girls, the preacher's wife, construction workers, angsty vampires, bi-sexuality, teenagers that never...
  24. Garrett Lundy

    an observation about chrysler

    Not every car company is losing sales. Mini, Subaru and Rolls-Royce actually have sold more cars in the last year than in the years previous. (Reuters) But thats neither here-nor-there I guess. Daimler-Chrysler does have some nice cars...... Chrysler 300/Dodge Charger - The 300 is simply...
  25. Garrett Lundy

    Do you wear denim? George Will thinks you are a immature slob

    Possibly in America, but a sudden drop in hat usage around the world?
  26. Garrett Lundy

    Do you wear denim? George Will thinks you are a immature slob

    I can't speak for the decline of the "suite" but hats as "required fashion" ended about the time we invented a shampoo for lice. The popular hat was the Fedora, Bolero is a neck tie. Cheap soap is still very new, and a vast, vast, VAST part of our collective culture was developed to deal with...
  27. Garrett Lundy

    Do you wear denim? George Will thinks you are a immature slob

    I can't speak for seinfeld, since it hasn't been on-the-air in about a decade, but I'm reasonably sure the only person who wears denim jeans on Two and a Half Men is Jake, the child. (The two adults are Dockers and Khaki shorts respectively). But it begets the question: If not blue-dyed...
  28. Garrett Lundy

    Remeber the 80's Camaro 'wedge' paint jobs?

    LOL 'Camaro Hair' Pic 1, Page 1
  29. Garrett Lundy

    Microwaving Water Dangerous!

    Heretic! Blasphemer!
  30. Garrett Lundy

    Big Love season 3

    Basically they showed the "secret handshake" ceremony to enter the Celestial room. (I didn't think this rather mundane ritual was the big secret, but I guess it was.)