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  1. Rachael B

    Integra DRC-R1 pre

    I picked up one of these a few months back to replace the Onkyo 1030 receiver I'd been using for a pre since I won it in a contest on this forum last year. This pre came with Atmos and DTS-X processing. All the HDMI inputs are HDCP 2.2 . I have it setup with 5 power amplifiers in an 11 channel...
  2. Rachael B

    Is the Toshiba HD-DVD, analog out Dolby+ 640 kps?

    I read that it could be up to 640 kps. Is that's what I'm getting out the Toshiba's 6-channel out? If so, why can't it go out the old-fashioned digital cable. Dolby 640 goes out The JVC D-VHS'es optical out. What gives with that? Unless, Dolby + is beyond the 640 kps version. Is it? What the...
  3. Rachael B

    What about HD-DVD prevents the current player from having Last Memory?

    My Toshiba has it for DVD but not HD-DVD. What gives...?
  4. Rachael B

    Michael Hill's "Black Gold & Goddess Bold !" SA-CD, wanna hear protest music deluxe?

    The first time I listened to this album I must'a been in a bad mood, dozin', or somethin' because I didn't pay it much mind. So, when I cued it up again, I was shocked! I loved it! The album has a goofy title which in a way well-represents the album's split personality. Black Gold is one of the...
  5. Rachael B

    Triple Fret: Bernard Allison & Larry McCray & Carl Weathersby SA-CD

    Triple Fret is an album that puts 3 blues guitarist/singers in one group. Do too many cooks spoil the stew? They sure didn't this time! It's hard to keep up with who's singin' or pickin what. You'll have to read the album notes to keep up. On several songs they each sing one verse of a three...
  6. Rachael B

    Does Ryan Adam's COLD ROSES sound Dead or unDead?

    After listening to this album for a week or so, it's so, so Grateful Dead sounding. Most especially, Disc #2. The title cut sounds like a song lost from the Aoxomoxoa sessions. He seems to have a good handle on Jerry's guitar style. I'm not critisizing him for sounding Dead or unDead. I mean...
  7. Rachael B

    Covers of Beatles' songs U favour over the original

    I just revealed in another thread that I adore Mike Harrsion & Spooky Tooth doing I AM THE WALRUS. I think it's rulz. Can you name a brilliant Beatles cover? I have some others but I'll wait and see what comes around...
  8. Rachael B

    For now, 5.1 surround isn't going to carry any format to market success

    More than two channels didn't make Quad a success in the 70's and it has not taken DVD-A and SA-CD too far. Face it, the notion that M/C is the little engine that could is/was wishful thinking. The notion that you need more than one or two speakers to enjoy music is not gonna spread like...
  9. Rachael B

    Bryan Ferry's Boys And Girls M/C SA-CD

    It's now available! It's a Euro SA-CD. I know Red Trumphet has it. I got mine from Amazon U.K. If you liked Roxy Music's Avalon and his Frantic, you're going to like this one. Stereo or M/C this is a winner. The material is great, Slave To Love and Windswept are among my fav's of his. The guest...
  10. Rachael B

    I don't see why anybody is suppourting Dual-y Disc!

    First, I'm certainly not. Our players are designed for other formats, first and foremost. Even the so-called CD side is an un-CD. I do not suppourt my players being leap-froged for a questionable format. It's not even clear that the issuance of Dual-y Discs is legal due to patent conflict and a...
  11. Rachael B

    I love this guy Elliot Spitzer! Now he's sniffing 'round the music industry.

    I just heard on CNN that the in-famous Attourney General of the grate stayte of New York who's cracked down on a remarkable amount of corporate crime in these last few years is looking at how songs are picked to be on the wray-dio. All I can say is go man go! :emoji_thumbsup:
  12. Rachael B

    Paul Weller STUDIO 150 SA-CD

    Like so many other desirable SA-CD's these dayz, it's not released en los Estados Unidos. I found it in the U.K. http://www.play.com/play247.asp?pa=s...D&title=188910 Mr. Jam of Style Council fame strikes again! Amazon U.K. has it too...
  13. Rachael B

    What M/C albums sound like they're were originally concieved as M/C ?

    3 quickly come to my mind: Zappa's Quadiophiliac, Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, and Hiromi's Brain. Forget old stuff that's being mixed to M/C unless it's stuff like Zappa's that was born in the very brief quad thang in the early 70's. What new albums sound like the stereo...
  14. Rachael B

    Would M/C music be more intresting if recorded "live"

    After listening to a particularly disconcerting M/C mix, I started thinking if live recording with 5 mikes or maybe a few more, would be more listenable than many of these mixes. ...sort'a a direct digital disc, know what I mean vern? I know I have some SA-CD's and CD's that fit the M.O., not...
  15. Rachael B

    Marc Benno's SNAKE CHARMER CD

    Anybody else ever seen or heard it? I got it on E-bay from an English dude. I knew he had some post A & M recordings floating around. This is the first one I've been able to track down. I recognize 2 of the songs from hearing them on wNET;). This is a 1994 album he recorded in Nashville...
  16. Rachael B

    Who else is annoyed that the Ray Charles SA-CD came in a DVD-A case?

    Concord, has been putting out Sack-Dee's for awhile, they ought to know better. What're they gonna do next, release the thing as a DVD-A in an SA-CD case? Daft punks they be!
  17. Rachael B

    Net MD deck from Nippon, MDS-JE780

    http://www.minidisco.com/mdsje780.html I need another MD deck, why not this one...?
  18. Rachael B

    Edgar Winter's Jazzin' The Blues CD

    It's Edgar's new album that I picked up today, Jazzin' The Blues. If you liked his self-titled introductory album in a jazzy vein, well, here's it's follow-up, finally, like 30 + years later. Granted, it's jazz with a rock-y or R & B edge but it most resembles his very first album. This is the...
  19. Rachael B

    Ryan Adams Live In Jamacia on TV

    It's showing on Bravo HD channel numerous times in the next 2 weeks. I saw a portion of it. My Tivo is gonna grab it and I'll see it in complete soon. He seems purr-dy popular 'round here, so I thought some of ya'all might want to catch it.
  20. Rachael B

    Hay! This FBI logo thang on Sony & Universal SA-CD's is getting old fast!

    All the new Universal & Sony SA-CD's have it, some bigger than others. Afflicted discs so far: Incubus Indigo Girls David Sanchez Allman Brothers Vince Gill Cheryl Crow It's depressing seeing it over and over!:angry: :thumbsdown: I'm considering opening up my jewell cases and blacking...
  21. Rachael B

    Uriah Heep's MAGIC NIGHT M/C SA-CD

    This ain't your father's Uriah Heep, eh? Only guitarist Mick Box remains, from the olden days, I think...? I'm not positive 'bout that but he's a dude I recognize and certainly remember. There's no Ken Hensley but the band continues to play many of his compositions. The line-up for this live set...
  22. Rachael B

    Mike Marshall GATOR STRUT MFSL "Discovery Series" SA-CD

    First, before the album, what is the "Discovery Series"? My best quess is that MFSL is going to market lesser-known artists, or lesser marketable albums as such for $20 instead of the usual $25. Mike Marshall's GATOR STRUT is the first of this supposed, new series. I've been trying to think...
  23. Rachael B

    Last nite's ABC hockey game, did it start out "narrow" everywhere?

    Game 4 of the Stanley Cup. I turned it on and it started out not in hi-def, with black bars on the sides, SD. I watched something else and went back just as the 3rd period started and it was in hi-def. Is my local having trouble remembering to flip a switch or was last night's goof national?
  24. Rachael B

    5/29 * ALERT* Pat Metheny Group is on Ausin City Limits 2-nite!

    That's less than an hour from now in the east...a little longer for the left coast. Have you seen him pick get-tar, now's your chance!
  25. Rachael B

    Martha's Trouble SA-CD is back in stock at CD Baby

    Matha's Trouble is nice little kuntry band sans a drum set, just an occasional bongo or tamborine... First off, there is no Martha. Jen Slocumb plays the part of "Martha" with her little voice that sounds something along the lines Of Alison Krauss' but not quite as smooth. The three players...
  26. Rachael B

    spy versus spy hi-rez threads, let's not vent on each other!

    People keep getting mad at each other on these threads. I'd suggest: 1. We're on a quest to share knowledge 2. some of us are perturbed at the software kompanies and hardware kompanies for collectively giving us the run-around on either or both of the formats. We shouldn't take it out on...
  27. Rachael B

    Can any format ever replace CD?

    I'm saying no, not under the present conditions. People aren't going to accept any new format that interferes too much with their home recording/portables too much. Now that every new format is an attempt to stem home recording in whole or part, how can the market (peoples) do anything but hold...
  28. Rachael B

    Anybody buy one of the new Neil Young STIR-EO DVD-A's, I did

    I bought a copy of American Star'n Bars. It's not one of his all-time great albums, and he has atleast a half dozen of 'em IMO, but atleast it ends with LIKE A HURRICANE & HOMEGROWN which are both quite nice. Sonically, I'm really impressed and I'm not easily impressed. Somehow I doubt his 60's...
  29. Rachael B

    Great forgotten albums: Seatrain's S/T

    Seatrain was formed from the remnents of The 60's group The Blues Project and with the addition of Richard Greene on totally E-lectric fiddle. Richard Greene, whom many may remember from Red, White & Bluegrass fame was what set them apart from the field. The other musicans are good but Richard...
  30. Rachael B

    Sony Single-layer SACD's, beancounters, and the slow new release list or lack of such

    This thread is along the lines of are single-layer SACD's stille the bane of Sony's effort, or How I Learned To Love The Bomb And Buy Hybrid SA-CD's Elsewhere?;) Are the single-layers a cause (amongst others) of the stand-stille in their Sack-Dee welease schedule? Sony is a big, stupid, plodding...