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  1. Scott-S

    Archer: 1999 (Season 10)

    The new season of Archer (season 10) started a few days ago. I am glad I still had my timer set otherwise I would have completely missed it. This time around they are in space. It is always fun to see what characters are what in these new seasons. I have already seen references to Alien...
  2. Scott-S


    Is anyone here playing the early access of the game Satisfactory? https://www.satisfactorygame.com/ I have fallen in love with the combination of First Person exploration of an open(ish) world and OCD provoking factory building of Factorio. I have only been watching videos of the game play...
  3. Scott-S

    What Remains of Edith Finch

    I just watched a play through of this game and was really blown away. Information about this game can be found here: What Remains of Edith Finch This a relatively new "interactive" story type game that feature some of the most innovated and varied control schemes and styles that I have ever...
  4. Scott-S

    Getting Anti-Virus Notices on Every Page of HTF

    Starting this afternoon, I started to get a pop-up warning from my Anti-Virus on every page I visit here. Is this something new you guys added? Should I ignore it?
  5. Scott-S

    Black Mirror

    I am surprised that I could not find a thread for this show. (none show up in the search) I just started watching Black Mirror a few weeks ago. It is on Netflix. I am half way through season 3 and am really loving it. I am finding that watching alone is really frustrating. After nearly ever...
  6. Scott-S

    Website and Forums Not Displaying Properly

    I am using IE 11 (Windows 10) so I am as up to date as possible on the browser but the entire site is all borked up for me. All the images (buttons etc._ are not displaying and the Tool bar up top no longer works. I just tried Chrome and it is also messed up. The Front page is ok, but the...
  7. Scott-S

    Looking for Some Good "Shrinking Person" Movies

    I was recently wanting to watch a movie in which someone gets shrunk down and roams around everyday objects etc. I found (and watched) the 1950"s Incredible Shrinking Man, but I have not been able find many others. I know of the Lilly Tomlin one from the 80's (incredible Shrinking Woman) but it...
  8. Scott-S

    Defiance Season 3 (SyFy)

    Just a reminder that Defiance is back this Friday, June 12.
  9. Scott-S

    Amazon Echo

    Hello, I am not sure exactly where the Echo fits in this place, so I thought I would try here..... I just got my Echo yesterday and and I am in the "getting used to it" phase. Does anyone else here have experience with it? After a few attempts at set-up, I was finally able to get it to...
  10. Scott-S

    I keep Getting asked to Login to tapatalk.com!

    Every page on this site wants me to log in to activate.tapatalk.com Is this a virus? It is only at this site.
  11. Scott-S

    J.J. Abrams and Valve Teaming up to Make a movie. Hope it is Half-Life

    I just read that J.J. Abrams is teaming up with Valve to make a movie based on one of Valve's games. Probably either Half-life or Portal. I know there is a mixed track record of turning a video game into a movie, but I am hopefull Abrams can do it. I loved both Half-Life and Protal but I really...
  12. Scott-S

    Ghost Hunters International

    (I didn't see a thread in the search function - If I missed it, please move this) I have been a fan of the original Ghost Hunters for a long time and so I also started watching GHI when it started up. I am very skeptical of "paranormal" stuff but I can at least appreciate the approach that...
  13. Scott-S

    Show Status Cheat Sheet - Fall 2009

    I stumbled across this web page on the Entertainment Weekly website that was very helpful. It lists all the shows and their current status. I would like to cut and paste the whole thing here, but that might not be allowed. But here is a link: Fall TV Cheat Sheet Here are my favorite bits:
  14. Scott-S


    Did anyone else catch the first episode of "testees" this week? It was on after "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". Although it is way over the top, it felt perfect having it follow the similarly over the top Sunny in Philly. For those who don't know about the show, here is a description...
  15. Scott-S

    Blu-Ray Media Market Share is Growing

    According to the Blu-Ray stats website the Market Share of Blu-Ray is growing. Blu-Ray Market Share I made a graph of Blu-ray market share (vrs DVD) over time since the format war ended. It is easy to see a trend. That can only be good news for Blu supporters.
  16. Scott-S

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Season 4

    Just a friendly reminder that "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" is back tonight on FX. This show is now on season 4. Personally, I didn't think it would last this long, but I am glad it has. The two episodes tonight are as follows: Mac & Dennis: Manhunters
  17. Scott-S

    Stargate SG-1 DVD Questions

    I know I am late to the game, but I think I have decided to experience the Stargate SG-1 world for the first time (I diid watch the movie). I went to Amazon to check out how much this would set me back and left with more questions than answers. I would like the entire set (10 seasons) in...
  18. Scott-S

    Interesting Article on Blu-Ray sales Rising

    The Hollywood Reporter website has an interesting Article on the sudden rise of Blu-Ray disc sales now that the format war is over. Here is a link: With HD DVD out, Blu-ray sales on the rise Here is a quote: This article paints a much brighter picture of the future of Blu-Ray than the...
  19. Scott-S

    Sci-Fi Channel in HD

    I just found out that my cable system is adding the HD version of the Sci-Fi channel next week. Should I be happy, or is it going to be like A&E etc. and just be stretched copies of shows?
  20. Scott-S

    Phenomenon on NBC

    Is anyone else watching this show? Did that contestant really get bitten by the snake? It sure seemed like he did. The show is live and I guess it is possible, but it is also possible it was all part of the act. Good thing it was the Rat snake that got him.
  21. Scott-S

    Bones season 3 thread

    Just a reminder that the new season Bones starts tonight!!!!! Here is a recap of last seasons finale.
  22. Scott-S

    Chuck season 1 thread

    I just caught the pilot episode of Chuck on "On-Demand" and I was pleasantly surprised. As long as you can overlook the whole "computer data in the brain" aspect, and just accept that leap, the show looks like it will be pretty good. Even though this was the first episode, there seems to...
  23. Scott-S

    59th Primetime Emmy Awards

    Didn't see a thread yet, so I thought I would start off by saying that Lewis Black is my new hero. :) I loved him telling the execs exactly how we feel about the distracting pop-up ads during shows. So far, the show has been a Bennet and Sopranos love fest.
  24. Scott-S

    PSYCH Season 2 ongoing discussion

    Just a friendly reminder that Psych (and Monk), returns tonight on the USA network. I am really looking forward to it. I loved the first season and I am looking forward to see where they go with it.
  25. Scott-S

    Dr. Who, Series 2, Has forced Commercials

    I just wanted to pass along that I finally got the first disc of Dr. Who, Series 2, from Netflix. This took forever due to the major error they had when the discs were produced. My joy of finally getting to see the second season was soon dashed as I was forced to watch a commercial for the...
  26. Scott-S

    Letterman's Top Ten List

    I have started to watch Letterman again now that I can record it in HD :) I have noticed something I wanted to ask about. Every show he states that "we'll be right back with tonights top ten list". Then some shows, they never show a top ten list. What gives. I am starting to think my local...
  27. Scott-S

    What Version is the Dr. Who Series 1 Set?

    I was wondering if the new Dr. Who show that has been shown on BBCA and is now on DVD is the uncut versions or the BBCA versions? I assume they are different as BBCA tends to remove 10 minutes to allow for commercials.
  28. Scott-S

    Salt Lake City NBC Affiliate

    I have a question for the experts here. I live in the Salt Lake City market and have recently been forced to start watching the local channels. (thanks to the dish network issue). I have noticed that the local NBC affiliate (KSL) does not show Saturday Night Live. How is this allowed by NBC...
  29. Scott-S

    Happy Hour

    I was surprised. I have seen nothing about this show. All the advertisements have been for the show that comes on before it (Til Death) but Happy Hour was much better. I didn't recognize any of the actors but I got a kick out of the premise. I will definitely watch this again next...
  30. Scott-S

    House, M.D. Season 3 Ongoing Thread

    The first episode of the new season of House is on tonight. 8pm Eastern on FOX. It has been so long ago I have forgotten how season 2 ended. Is his leg fixed or was it a dream? Or is it something we will have to wait a few hours to find out. :) Either way, I am looking forward to this...