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  1. JohnnyG

    FS: ColorFacts Professional 6.0 Color Analyser System

    $1200 takes it. That's half the price of new.
  2. JohnnyG

    FS: ColorFacts Professional 6.0 Color Analyser System

    Purchased by me directly from DataColor in October '05. MINT condition and includes all items, original packaging, and aluminum carry case. Current price of a new unit is $2400. Selling for $1,500 USD, shipped.
  3. JohnnyG

    Locking power button on TOS 50H82?

    If you pull off the front cloth panel, a few more screws will get the front control panel off. Then just pull the connector that goes to the TV (it'll be pretty obvious. I'm pretty sure the TV will function normally with this disconnected, but I can't say I've ever tried it.
  4. JohnnyG

    Looking for DVD changer w/HDMI and decent redbook playback

    If your interest in a changer is primarly for music playback, consider using a basic DVD changer just for your audio needs, and a seperate HDMI-equipped up-converting DVD player for your video needs. It might sound redundant on first blush, but it's a workable solution.
  5. JohnnyG

    Marantz x600 line

    I believe the last line of new models was intro'd at CEDIA in September 2004. I don't believe they showed any new receivers at this year's CEDIA, so I suspect the annoucements will come at CES in early Jan.
  6. JohnnyG

    Pioneer 1015 not loud enough

    It's important to remember that clean power *sounds* less loud than distorted power. The only way you can really know what's going on here is with an SPL meter.
  7. JohnnyG

    Radio Shack HDTV Receiver

    It will work if - and it's a pretty big if - your cable company delivers some HD channels "in the clear" - in other words, without "conditional access"/encryption.
  8. JohnnyG

    Roku HD 1000 User Experience

    I use one as something of a test device to stream HD content from a server to a display. It generally does a fine job. Firmware updates are pretty frequent, and the user community is very knowledgable, so any questions I've had, I've been able to get answers on pretty quickly. Overall, I'd...
  9. JohnnyG

    Headphones to TV with no headphone jack?

    I bought my Father a pair of RCA wireless headphones and they included an RCA->1/4" adapter. Just plugged right into the TVs audio output jacks. Works great. edit: Ummm...just like the picture in that link!
  10. JohnnyG

    Cheap screens...NO WAY!

    And what exactly do you think the name brand screen is made of?! No offense, but when it comes to no/low gain screens, name-brand screens are pretty much in the same category as high-end cables. It's the "let's make 'em think we have something special" thing. I say go ahead and spend the...
  11. JohnnyG

    Samsung DVD- HD841 good, bad, ugly?

    Definitely upgrade the firmware (it's available on Samsung's web site). Then, disable HDCP encyrption by following the instructions on the vcdhelp.com site (Angle-4327-Angle, IIRC). This will allow 720p or 1080i output via component video. I like my 841 just fine. Just don't use the DVI...
  12. JohnnyG

    Your Votes (yamaha Or Marantz)

    Marantz is part of D&M Holdings and, as far as I know, D&M does not own Mordaunt Short. They recently bought Boston Acoustics though. I do agree with your Marantz recommendation nonetheless!
  13. JohnnyG

    Older Tosh RPTV's being recalled - get a new one free!

    My guess is that it has more to do with the limited production run affected by this issue. Perhaps none of the affected chassis were installed in 46" or 65" models.
  14. JohnnyG

    Older Tosh RPTV's being recalled - get a new one free!

    If you go to http://www.tacp.toshiba.com and select "Updates/Notices" under the Customer Support menu and then select the proper notice, they have a method of inputting your serial number to determine if your TV is affected. Since the internals are pretty much identical, I wonder how the 51"...
  15. JohnnyG

    No color adjust on DVI? How common is this?

    Heck, you technically shouldn't have a tint control with component video either, but it's almost always there anyway.
  16. JohnnyG

    busted convergence board....

    GREAT deal!
  17. JohnnyG

    Problems with D-VHS

    My 30K has no trouble playing D-VHS tapes recorded on a Panasonic PV-HD1000 some 6 years ago!
  18. JohnnyG

    Repair or ISF cal: Convergence big time out of wack!

    My experience with this is all in Toshiba's, but I believe most brands are quite similar. On Toshiba sets, at least, there are 2 chips and they aren't very expensive at all - something like $10 each. The rest is labour.
  19. JohnnyG

    Repair or ISF cal: Convergence big time out of wack!

    Convergence ICs. Should be around the $300 mark for repair.
  20. JohnnyG

    busted convergence board....

    Around the $300 mark. The 2 chips are something like $10 each ...the rest is labour.
  21. JohnnyG

    What is "DTV-Link Compliance" ??

    You definitely do not need DTV Link (Firewire) to work with any digital cable box that I know of. There *was* going to be a digital cable box made by Sony that would tune an HDTV channel, but did not have an HDTV decoder in it. It would output the HDTV bitstream through Firewire, requiring...
  22. JohnnyG

    Anyone have experience with or comments about Panasonic pt53x54 HDTV??

    I hadn't even considered that they were mislabeled somehow, but after reducing the blue screen control (and the green, but that was probably unnecessary), the cuts/drives seemed to function as expected and I ended up with a decent grey scale.
  23. JohnnyG

    What is "DTV-Link Compliance" ??

    If I'm not mistaken, DTV Link has to do with Firewire.
  24. JohnnyG

    Anyone have experience with or comments about Panasonic pt53x54 HDTV??

    I had the opportunity to calibrate one a couple of weeks ago. They've done a really good job of fixing some old issues with the previous model - most notably, uneven focus across the screen (especially with blue). Colour linearity was pretty good, so I passed on lens striping. There was one...
  25. JohnnyG

    Kenwood Audio?video Department Is Dead!!! Read!!

    This rumour again?!! Maybe it'll hold water this time...maybe not. If it's true, it might make a good lower-end consumer line for D&M.
  26. JohnnyG

    Best priced A/V reciever with HDMI inputs?

    The XR70 has only 1 'pass-through' HDMI input. You can grab the audio from that connection, but since there's only one input, it doesn't do any switching at all. AFAIK, the least expensive with HDMI switching is the upcoming Marantz SR-9600.
  27. JohnnyG

    FM Audio Transmitter for ENTIRE House

    I bought and assembled the CK222 kit from CanaKit (http://www.canakit.com) It has a very decent range...we could easily tune it's signal from the cottage to the beach about 100 feet away. It looks like they've revised the design though...the one I built was much bigger and took 4 AA batteries.
  28. JohnnyG

    Any Universal DVD changers with DVI/HDMI on the market?

    I very much miss having a changer. I was just reading a CES report in a trade paper yesterday and it said that Toshiba is coming out with an upconverting HDMI changer this year. Not sure about DVD-A or SACD support though. edit: Just looked through Toshiba's CES press releases and could...
  29. JohnnyG

    I now own a pair of some of the best speakers every made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The frequency response printout seems to say "SC-2.AV".
  30. JohnnyG

    convergence problem

    Convergence takes up to an hour to stabilize, so only adjust it after the TV has been on at least this long, and wait at least this long before checking it.