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  1. johnqpublic864

    Looking for The Carol Burnett Show full episodes, especially Season 11, Episode 4.

    Hi all, I'm doing a personal project, putting together every sketch of "The Family" from The Carol Burnett Show (and one from an episode of Carol Burnett and Company). I want to put every sketch in order in one collection to compliment it's spin-off sitcom, Mama's Family. I'm doing this for my...
  2. johnqpublic864

    Lurker converted into new member. On the hunt for obscure Carol Burnett Show "The Family" sketches for a project.

    Hi, I'm new around these parts. I like it. This site reminds me of "the good ol days" when I regularly visited forums, before social media largely ruined/replaced online communities. I recently jumped back into physical media collecting. I'm not yet ready to put together a great home theater...