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  1. Shawn Solar

    Hi-Def Security Cameras?

    Insurance companies do require cameras in some cases otherwise they'd cancel coverage. It happened to a client of ours a few years back. At this time I don';t know of a single insurance company that offers a discount for security cameras. Most however, do offer a discount on alarm systems. The...
  2. Shawn Solar

    Hi-Def Security Cameras?

    Having Installed numerous CCTV systems in the last 6+ years I must say I can't wait till compression/hard drives and computer based DVRS can record and handle the high amount of info of HD cameras at a reasonable cost. Most high res cameras are not even at 800X600 but slightly lower res. Most...
  3. Shawn Solar

    Anyone know why fiberglass insulation is pink?

    It is the spray glue they use to hold the fibers together. Sometimes the colour of the insulation also corrosponds to the R-rating or value. Yes I watch "How It's Made" and I don't care Who knows it. That episode was on yesterday lol
  4. Shawn Solar

    FS: Brand New Sealed Atlantic Tech P-2000 Pre-Amp(Outlaw 950 clone)

    No problem Gary, Looks like I may have a yamaha rx-v2400 up for sale soon. Good luck on the amps Gregg
  5. Shawn Solar

    FS: Brand New Sealed Atlantic Tech P-2000 Pre-Amp(Outlaw 950 clone)

    Hello Gary, I'm interested and will contact you via email
  6. Shawn Solar

    Leases and Credit Ratings

    Hello Jim, Yes, as I understand thus far I have to get a release letter from the financial company (Nissan Canada). Apparently, in most leases there is a clause stating that the original party is not released from the agreement and becomes a co-signer. In the last two years and because of...
  7. Shawn Solar

    Leases and Credit Ratings

    Hello all, I was just wondering for all you financial types that, either understand, or work in the credit and financial profession can help me. The wife and I are looking to buy a home. Apparently the only thing affecting how much we can borrow is the lease on our two vehicles. My van is...
  8. Shawn Solar

    Looking for good wireless home security cameras

    lol another camera installer. I agree with justin. in my 6 years of installing I've only done one wireless camera. It was wireless because it had to be moved a lot. I have installed the bosch cameras as well and they are pretty good. I would only add a modulator to the cable tv feed so you can...
  9. Shawn Solar

    Smoke detectors - false alarms

    Hmm I know you vacuumed them try buying a can of air and blowing them out. The air can sometimes set off the smoke so beware. The one that goes off first could be the problem. Paint fumes can set them off too. Some detectors have heat detection built in too. It is a stretch but a sudden change...
  10. Shawn Solar

    FS Pioneer VSX 47TX Receiver

    sent a PM
  11. Shawn Solar

    Is the word "Canuck" offensive to Canadians?

    Just don't call me late for dinner;)
  12. Shawn Solar

    What's the best way to get rid of my Passat?

    I would suggest trading it in towards another car. I did that with my 2000 maxima when it started acting up. I let the dealer look at it and offer me his best price. I owed 4 yrs on it and I ended up owing 3k which was rolled into my new vehicle. Best part is I got about 3k in insentives to...
  13. Shawn Solar

    Big fat kitty cat

    I've seen a bijion frese that small little white dog that normally weighs 13-16lbs, well, I've seen the 38lb version at a customers place once. Funniest looking thing Little legs sticking out. The legs actually bent out(bow legged)
  14. Shawn Solar

    Home Theater installation business

    I would say that the home theatre installation business is kinda in a slump. I do believe it is the calm before the storm too. The main deciding factor is location, location, location. I also think one cannot just do home theatre but should diversify into other areas too. Like alarm and...
  15. Shawn Solar

    You grew up in the 80's early 90's if............

    yep to most of them. Though I also watched transformers and astro boy...lol
  16. Shawn Solar

    FS: Harman Kardon DPR 2005 Digital Amp Receiver

    Wow an HTF member 15min from me. I don't mean to hijack thread. I just noticed that jarrett is not too far away...I live in port Colborne;)
  17. Shawn Solar

    Why do dogs like licking feet?

    mmmmm "salty". Thats what i think everytime an animal tries to lick me. I also noticed that animals do groom each other too. They may just consider you one of the pack:D
  18. Shawn Solar


    yeah that happens sometimes. The reason why it is not covered is for a few reasons. One reason is the alarm was working like it was supposed to. It dispatched the police. Why they sent the police on a supervisory error(technical term) without calling the premise first I don't know. Here we set...
  19. Shawn Solar


    Well two things. 1 ADT probably has a lockout on the panel so activation from another company is possible but you may have to replace the "brains" located in the basement,attic or closet. while not monitored the alarm will still function like it should. most likely need to do a reset(as long...
  20. Shawn Solar

    Is it illegal for auto repair shops to do this?.....

    I had a mechanics shop fix my car and charge me $1200 for repairs. The car was lemon and all I wanted them to do was check it first to see if it was worth fixing. I also felt burned. This was done by an aquaintance(other business like alarm system aned home theatre) We had traded off work in the...
  21. Shawn Solar

    7 channel A/B switch

    I've used a 6 channel a/b switch. I powered them with a pioneer 1014 tx or something. I used the front on A and the rear channels on B. You could then also then use the side surround channels to power the most poer hungary zone or fartheset run for all 7. that would be 3 pairs/ 1 input and one...
  22. Shawn Solar

    Selling widescreen and amplifier

    waiting for a reply on the amp but the TV is now $1000CAD for those interested:emoji_thumbsup:
  23. Shawn Solar

    Selling widescreen and amplifier

    lol Karl, If you were in Ontario we could of done business;) The photographer, dj, limo, flowers and decorator are all paid:emoji_thumbsup: Just the reception hall(people got to eat) and the church are left. I do now understand why people only like to get married once lol. The TV is now OBO:D...
  24. Shawn Solar

    Selling widescreen and amplifier

    Due to my upcoming wedding costs i have to sell off some of my gear. I have just bought a used sherwood newcastle am-9080 five channel amp. I bought it for $550US a month and a bit ago. With shipping(70lbs) and taxes and brokerage it cost me about $800-$900CAD. I'm selling it for $600CAD. I am...
  25. Shawn Solar

    WTB: Parts Express 500w plate amp.

    It may go against posting rules(dunnoI am not the seller) but try here http://stores.ebay.com/Parts-Express-Electronics they have a 1000watt up on auction and a 500watt for $245 buy it now. It comes straight from parts express as well
  26. Shawn Solar

    What happened to this forum?

    I've built both a set of kit61's and Kit41's for a potential customer that flipped flopped and changed his mind after accepting my quote(never even heard them). Getting married in a month and did a sub for a friend. Still got about 4 subs on the floor waiting for boxes but with...
  27. Shawn Solar

    Anybody ever cleaned their (yellow)headlights?

    I was wondering if I took out the whole headlight and swished some CLR calcium lime and rust remover inside the lamp case/cover and cleaned the outside if it would work. It seemed to work on the coffee stains in the coffee pot in that commercial I saw...hmmm?;) I would disconnect the light bulb(lol)
  28. Shawn Solar

    Leerrrroooyyyyyyy Jeeennnnkkinnsssss!

    here is another earlier vid I thought was pretty cool http://www.big-boys.com/articles/warcraftboom.html
  29. Shawn Solar

    Got a pair of Kit41s & Kit61s...

    just updated with a couple more pics. Have the woofer crossover done on the kit61s and just a side by side comparison of the kit41 and kit61. Got busy building a deck(among other things) so the tweeter portion will be done sometime this week. Then just got to route the holes for the kit61