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    For sale: Infocus reference display sign

    Selling an Infocus sign that's been in storage for a few years but is otherwise practically unused. Pretty cool collectible for those with an Infocus projector in the home theater room. Details: - The sign is approximately 12" (l) x 8" (h) - It appears to be made of a hard plastic material...
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    FS: Laserdiscs

    Prices are listed below. If seeking multiple titles, I'm open to negotiation. $3 2 Days in the Valley (WS) $3 Arachnophobia (WS) $8 Basket Case 3 $14 Beloved (WS) $3 Best of the Best 2 (WS) $7 Beyond the Mind's Eye $9 Black Dog (WS) $3 Blue Chips (WS) $3 California Suite $3 Cape (WS) $6...
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    FS: DVDs, LaserDiscs, and VHS

    Doing a little spring cleaning here and clearing out a few movies I don't watch as much anymore. Prices below are before shipping. Shipment will be via USPS media mail unless another option is wanted, such as UPS. Payment by paypal or USPS money order. VHS...
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    Some stuff for sale: DVD, VHS, and Laserdisc

    I could use a little extra room around here, so here are some items from my collection that may be of interest to some of you. :D Shipping: Unless other plans are requested, I'll ship out using media mail to save everyone a little money. Pricing will be based on the overall weight of the...
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    WTB: Bravo D1 or Oppo DVD player

    I'm looking for a decent spare dvd player and have the D1 in mind. It's a few years old now but there should still be plenty around. I'll also consider Oppo players; let me know what you have and your price.
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    WTB: Sega Dreamcast, NES, 3DO items

    I'm putting together a second entertainment room and am considering adding a few 'retro' systems. Let me know of which you have. Also looking for games for these systems even if you no longer own the systems themselves. PM me with what you have and your price(s).
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    WTB: 720p projector

    Looking for an older, cheap 720p projector for use in a second room. A couple of likely contenders would be the Optoma HD70 or Mitsubishi HD1000u. Let me know what you've got. Must be in excellent working condition. Please PM with model, price, and hours on lamp.
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    FS: Holiday cleaning... lots of electronics and goodies!

    DVD players: PIONEER DV-343 (player only; no remote) $5 + shipping RCA 5220P (remote included) $5 + shipping CD player: ONKYO DX-200 (no remote) $15 + shipping Cassette tape player: FISHER CR-65 (no remote) $15 + shipping Integrated amplifier: FISHER CA-57 (no remote) $20 +...
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    FS: Belkin F6C900 power supply (900VA)

    This is an awesome UPS that can serve as a surge protector and power back-up. In great shape - this goes for over $100 on eBay and Amazon. $20 plus your choice of UPS or USPS shipping. 22 lbs from 35226.
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    FS: Intellivision II system (boxed)

    I have an original Intellivision II console with both controllers and the power adapter. This is from around 1983, so the graphics and sound aren't quite on par with 360 and PS3. ;) It's certainly a memory trip for anyone who grew up with one. I no longer have any games around, however...
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    FS: DVD lot ($1.75 each shipped!)

    Small 'blowout' spring clearance sale from my collection -- dirt cheap! Titles: Lethal Weapon 2 D.C. Orange County Shallow Hall (former rental with lots of marks) Spiderman (2 disc SE) Spiderman 2 (2 disc SE w/ slipcase) Urban Legend (former rental with lots of marks) Total: $10.50...
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    FS: Sony Game Gear w/ Sonic 2 game

    Great shape. Uses 6 AA batteries or an adapter. Priced for a quick sale. :) Sold
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    FS: DVDs, CDs, LPs, video games, shirts, and more

    All items below are for sale and I am also considering trades for HD DVDs. Let me know if you're interested in buying or trading. Shipping will be as follows... - CDs, DVDs, Playstation games = $1.99 for the first, .99 each additional - Video Games (carts), Shirts = $2.99 for the first...
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    WTB: Cell Phone

    I could use another phone here, so offer what you've got. It MUST be compatible with T-Mobile service or -already- unlocked. PM with shipped price. :) Thanks.
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    WTB: Infocus 4805 or Optoma H27/H31

    If anyone's moved up to an HD projector and still has one of these older 480p models lying around collecting dust, I may be interested. Needs to be in perfect working order and preferably a low-hour bulb.
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    WTB: Cheap Playstation 2 system

    If anyone has one lying around collecting dust, I may be interested. Needs to be in perfect working condition with the original box, controllers, and manuals. Let me know what you've got. Thanks, -Sam
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    FS: 30 LaserDisc lot -- $30

    Here's a group of LDs I rarely watch anymore. All 30 LDs for $30, only a buck each. They're from my personal collection - some of which have been owned for nearly 20 years. Media mail shipping with delivery confirmation will be additional. Figure about 25 pounds from 35216. Titles...
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    16 FREE VHS (just cover the media mail shipping)

    Just as the title says, 16 free VHS tapes. I no longer have a VCR to view these on and in all likelihood probably won't ever buy another deck, so these tapes are free to whoever wants 'dibs' on them. A few family titles, some comedies, nature, etc. Whoever is first to reply, PM, or e-mail the $6...
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    FS: Blu Ray/DVD/DVD Audio

    All prices are shipped in the USA. Everything's from my personal collection and in nice shape. Blu Ray: The Marine $16 DVD: Dawn of the Dead (Unrated Director's Cut w/ slip case) $7 Evil Dead 2 (Anchor Bay THX) $10 Identity (special edition) $5 Iron Sister (VCD import, not a...
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    FS: Marantz LV-510 LaserDisc Player & Discs

    This is one of the best 'mid line' players out there below the Elites and 704. It'd make a great back-up player as well for little money invested. I've seen these sell used for over $100 and that's a pretty good bargain. I already have 3 (more expensive) primary LD players (97, 99, 704) and need...
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    FS: Bond Ultimate Collection (Volumes 1 2 3 4)

    Excellent condition Bond collection. These were purchased for $240 + tax. Contains all 20 of the classic 007 movies before the new Casino Royale with miraculous frame by frame remastering. $140 shipped takes it. SOLD -Sam
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    FS: Blu Ray / DVDs / TV Sets/ CDs / LaserDiscs / Tapes / Vinyl / (Master thread)

    Cleaning house.. these need a new home! All prices are postage paid in the lower 48 US states. Multiple purchases would be appreciated as many items are priced as near give aways... :-) Blu Ray: Sleepy Hollow $16 The Marine $17 DVD: Dawn of the Dead (Unrated Director's Cut w/ slip...
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    FS: Sleeping Beauty 2-disc set

    I've included this in my MASTER THREAD on the front page. Mods, you can delete this post.
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    FS: Movie & TV Promo Shirts (with pics)

    Here are a bunch of shirts I still have in my collection. The majority were promotional items printed shortly before release and a few were printed later on. All are official. Shipping is only $1.99 per shirt. $6 3rd Rock from the Sun -- XL -- Original printing $8 Beastmaster II -- XL --...
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    FS: A few DVDs (including Superbits)

    All prices are shipped in the USA. DVDs: $15 Jury, The (TV / court drama miniseries box set) $25 Lion King: Platinum Edition (no slip case) $7 Omen (1976) *original 2000 pressing $7 Omen II *original 2000 pressing $7 Omen III *original 2000 pressing $7 Omen IV *original 2000 pressing...
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    FS: Marantz Laserdisc Player

    Model LV-510 Great player that does auto flipping, DTS, and has both composite and s-video outputs. From what I understand, the internal DACs are an upgrade over the usual Pioneer decks as well. No remote. I've tested it once again and the pic and sound are very nice. $75 shipped in the...
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    FS: Marantz laserdisc player

    My trusty backup player in great shape. Model LV510. Works well and plays both LaserDiscs and CDs. It can also serve as a DAC transport in a hi-fi system. No problems. Cosmetics are about a 7/10 with some scratches and a little wear from moving and shelf placement. $99 shipped anywhere in the...
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    FS: Laserdiscs ..only $2 each

    Need space in the media room and these unwatched titles need to go. They're all privately owned that I've acquired over the years in local stores or online from other collectors. Shipping is $4 for the first movie and $.99 for each extra LD. Please, no less than 2 movies as I have to buy a...
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    FS: Marantz audiophile LaserDisc/CD Player

    Hi all, I've got a Marantz LV-510 LD player that sounds and plays great. It also serves as a fine DAC. No remote or manual after a long move, but you shouldn't need them (I never had to use them). Asking $74 + $25 priority mail shipping with insurance and delivery confirmation tracking...
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    FS: 25 LaserDiscs for $50 shipped

    Moved. -Sam