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  1. Adam.Gonsman

    WTB: Mirage BPS-150i or BPS-400

    Looking to add a second BPS-150i to my setup or to replace my existing 150i with a BPS-400. The BPS-150i must be an "i". I'm not interested in the older non "i" model. Would prefer lacquer top in excellent to mint condition and the sub have original packaging but will consider others for an...
  2. Adam.Gonsman

    Yamaha C940

    Has anyone had a chance to audition this unit yet? It doesn't seem to be getting much attention. It looks very respectable on paper especially for a sub $500 player. What are the shortcomings? I've heard things about how the C920 can't be turned on by remote. Does the 940 have the same...
  3. Adam.Gonsman

    Old Realistic Equalizer

    I just inherited an old Realistic 12 band stereo equalizer. It's a model 31-2010. Anyone know anything about these things? I don't have an EQ currently and my Yamaha RX-V3300 does have pre-ins on the mains so I could make use of this one but don't know anything about it or it's quality so I...
  4. Adam.Gonsman

    Multidisk universal player

    I've tried searching for this on the board but haven't turned up anything, maybe I'm not searching for the right terms. I've been looking at buying a so-called universal player to get into the DVD-A/SACD world, but have also been thinking about it's time to replace my 8 year old Sony 50 disc...
  5. Adam.Gonsman

    Yamaha Receiver Editor Software

    Yamaha's website hints at the existence of software that can yeild extended setup options by hooking your RS-232 equipped receiver (I have a RX-V3300) up to a computer. This does not appear to be the same software as their RAV-edit for custom programming their flagship LCD remote, although I...
  6. Adam.Gonsman

    Denon's Questionable Warranty

    I skimmed the archives and I'm not sure I saw any discussion of this. And apoligize if this thread belongs in another forum. Just how enforceable is Denon's shady policy on non-authorized purchases? Has anyone tried challenging it? I mean the only mention of it at all that I've seen is on...
  7. Adam.Gonsman

    Amplifier upgrade (long and rambling post)

    Hi, I'm new to the board so if I say something dumb, feel free to smack me. :) I have a small pile of cash (about $3K) burning a hole in my pocket. My income is a little sporatic (don't worry, I always have enough to live on but sometimes getting cash for new toys takes longer than I plan)...