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  1. Bill Wise

    Looking for very slimline wall mounting speakers

    In the interest of full disclosure, we sell Canton speakers (among others). That having been said, I have the Ergos at my house and my father has the LE series. We love them. Regards, Bill
  2. Bill Wise

    What are some good classic books to get?

    Just a quick second for the earlier mentions of Vonnegut and Chaucer (which needs to be reread after seeing "A Knight's Tale"). Bill
  3. Bill Wise

    Recommendations on Golf Clubs?

    I have a bag full of Callaways (except for my Titleist putter) and you will pry them from my cold, dead fingers. That having been said though, the 845s are nice sticks and seem to be at a more than fair price. Enjoy, Bill
  4. Bill Wise

    3rd or is it 4th? Annual College Football Pickem

    I'm in. Thanks for setting it up, David. Bill
  5. Bill Wise

    What's up with my network? help please!

    Keith, Is the signal from the cable modem run through a surge protector at any point? Routers can be extremely flaky in the presence of stray voltage (thunderstorm, fluorescent ballast, etc.). Also, if you haven't already, shut down the two computers and the X-Box and then reset the...
  6. Bill Wise

    Starting a Home Theater Bus.

    First things first... make sure you have access to a competent accountant and a knowledgeable attorney. The other guys have given great info and tips on the custom install business, but frankly, the HT part of the business will be easy because you enjoy it. It's the "business" part of the...
  7. Bill Wise

    The truth about "non-authorized" retailers and honoring a warranty

    I've watched this discussion intently and debated whether or not to jump in or not. You see, I work at one of those "unauthorized" dealers. We are a small (five employees) dealer and custom installer in a rural part of the country. We don't sell on the 'net and we are extremely concerned about...
  8. Bill Wise

    Opinions on my auto ad

    Wow... that is a great looking ride. It's a little hard to tell from the photos, but I'm assuming there's no sun/moon roof. Has it always been an Oklahoma car? I'll also echo Scott's question (but I'm only 6'4")... how's the head and leg room? Interested, Bill
  9. Bill Wise

    Any good wine websites/databases?

    Give Wine Lovers Page a try. Hosted by a guy in Louisville named Robin Garr (Pulitzer Prize winning author) and frequented by some of the most knowledgeable "wineauxs" in the world. Very active discussion board as well. Regards, Bill
  10. Bill Wise

    Fathers Day Bliss......

    Must be a Wisconsin thing, but at our house it was ribeyes on the deck with a cooler of New Glarus Brewing Spotted Cow followed by the NBA Finals and "The Transporter." Bill
  11. Bill Wise

    Celebrity Sightings

    While we were in Vegas for our wedding, my best man and I bumped into (literally) Tom Jones coming out of the restroom in Bally's casino. Have also shared plane rides with Bob Costas and Cheryl Miller and played mini-basketball with Dennis Rodman in a bar in Detroit. All very nice people. Bill
  12. Bill Wise

    Buying Wine online where?

    Rhett, Ryan is partially correct in that there are some states which have made it a felony to purchase mail-order alcohol. Kentucky comes immediately to mind and I believe Georgia is another. However, if you live in one of the reciprocal states, it's no problem. I've found that I've had the...
  13. Bill Wise

    Wisconsin Dells - anyone been there?

    Jon, We live about 45 min. from the Dells and I can say that it all depends on what you and your family are into. I can pretty safely say that the only "don't miss" is the scenery. Take a ride on the Ducks and find out how the Dells got their name. Other than that, there are some nice golf...
  14. Bill Wise

    Goatees: the new Mullet

    I'm with Garrett, also. With a Van Dyke, at least it looks like I HAVE a chin. Plus, I've had mine since '91 so I don't feel like I'm following any trend. Neither my wife nor any of my kids has ever seen me without one. As for the short haircut, I shave my head because, well... my hair's all...
  15. Bill Wise

    A go-cart for grown ups :-)

    If that is a GSXR 1100 motor on that thing, that's around 130 hp hurtling under 500 lbs. (driver included) around the track. Talk about a suicide sled... I've gotta have one. ;) Bill
  16. Bill Wise

    I thought of a great name for a band!

    I had some buddies in college who were in a band called "Nuns With Bad Habits." Not much of a band, but great name. ;-) Bill
  17. Bill Wise

    Beer Brat Question

    Listen to Scott... we Wisconsinites know our beer and our brats. Be sure to use decent beer though... if you wouldn't drink it, don't boil your brats in it. Enjoy, Bill
  18. Bill Wise

    Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG vs. BMW M5

    Neil, The SL55 AMG is based on the Benz SL500, a two door convertible coupe as opposed to the four door sedan E-class that the E55 is based on. Bill
  19. Bill Wise

    Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG vs. BMW M5

    Haris, Personal preference... until this model year I'd have taken the M5 hands down. However, the new E55 sports a 476hp (are you kidding me?) supercharged V-8 with neck breaking torque and a new six-speed (still automatic, though) gearbox. If you're into high speed cruising (the reviews...
  20. Bill Wise

    Attn: John Stone

    John, I saw your website from the link in the "Abs Freak" thread and had a couple questions I thought merited a separate discussion. But first, your transformation can be described as nothing short of amazing. Congratulations! On to the questions... 1) When planning your meals, did you...
  21. Bill Wise

    Anyone have an Asus mobo with MYLOGO?

    Vince, I'm going by memory, but it seems like there is a BIOS option called "Quick POST" or maybe "Silent POST" that is what your looking for. My recollection is that the description in the BIOS isn't indicative of the function. Good Luck, Bill
  22. Bill Wise

    When do you give up on a old car?

    Michael, I'm with Brian and Jeff. While I'm no particular fan of Nissan, I always try to look at it from the standpoint of, "What can I get that I'll like as much for the same money?" I say drive it 'til the wheels fall off. :) Regards, Bill
  23. Bill Wise

    Sci-Fi Question

    Edwin, I'll give Greg's suggestion to try Neuromancer a try a second vote. Also, if you haven't read any Gene Wolfe, I highly recommend him. Not hardcore SF and a bit difficult to classify, but definately not a casual read and well worth the effort. Regards, Bill
  24. Bill Wise

    Sci-Fi Question

    Max, Nope... Nebulas are SF/Fantasy. Bill
  25. Bill Wise

    does anyone have the new Gigabyte mobo ?

    Bryan, For $600, you can get quite a bit of monitor anymore. 19" models from Sony, Viewsonic, and NEC should be well under that target (by $200-$300) while a little hunting might find you a 21" or 22" model from the same manufacturers that fits your budget. Other manufacturers (AOC, KDI...
  26. Bill Wise

    does anyone have the new Gigabyte mobo ?

    Bryan, I'm with Camp... the SCSI is overkill for gaming. Also, the ultra version of this board doesn't have firewire while the straight GA-8KNXP does. Save the jing and put it toward a better monitor, video card, or RAM for your gaming rig. Have Fun, Bill
  27. Bill Wise

    My Computer Doesn't Turn On...Just Beeps

    Chuck, Chris nailed it... the beeps mean that the PC is failing its POST. The most likely causes are the RAM and/or video card wiggled loose in transport. The BIOS rev. and beep sequence would tell us for sure, though. Regards, Bill
  28. Bill Wise

    Where to Buy Colored Keyboards Online?

    You could also try FrozenCPU.
  29. Bill Wise

    HTPC Video Cabling Question

    Vince - I was under the impression that DVI had a distance limitation of 10m and I've not had good luck with VGA cables longer than about 20', but those have been purely in computing environments. Are you saying that a higher quality custom cable would overcome those limitations? Rob - Does...