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  1. Jason GT

    Buying ps2 games on ebay

    Guys, Are there any major caveats for buying ps2 games on ebay (piracy etc)? For instance searching for the GTA games brings up dozens of auctions starting at $0.01. Aside from possibly inflated shipping, what should I look for? Thanks.
  2. Jason GT

    Powercords - flawless victoly!

    Just for you, Chu: Hometheaterhifi, ABX, and powercords Discuss ;)
  3. Jason GT

    Anthem AVM20/30/D1 - application of notch filter

    This isn't getting much in the way of response over at AVS. Perhaps I should have started at the "home" of the AVM. I'm trying to get my AVM dialed in ... how do I apply the notch filter? I have the room resonance filter turned on and centered at 39 hz. No matter what settings I use for...
  4. Jason GT

    holy ****! (crazy car mod)

    Check this out. NOTE - not recommended for modem users. There are 100 images on this page. http://www.6park.com/enter7/messages/21098.html
  5. Jason GT

    Question for Vince Maskeeper (or other audio engineer types)

    Vince, I recently read the Mixerman adventures and they certainly were fascinating. Now I always understood that much of the music out these days was edited and engineered, but is MOST music so heavily engineered (ie, separately recorded tracks that are subsequently mixed, "might as well use...
  6. Jason GT

    McDonald's CEO dies of apparent heart attack

    Following in Dave Thomas' footsteps. Roll the bad jokes... linky!
  7. Jason GT

    Just another little game (no penguins!)

    cook some eggs I believe it is in German, but you can figure it out :)
  8. Jason GT

    General connections question

    I don't know if this has been asked or answered, and it does not appear to be covered in the basic faq/primer. So - is there any inherent drawback in using a random RCA interconnect as digital coax (SPDIF)? I understand that digital coax is supoosed to be 75 ohm cable, but what happens...
  9. Jason GT

    Amp powerdown sound

    I have an odd situation with a 5 ch Power amp. Is the following abnormal? Currently I have the 3 front channels of this amp hooked up. It seems to play fine. However, when I power down the amp, source etc, I get a quiet but noticeable whine emanating from the center speaker. It seems to...
  10. Jason GT

    Rattling window

    I'm not a homeowner and I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn express last night :D so here's my problem, which I'm hoping you gurus can help me with. In an old house, I've got a single glass pane window in what I think is a thin aluminum frame. It's an absolute pain the bunghole when I'm trying to...
  11. Jason GT

    Question about Bridging

    For the amplification experts here -- Why is it a bad idea to run a low impedance load on a bridged amplifier? This is something that I've read, and have no reason to really doubt, but there has never been a "why" given.
  12. Jason GT

    Paradigm website updated with new Reference stuff

    Link Removed New Reference v3s. They're lighter and the +/-2db point for bass is just a bit higher than the v2s (though their max. extension is the same). Silly me, I had a chance to head to head 20s and completely forgot about doing it (listened to 60s in a nonideal setup).
  13. Jason GT

    Adaptation of HDTV/Color - questions about an analogy

    Hello everyone, Seems like HDTV is making its way into the marketplace (sadly much slower up here in Canada). It seems in some ways that the shift from SDTV to HDTV is somewhat analogous to B+W to Color -- so my question is: How long was it between B+W to Color for first introduction of...
  14. Jason GT

    What gives electronics their [characteristic] sound ?

    The influence on a separate power amplifier on sound (warm/bright) seems to be a bone of contention here. On the other hand, there seems to be little argument over the characteristic sound of receivers (brighter Yamaha, warmer Harman for example). So my question is -- what gives...
  15. Jason GT

    Speaker auditioning thoughts (loooong)

    Just got back from an AV dealer, and had a pretty good time chewing the fat about the a/v industry and where it is in this town. Anyways, I learned a lot while listening and hope that maybe this thread can help others that are also auditioning. First of all, I'm of the opinion that speakers...
  16. Jason GT

    Upgrade time - Studio 20/40

    I'd never thought I'd do this but ... maybe it's time to upgrade :D (audio) equipment of record: HK 320 PSB Alpha Bs (bookshelves for fronts and surrounds) PSB Alpha C (center channel) Paradigm PW 2200 I'm thinking of moving up to some Paradigm Reference stuff for the front 3 speakers...
  17. Jason GT

    Calling bassheads - setting crossover on sub

    Hi all, First off, this is not meant to be the typical crossover setting type question. :) Take a look at this article. On the lower left corner of first graph are freq response curves for a subwoofer, measured at different sub-level crossovers. As the crossover is turned down, the...
  18. Jason GT

    Avia or Video Essentials

    I couldn't find this on a cursory search, so I'll just ask. :) Looks like I can get a new copy of VE (for $80 CDN, which is a touch more than $ 50 USD). Avia will cost substantially the same. Is one of these inherently better than the other? Would it just be better to wait for Digital VE...
  19. Jason GT

    Concrete basement floor. What to do?

    I just got a fairly nasty sub (woohoo!). However, I'm in a basement with a concrete floor, carpeted in the HT area. Unfortunately, whenever I turn up the volume, the upper floor shakes more than a bit, while the response in my HT is much more ... restrained. Does anybody have suggestions...
  20. Jason GT

    Just another "help me with a sub" thread.

    I don't really like these kinds of posts, cuz they're so subjective. :frowning: It's almost subwoofer time. Here's what some relevant info: -large room (12'*35' or so, but only about 12'*15' is HT area; unfinished basement with carpet in the HT area) -mostly HT use; probably 75/25...
  21. Jason GT

    H/K + DVD Player as CD player connect questions

    I'm getting a AVR320 soon :). So, now is the time I'm trying to make sure I have everything ready to go when it comes. My current equipment is a Toshiba DVD player, Sony TV and 5 speakers (sub comes later). therefore, my DVD player would also double as a CD player for 2- and 5-channel stereo...
  22. Jason GT

    Securing a Center Channel to top of TV

    I'm not really sure where this sort of question belongs, so... Does anybody have a good method of securing a center channel speaker to the top of a television set? I have a 27" TV and a center channel that is 17" wide and weighs about 15 lbs. It can sit on the top of the TV by itself but...
  23. Jason GT

    6.1 with 5 speakers driven

    Can 5 speakers, when coupled with a receiver capable of the 6.1 formats (DTS ES and DD-EX), 'phantom' a sixth speaker? Clearly the effect won't be as discrete, but is it possible, and does it make a difference? Regards -- J
  24. Jason GT

    Denon 1403/1602, HK 125

    Hi. What are your opinions about these receivers? They will be driving PSB Alphas, mostly for HT use but quite possibly for eventual heavier music use. I am particularly interested in sound quality. The 1602 is a special item; I can get it open box for $499 *Canadian* (about $310 USD)...
  25. Jason GT

    Newbie speaker adventures

    Welp, I finally picked up a set of 5 speakers (sub comes later). Two pairs of PSB Alpha Bs and an Alpha C. I did this when it became apparent that due to the store's stocking situation, buying another pair of Alpha Bs was cheaper than trying to get a pair of Alpha Intro LRs! Naturally I...
  26. Jason GT

    What do you do for a living?

    Reading through the 'I've spent x dollars on HT' thread leads me to ask -- what do the august and distinguished readers of this forum do to bring home the bread (undoubtedly stuffed in a box filled with electronics)? - Student? - Retail? - Professional (doctor/pharmacist/engineer)? -...
  27. Jason GT

    Low impedance speakers -- 'worse'?

    Just another silly newbie question. :) But, before anything else -- Merry Christmas! I'm trying to shortlist speakers to audition, stuff that would be within budget etc, and some of them have 6 ohm nominal impedances (PSB Alpha B comes to mind). I am considering a high current amp...
  28. Jason GT

    Newbie Qs

    Long time lurker, first time poster. A quick stint at a cousin's place has convinced me -- I'd like a HT :) I'd like to start a HT system, and I'm starting pretty much from zero: Toshiba SD-2800 DVD player Toshiba 4-head VCR pair of crappy *old* bookshelf speakers (possible surrounds at...