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  1. MarkyM

    Atlantic Technology speakers

    Anyone using thse speakers?? specifically the 4200 THX system.... Any thoughts or comments on these speakers will be appreciated..... Thanks
  2. MarkyM

    FS -Axiom M22 (pair) & VP150 (black)

    Hello I have the following for sale pair Axiom M22 new Nov 2004 lees than 100 hours Axiom VP150 center channel I have all original boxes (save one M22 box) and manuals $350.00 for the M22 $300.00 for the VP150 or $600.00 will take it all Shipping is negotiable
  3. MarkyM

    Parasound or NAD

    Hello I have a chance to purchase either a Parasound 855A (85 watts) or a NAD 925 THX (125 watts) both are new in Factory sealed boxes... Will be used to drive Axiom M22Ti (mains) VP150 (center) and QS8 (surrounds) If you were me which one would you choose and why?? both are...
  4. MarkyM

    April issue-no SVS???

    in your April issue "subwoofer showdown" you failed to list SVS in your directory of Sub Manufacturers...how is this possible???? :angry: