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  1. Joe6pack99

    FS: NSMB,Metroid,Ultimate Spiderman for DS

  2. Joe6pack99

    WTB: Original Xbox

    Title says it all guys. Looking to buy a Xbox that still is in working condition. Let me know your final shipped price.
  3. Joe6pack99

    Energy Encore Center Channel

    Perfect condition, original owner, smoke free house. Selling for $99. I have pictures upon request. Email me with any questions at Link here: http://www.avguide.com/speakers/cent...core_1/283.jsp
  4. Joe6pack99

    XBOX 360 Core

    Selling brand new sealed in the box. I also have the receipt. $450 email me if interested.
  5. Joe6pack99

    FS: Energy Encore Fronts(black)

  6. Joe6pack99

    FS:Panasonic RP82

    Hey guys need some money so forced to sell some of my HT equipment. Asking $150. Rated extremely high and well known for its PQ.
  7. Joe6pack99

    New Sealed XBOX 360 Premium with Bonus media remote and Receipt

    Title says it all guys. Selling for $700
  8. Joe6pack99

    FS: Life As We Know It - Season 1 New

    Selling for $30 shipped.
  9. Joe6pack99

    FS: Panasonic RP82 and Panasonic CP72

    Hey guys need some money so forced to sell some of my HT equipment. Asking $250 for each one of these wonderful players. Both are rated extremely high and well known for their PQ. They both are in absolutely perfect condition and comes with everything including manuals, controller, original...
  10. Joe6pack99

    Sony Wega 36 inch repair advice

    Well guys my Wega is out of commision. Can't get a picture or any sound out of it. After doing some research it sounds like the mainboard went oot on me. I called up a few local places who are certified Sony repair shops and basically came down to two places I am trying to decide between...
  11. Joe6pack99

    Moving a Hitachi 65swx20b

    Ok guys need some advice. I am moving in 2 weeks to a new apartment. On the positive its in the same complex and also on the first floor. I have been thinking about movers just for basically moving this as I don't want anything bad to happen. Going this route means i tell them to babie it...
  12. Joe6pack99

    FS: Video Essentials

    Selling for $15 shipped. Excellent condition region 1 release. Let me know
  13. Joe6pack99

    FS: CSI Season 2-NEW

    Region 1 release brand new sealed for $60 shipped. Let me know
  14. Joe6pack99


    Alias Season 2 $40 shipped Smallville Season 1 $35 shipped Both watched once in perfect condition. Both official US region 1, 16:9 WS. Let me know
  15. Joe6pack99

    FS:Alias Season 1 and 2

    Both seasons viewed once in perfect condition. They are the official Region 1 releases, none of that bootleg crap all over ebay. Selling each for $40 shipped. I accept Paypal(non-credit card)or money order. Shoot me a email if you have any questions. Season 1 is sold! Still have Season 2...
  16. Joe6pack99

    WTB: Starship Troopers and Fifth Element SUPERBIT

    title says it all anyone selling for a good price let me know!
  17. Joe6pack99

    FS:Godfather Trilogy

    Godfather Trilogy brand new and still sealed asking for $56 shipped. Will ship via fedex with tracking number. Let me know
  18. Joe6pack99

    Demonstrative Speech: WS vs FS help

    Hey guys so I have to do a demonstrative speech for 5-7 minutes using a 2d and a 3d visual aid. I figure this is a great way to help educate people during class. Now i need some help on gathering enough info to meet the time requirement plus any help you guys can think of. Don't be shy guys give...
  19. Joe6pack99

    FS: Couple of dvds

    I have some DVDs for Sale! These DVDs have been watched only once. I handle all of my stuff with little kid gloves, all DVDs are in perfect condition with all accompanying inserts. All DVDs are $10 (except where noted) and include shipping. I accept Paypal, USPS Money Orders. I will not ship...
  20. Joe6pack99

    Paypal Alternatives

    Which service out there does free direct deposit and free withdrawing money from a checking account? I use this once a month to keep my free BOA checking account. I was using C2it but it is closing. Any others do this for free besides paypal? Thx
  21. Joe6pack99

    Best price for Married With Children Season 1?

    Finally This Tuesday the Bundy's are coming! Anyone see any of the brick n mortar ads yet? What about online?
  22. Joe6pack99

    Xbox help

    ok guys bought KOTOR and the game locks op on me anytime i pause it. A total HARD freeze that i have to shut the system off. Whats worse it never saves of course. Any ideas? I am starting to wonder if i should exchange the game or if my xbox is acting up? grr
  23. Joe6pack99

    Fs: Bravo D1

    Hey guys just received my Bravo D1 second generation 2 days ago. Brand new,used once to make sure it worked. Want to keep badly but stupid me decided to get the JVC 30k D-VHS deck so need to sell some stuff. Selling for $225. The wait(backorder) for this player is sick from V,Inc took me almost...
  24. Joe6pack99

    Waverunner advice

    Hey guys so I went jetskiiing today with my buddy and basically decided I want one lol. Give me some ideas on what to look for,best brands,anything else i should know when reaearching them. I am debating if i should go new or used since it will be my first one.
  25. Joe6pack99

    Transformers Season 1 and 2 out! What about 3&4?

    Well guys now that we have all of season 1 and 2 out anyone know any info about season 3 and the few episodes from season 4. As much as season 3 and 4 were subpar i still want them of course.
  26. Joe6pack99

    Transformers Box Set Season 2 Part 2

    Comes out this Tuesday! Any reviews or anything i have not heard a peep about this release which is arguably the best season that was made.
  27. Joe6pack99

    Transformers Box Set Season 2 Part 2

    Ok guys this comes out this Tuesday what are the best prices so far? Things have been VERY quiet with this release so close to release.
  28. Joe6pack99

    Bravo D1 $199.99 Upscaling DVD Player

    The Samsung DVD-HD931 ($300) outputs 480p, 720p, and 1080i thru DVI only, including copy protected material. The Bravo D1 ($200) is the same. The Samsung has DVD-A; the Bravo does not. Bravo is being released this Weds; Samsung Q2 2003. So anyone have any plans on purchasing this unit out and...
  29. Joe6pack99

    Denon 3801 component switching question

    Guys anyone know if when using the component switching of the 3801 if it can pass a progressive scan signal? Anyone test this out or know for a fact one way or another? If it can't which i believe is the case then I think it is time for me to unfortunatley buy a good hi-def switcher.
  30. Joe6pack99

    Hitachi 65 SWX and UPS

    Well just received my set and need some recommendations on a UPS for this beast. I really don't want to break the bank but i do want enough juice to protect the thing from surges and outages.