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  1. Bob Gu

    Stewart Granger: COMMANDO-1962- AKA THE LEGION'S LAST PATROL, MARCHA O MUERE-Not lost after all.

    Found a nice Spanish version upload of COMMANDO-1962 starring Stewart Granger at YouTube. I don't think this will lead to a disc release in R-1, but maybe R-2. COMMANDO was only around in a ghosted, bad reception, VHS copy, from probably an 80s TV broadcast, of the version released in the U.S...
  2. Bob Gu

    HAL ROACH STREAMLINERS: VOL. 4, The Musicals, August 25, 2020

    http://www.classicflix.com/blog/2020/04/27/hal-roach-streamliners-vol-4-the-musicals-in-august Marjorie Woodworth and William Marshall on the cover.
  3. Bob Gu

    HAL ROACH STREAMLINERS, Vol. 3: Taxi Comedies June 30, 2020

    ClassicFlix is really releasing these streamliners fast. Only 10 more streamliners to go. http://www.classicflix.com/blog/2020/03/23/hal-roach-streamliners-vol-3-the-taxi-comedies-in-june Joe Sawyer and William Bendix make a good comedy team and, Mrs. Hopalong Cassidy, Grace Bradley is...
  4. Bob Gu

    DECADES- CBS Stations switching to StartTV 9/3/18

    The CBS owned and operated sub-stations will drop DECADES and begin broadcasting a new network called StartTV, September 3, 2018. StartTV will concentrate on reruns of drama series with strong female leads: The Closer, The Good Wife, Medium, Cold Case, Profiler, and The Division. Some of these...
  5. Bob Gu

    THE LAZARUS MAN: Complete Series WAC 2/13/18

    THE LAZARUS MAN is up for pre-order at importcds.com with a release date of 2/13/18. It is from the Warner Archive. The Lazarus Man starred Robert Urich and was broadcast from Jan thru Nov 1996. It was a western mystery with Urich's character having amnesia. It stopped production after 22...
  6. Bob Gu

    CROSSBOW: 1987-89 Complete Series Adventures Of William Tell

    CROSSBOW: The Adventures of William Tell starring Will Lyman is being released by Millcreek on March 6, 2018. It's up for preorder online all over. Under $10. at importscds plus postage. Great price for a half-hour show that lasted 72 episodes. I see 1950's William Tell, Conrad Phillips, guest...
  7. Bob Gu


    I guess this DVD set is coming from the same VCI deal as the Blu-Rays of ONE MILLION BC and TOPPER. The HAL ROACH FORGOTTEN COMEDIES are: THE HOUSEKEEPER'S DAUGHTER- 1939 with Joan Bennett, TURNABOUT- 1940, and ROAD SHOW-1941, both with Carole Landis. All three titles co-star Adolphe Menjou...
  8. Bob Gu

    THE CALIFORNIANS: 1957-1959 Pre-Order CBS MOD DVD & BD-R at Amazon

    THE CALIFORNIANS, which is still running on GRIT TV, is up for pre-order at Amazon. This is being offered in Season 1 and Season 2 sets, in both DVD-R and BD-R. Surprising that such a obscure show would get a BD-R release. The Californians is a western set in San Francisco, in the 1850's. At...
  9. Bob Gu

    MOST WANTED: 1976-77, Robert Stack, Pre-Order Amazon

    Amazon has MOST WANTED, up for pre-order, with no release date. It is a CBS Home Entertainment Mod. MOST WANTED was a Quinn Martin Production, on ABC, starring Robert Stack, Shelly Novack, and Jo Ann Harris. A police show that had a pilot and 21 episodes. Pulled after April 1977. I remember...
  10. Bob Gu

    THE YOUNG LAWYERS: 1970-71 CBS MOD Strikes Again

    Neil Brock mentioned this as unannounced in the 2017 Prediction thread. It is actually up for preorder at Amazon, already, with no release date. THE YOUNG LAWYERS starred Zalman King, Judy Pace, and Lee J. Cobb. It had a 90 minute pilot that was shown, in Oct. 1969, almost a year before the...
  11. Bob Gu

    BEST OF THE WEST: 1981-82

    Doing a search over at Amazon for items on the CBS Home Entertainment/CBSTV MOD label, I found that BEST OF THE WEST is up for preorder as a MOD with no release date. BEST OF THE WEST was a 22 episode western comedy starring, Joel Higgins, Charlene Watkins and Tom Ewell .
  12. Bob Gu

    SAM BENEDICT: Warner Archive Nov. 22, 2016

    SAM BENEDICT, a one season, 1962-63, lawyer show is up for preorder at the WBSHOP. The show starred Edmond O'Brien, Richard Rust and Joan Tomkins. It was a MGM show based on a real lawyer, Jacob Erlich, and set in San Francisco. It lasted 28 episodes, against The Jackie Gleason Show and a short...
  13. Bob Gu

    GET.TV adding Nichols, Hondo, and A Man Called Shenadoah in Sept.

    Starting Sept. 12, 2015 Get.TV will be adding multiple episodes, of NICHOLS, with James Garner, HONDO with Ralph Taeger, and A MAN CALLED SHENANDOAH, with Robert Horton, to Get.TV's Saturday western rotation. ( I guess they got tired of Buck Jones and The Durango Kid.) They will be showing...
  14. Bob Gu


    I don't think this release has been mentioned here. This was released in October 2014 from CBSTV as a MOD DVD-R. THE NIGHT THAT PANICKED AMERICA was a dramatization of the famous Halloween Eve Orson Welles Mercury Theater radio broadcast, on October 30, 1938, of WAR OF THE WORLDS by...
  15. Bob Gu

    LAWMAN: The Complete First Season, May 5, 2015

    importcds.com today is showing LAWMAN: The Complete First Season coming from the Warner Archive with a May 5, 2015 release date. Search Warner Archives at importcds and then sort by Release Date (New). LAWMAN has 156 half-hour episodes, and ran for four full seasons, on ABC, holding it's own...
  16. Bob Gu

    Bronco: The Complete First Season from WAC in July or sooner

    BRONCO: The Complete First Season is showing at the Super D sites: importcds.com deepdiscount.com dvdplanet.com and ccvideo.com with a July 29, 2014 release date. Bronco may show up at the Warner Archive site first, weeks before that, as happened when Sugerfoot S-2 was listed at the Super D...
  17. Bob Gu

    SUGARFOOT: Complete Season 2 coming Nov 5, 2013

    Sugarfoot Season 2 is coming from the Warner Archives and like Season 1, it looks like it may be exclusive for awhile to the "Super D" owned sites: importcds.com deepdiscount.com dvdplanet.com and ccvideo.com. All four show a Nov 5, 2013 release. Sugarfoot took it's title and theme song from a...
  18. Bob Gu

    My Mother The Car: Coming from TGG

    I sent Michelle at TGG a thank you note for processing my replacement Ripcord disc so promptly and asked if she could tell me what other titles were coming from TGG. She answered and said more titles were coming but only stated MY MOTHER THE CAR was coming next. No date was mentioned. My...
  19. Bob Gu

    A STEP OUT OF LINE- 1971 TV-Movie released April/May 2013 Peter Falk, Vic Morrow

    The memorable 1971 TV-Movie, A STEP OUT OF LINE was released a couple of months ago by CBS Home Entertainment as a DVD-R. It's 96 minutes and is about law abiding poker buddies who decide to take "a step out of line," by robbing a currency exchange vault, to solve their money problems. It...
  20. Bob Gu

    Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans-1957 NetworkDVD R2 Web Exclusive Jan.31,2011

    HAWKEYE AND THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS is being released in the UK from NetworkDVD.net on Jan. 31, 2011 as a Web Exclusive release. I will get this but at 40.84 pounds or $64.85 I will wait for the next Network sale. Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans was released in 1957, produced by ITC and...
  21. Bob Gu

    SEA HUNT: Showing on THIS network- New hope for DVD release?

    I stumbled across two episodes of SEA HUNT tonight, which were show on the MGM/THIS network. The episodes looked great! Since two other shows in the THIS mix of programing are coming out soon on DVD, THE PATTY DUKE SHOW S-1, from Shout Factory and MR ED S-1 from MGM, I am hoping that Sea...
  22. Bob Gu

    The Adventures Of Robin Hood: The Complete Series & Season 4 Released 8/24/09

    Mill Creek has just released both Richard Greene's, THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD: The Complete Series set and a stand alone release of Season 4, which joins the previously released S1-3 sets and completes the series. Amazon.com is showing the complete series today for $21.99 and Season 4 for...
  23. Bob Gu


    UltimateDisney.com announced today that: "DR.SYN,ALIAS THE SCARECROW" will be released as part of Walt Disney Treasures Wave 8 on Nov.11,2008. It will be two discs containing the UK theatrical 1963 version(which is longer than the US 1975 theatrical re-edit). And more importantly all three...
  24. Bob Gu

    Man With A Camera-The Complete Collection 11/20/07

    MAN WITH A CAMERA: The Complete Collection, is showing at DeepDiscount.com($21.34) and ccvideo.com($27.98),with a November 20,2007 release date. Man With A Camera starred Charles Bronson, as free-lance photographer,and sometime detective, Mike Kovac. It was a two season show on from Oct. 1958...
  25. Bob Gu

    McHale's Navy: Season 2 On The Way From Shout! Factory

    In response to a question from me at the Shout! Factory message board, Brian Ward of Shout! said that they have completed work on Season 2 of McHale's Navy this week.(no release date yet.) The S2 set will include interviews with Ernest Borgnine and Tim Conway. Brian Ward also said they...
  26. Bob Gu


    WHEN THE WEST WAS FUN: A Western Reunion, is being released on DVD. April 3,2007. This was a 1979 TV special that featured about 60 TV Western stars from the fifties to the seventies reliving the glory days of the TV Western and complaining how modern film-makers just don't get the Western...
  27. Bob Gu

    The Untouchables:S1 in 2007

    Now that THE UNTOUCHABLES is on the way for 2007: I wonder which version we will get of "The Scarface Mob": The DESILU PLAYHOUSE two parter or the feature version? Same question if they get to the seasons that had the two-parters that became "The Gun of Zangara" and "Alcatraz Express"...