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  1. Sathyan

    phono stage for Goldring GR-1

    I just bought a Goldring GR-1 turntable (RB-250 arm, Elektra cartridge). Amp is a Onkyo SR500 receiver; speakers are Wharfedale Diamond 8.2. What phono stage would you recommend for this turntable?
  2. Sathyan

    speaker stands

    I have Wharfedale Diamond 8.2 bookshelf speakers. Dimensions (HWD) 36.4 x 21.3 x 25.8 mm (14.3 x 8.4 x 10.2 in) Weight 7 kg (15 lb) each What speaker stands would you recommend?
  3. Sathyan

    FM antenna

    I need to get an indoor FM antenna (outdoor or attic is not an option). I need to pull in these stations: WAUS, public, classical, 15 mi. SSE WVPE, public, NPR and jazz, 40 mi. SSE WFMT, commercial, classical, 65 mi. W I currently have a Radio Shack 15-1843 and it is not doing the job...
  4. Sathyan

    Threshold Dragon V

    Does anyone know anything about the Dragon V (SS) integrated from Threshold? How does it sound? Dragon V - Multichannel Integrated Control Amplifier * High-current output stage * 100 Watts x 5, 120 Watts x 2 - configurable 2, 3, 5 channels * The perfect companion for today's SACD/DVD...
  5. Sathyan

    antenna for HDTV OTA reception

    ***if this is the wrong forum, please accept my apologies*** I have Dish Network (Dish Receiver 811, SuperDish 500) satellite television but it is not carrying my local network affiliates (PBS, CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC) in HDTV [South Bend IN local market]. Dish Customer Support confirms these...
  6. Sathyan

    Headphones: Grado SR60 vs SR80

    I'm moving into a smaller space with noise limitations so will need to do more headphone listening. My source will be Music Hall CD25; using the headphone amp in my Onkyo receiver. I critically listen mostly to classical, opera, vocal jazz and Alison Krauss. Headphones needs to sound good...
  7. Sathyan

    sat service: dish vs directv

    [Location: Saint Joseph, Michigan 49085] Just got an HDTV (Toshiba 51" RPTV upgrading from composite-only 27" direct view), now programming is needed to take advantage of it. The local cable company (Greene County Cable) doesn't have any HDTV options so now looking at satellite. Mostly...
  8. Sathyan

    i need to make my truck quieter

    I have a '89 Dodge Ram (pickup truck) with stock stereo. Right now it only has radio and tape. I would like to put in a CD receiver. Which of these would you choose? Blaupunkt Sacramento CD33 JVC KD-S5050 Blaupunkt Indianapolis CD34 Kenwood KDC-205 Pioneer DEH-1600 Panasonic...
  9. Sathyan

    yamaha universals

    What is the difference between the S1500 and the S5770? http://www.yamaha.com/yec/products/DVD/DVDS1500.htm http://www.yamaha.com/yec/products/HTIB/DVS5770.htm I notice NTSC/PAL. Anything else? (mainly interested in audio)
  10. Sathyan

    sub-$300 *film* SLR?

    Can you recommend a kit or body + normal lens under $300? requirements: 35mm slides supports off-camera flashes supports filters lens system compatible with a digital version SLR lens system includes normal, wide and tele rather heavy - my digi is hard to hold still both auto and full...
  11. Sathyan

    best series finales

    In anticipation of Friends and Frasier not living up to expectations.... What do you consider to be the best series finales (or at least those that are worth of the show)? One rule: If the series is a sitcom, the finale needs to be largely comedic. I'll start it off: Black Adder...
  12. Sathyan

    scrambled picture on DVD

    I'm trying to help my friend use his DVD player [1]. The TV is used for both audio and video. First we tried connecting the a/v cable from the DVD a/v out to the TV's video2 in. There was sound but no picture. Tried two known-good DVDs (Das Boot; The Who at RAH). At first I thought the video...
  13. Sathyan

    turntable upgrade

    I would like to upgrade my turntable and phono stage. Can spend up to about $300. I am currently using a Sony table and Radio Shack phono preamp. My complaints with the current vinyl playback include*: speed is not completely stable smaller sound stage less ambiant information highs and lows...
  14. Sathyan

    parasound preamp - p/hp-850

    Do any of you have experience with the Parasound P/HP-850 stereo preamp? I am interested in getting a phono preamp and headphone amp. As this Parasound preamp combines both functions for only $250, it is appealing. Is it adequate at either? Manufacturer link...
  15. Sathyan

    tori in mch???

    I just got Tori Amos' "Tales of a Librarian" and have been listening to the bonus DVD. There are three music videos and four live songs plus the menu loop in DD5.1. They sound just great. As she's an Atlantic artist, the MCH would be DVDA. Has one been released? Anyone heard anything This is...
  16. Sathyan

    IBM Projector

    I'm considering getting a DLP projector for the office (we have been renting but at $65 a day, that adds up). Primarily it will be used for PowerPoint and digital slide shows but also VHS & DVD playback. I can get an IBM ILV300 PJ for $735 (according to ProjectorCentral this is a rebadged...
  17. Sathyan

    lg dvd burner - any good?

    Any comments on LG's multiformat DVD burner? LG Electronics DVD+/-RW Mulitformat Drive, MOdel GSA-4081B http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProduc...=BROWSE&depa=1 This is around $150. Around that price what are other good ones to look into? What's the best software (under WinXP) for DVD...
  18. Sathyan

    am/fm tuner / antenna

    I would like to improve my am/fm radio performance. I am using my receiver for FM tuner (AM does not work at all) and a Radio Shack (15-1843) indoor FM antenna. An outdoor antenna is not possible. There is distortion on the tuned signal. (The station I listen to most is less than a mile away...
  19. Sathyan

    Virgin megastore

    I was in the local Virgin Megastore (Columbus, Ohio) yesterday. It took a while to find the high-rez discs (boths SACD and DVDA were shelved in the back of the DVD video section (not even with concerts). Of course there weren't many titles (couldn't have been more than 30) but what surprised me...
  20. Sathyan

    Shania "Up!" DVD-A

    Does anyone have information on Shania Twain's Up! DVD-A? Which mix(es) are used? The RBCD was released with three mixes available: country, pop and world. The US release had the first two, the EU release the latter. Are there any videos included? thanks
  21. Sathyan

    ambient noise

    Don't have a car now (and thus really a novice) but I'm planning on buying a cheap used car (under US$5K, probably 5 yrs old) in the next few months. While audio is certainly not the primary factor I'll be considering, it is important to me. I fully expect to upgrade the stock audio system...
  22. Sathyan

    phono stage

    My Dad has a substantial LP collection he has not touched since he upgraded his receiver without a built in phono stage. So, which phono stage around $100 would you recommend? this is the system: BSR TT HK AV receiver Wharfedale full range speakers software - about 500 (VG to NM) LPs...
  23. Sathyan

    dvd cases

    I'm transfering some video recordings to disc and want to put them in DVD cases (I think they're called "amaray"). Do you know of a good source for these cases either online or B&M*? thanks Sathyan * my B&M stores are: Best Buy Circuit City MicroCenter Target Staples
  24. Sathyan

    Beatles - vinyl reissue

    [SIZE=3]For those with turntables, FYI. from Music Direct:
  25. Sathyan

    recommend a remote control

    please recommend a sub-$100 remote control I need to control the following: Receiver - Onkyo TX-SR500 CD - Music Hall CD25 SACD/DVDA - Pioneer DV563A DVD - Sony DVP-NS315B VCR - Panasonic PV-8450 Tape - Onkyo TA-RW244 (controlled by reciever IR via wire) TV - Toshiba 24AF42 CDR -...
  26. Sathyan

    music hall cd25 cd player

    [SIZE=3]I have been offered a
  27. Sathyan

    cd recorder: hk cdr 26-z

    What is the difference between the HK CDR 20-Z and the HK CDR 26-Z? At the same price, which would you buy? http://www.harmankardon.com/specific...R%2026&sType=C How are the HK CDR's as a CD playback source (transport, using onboard DAC, and headphone listening)? Finally, how would you...
  28. Sathyan

    Kloss Model One as a tuner source

    How does the Tivoli Henry Kloss Model One Radio (http://www.tivoliaudio.com/pM1BLU.htm) compare to receivers as a tuner? First of all, using the (rec) line out of the Kloss, is it monaural or stereo? I'm using the tuner built into my Onkyo SR500 receiver and its sensitivity (17.2 dBf in...
  29. Sathyan

    Spin City DVD (Fox Picks)

    Spin City is being released on DVD http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/releaselist.cfm?ShowID=3938 There are four discs listed at Netflix. Has anyone found a list of what episodes appear on which disc? I liked Spin City seasons 1-3, particularly 2 and 3 with Jennifer Esposito. The post-Fox...
  30. Sathyan

    Alison Krauss SACD

    Which of the available Alison Krauss SACDs would you buy if you could only buy one: New Favorite Live Now That I've Found You Forget About It I especially like instrumental works/passages. I'm looking for, as Stereophile has often put it, best music, best performance and best...