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  1. Brent Reid

    Fawlty Towers: The Complete Collection region free Blu-ray

    Fawlty Towers: The Complete Collection Blu-ray Though shot mostly on SD videotape, outdoor scenes shot on 16mm film have been remastered in HD, as per the Monty Python BDs. :)
  2. Brent Reid

    Can anyone ID this Alfred Hitchcock film music?

    I'd love to know the title of the music accompanying a version of Alfred Hitchcock's silent film The Lodger (1926). It's a well-edited needle-drop of a pre-existing recording on the "Vintage Films" sound reissue (c. 1930–1950), which now appears on many bootlegs. There are a couple of...
  3. Brent Reid

    Scarface (1932) Incoming on Blu-ray

    The standalone US BD is due on Nov 5, 2019; it was released in Spain today, October 25,. Here's the Spanish Universal artwork; the US will probably be the same but in English: As per the norm for Universal, all releases will be region free and look like having similar, if not identical, sub...
  4. Brent Reid

    International English-Friendly Blu-rays Unreleased in the US, UK or Oz

    An increasing number of great quality BDs are emanating from mainland Europe and elsewhere these days and very often they're exclusive HD releases. Behind the US, UK and Australia, for lovers of classic Hollywood, France and Germany occupy equal fourth place for sheer quantity and quality. There...
  5. Brent Reid

    BD-Live, Disney's Virtual Vault and Second Screen – where's all that content gone?

    Yes, they all deservedly died a quick death and were an obvious non-starter from the off. If ever a persuasive argument was needed against the impermanence of digital media 'ownership', they're definitely it. However, there were some cool and exclusive extras available, especially on the 11...
  6. Brent Reid

    Editing thread titles

    I've read elsewhere that some other ordinary (non-mod) members can edit their thread titles after posting, while others, including me, don't have that option. Why the difference? Being able to self-correct would certainly be useful – after all, everyone gained the unlimited ability to edit their...
  7. Brent Reid

    Unwanted on-screen icons when playing some Blu-rays

    On playing several US 2.40:1 aspect ratio Blu-rays, a couple of icons appear by default in the top left of the screen, in the letterbox bar. They're the symbols for a speaker and the PIP (Picture In Picture) function. The only disc I can recall at the moment is the 2005 King Kong, though I've...
  8. Brent Reid

    Films in two different aspect ratio versions

    I watched The Robe (1952) US BD again recently, with its 2.55:1 CinemaScope aspect ratio, and wondered if the alternate 1.37:1 version is available to buy or watch anywhere in its entirety? On VHS perhaps – or was that simply the widescreen version cropped? The flat version was, of course, made...
  9. Brent Reid

    Disney Big Sleeve Movie Editions

    For nostalgic LP and LaserDisc fans, the 12" x 12" sleeve is back on selected titles, courtesy of Zavvi in the UK. Here's more and more. Each copy consists of a BD and DVD, four 12" art cards and the outer sleeve itself. Not my thing but kinda cute and I'm sure hardcore Pixar/Disney fans will...
  10. Brent Reid

    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in HD

    The original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000–2015) and its spin-offs, CSI: Miami (2002–2012) and CSI: NY (2004–2013), were initially edited on standard definition videotape. Does anyone know if all three were shot on 35mm from the start, providing the (admittedly unlikely) potential for a...
  11. Brent Reid

    Mr. Bug/Hoppity Goes to Town on Blu-ray?

    Calm down: sadly for now at least, I'm asking, not telling. What are the chances of one of the greatest cartoons ever finally appearing on BD? This 1941 Fleischer classic has never – apart from a fabled Japanese DVD a few years back – even had a decent home video release. This despite the fact...
  12. Brent Reid

    The Waltons: building the best possible collection

    Since starting a similarly-titled thread on Little House on the Prairie a couple of years ago, most of my queries and concerns were answered decisively by the appearance of the complete restored series on Blu-ray. Now it's the turn of my (close) second favourite TV drama series. Once again, I'd...
  13. Brent Reid

    Standard definition films issued on Blu-ray?

    All this talk lately of 2K DI films being issued on 4K UHD discs got me to thinking of feature films shot wholly on standard definition video that have been released as the main attraction on Blu-ray discs. I'm not referring to older SD-shot music concerts recently released on BD, mostly in...
  14. Brent Reid

    International Napoléon (1927) finally arriving on BFI Blu-ray and DVD

    Kevin Brownlow’s Napoléon to Make Long-Awaited Début on Home Video
  15. Brent Reid

    Nosferatu on DVD and Blu-ray

    Every restored Nosferatu DVD and Blu-ray release worldwide is detailed in this in-depth article: Nosferatu: The Ultimate Blu-ray and DVD Guide It answers every question you've ever had about the film - guaranteed! If after reading it, you can think of something I've missed, please post your...
  16. Brent Reid

    Nosferatu on Blu-ray and DVD

    Every restored Nosferatu Blu-ray and DVD release worldwide is detailed in this in-depth article: Nosferatu: The Ultimate Blu-ray and DVD Guide It answers every question you've ever had about the film - guaranteed! If after reading it, you can think of something I've missed, please post your...
  17. Brent Reid

    Does lossy audio on Blu-rays of early talkies really make a big difference?

    I’ve quite a few BDs which disappointingly only have Dolby Digital audio and while I appreciate it significantly diminishes the quality of modern soundtracks, how much difference does it make to older films? I’m talking about largely dialogue driven films of the 1930s and 1940s, like the BDs...
  18. Brent Reid

    Pirate and Bootleg Blu-ray/DVD Documentation

    Inspired by the proliferation of threads here and elsewhere concerning pirate and bootleg Blu-rays and DVDs, I’ve written a comprehensive article on the subject: Beware of Pirates! How to Avoid Bootleg Blu-rays and DVDs Here's an extracted checklist from the article, on identifying the...
  19. Brent Reid

    Night/Curse of the Demon (1957): UK or US Blu-ray?

    This great film obviously had a region free release in France a couple of years ago with a thick 128pp booklet, in French. I was sure that that more countries would follow imminently but there’s been nothing as yet. Does anyone have any news? Just the longer cut would be fine; surely no one is...
  20. Brent Reid

    Extras in Better Quality on DVD Than Blu-ray?

    A couple of posts in another thread prompted this question, which I've often pondered. It was pointed out that a Technicolor short on The Maltese Falcon DVD is in much worse quality on the equivalent BD, as are some Judy Garland outtakes from Easter Parade, on their respective DVD and BD. This...
  21. Brent Reid

    Upconversion of Standard Definition Material On Blu-ray

    I recently read the following, regarding the SD-on-BD transfer the 1925 silent version of The Wizard of Oz, at http://www.silentera.com/video/wizardOfOzHV.html: "The standard-definition video transfer has been lifted, without HD remastering, from the 2005 Warner Home Video DVD edition (noted...
  22. Brent Reid

    Spenser: For Hire season 1 announced for DVD - at last!

    Oh happy day! https://twitter.com/BrentonFilm/status/502865676525404162
  23. Brent Reid

    Where Are All the Women, or: Don't Girls Buy Blu-rays? Seriously!

    This seems as good a place as any to ask... Lots of us hang out here extolling the virtues of the HD big screen experience and drooling over the latest A/V kit, but it's, well - a regular sausage fest!I know the stereotype is that it's us guys that buy and fit the equipment while our better...
  24. Brent Reid

    Lossy soundtracks on BD

    OK, I know it's supposedly a space-saving measure, but why do so many studios (particularly Warner) offer it when there are several superior and similarly-sized alternatives available? These are, of course, DTS, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD High Resolution. I just watched Bullitt on BD last...
  25. Brent Reid

    Disney films on BD: which ones have they got right?

    I'm finally getting around to collecting some of the classic Disney titles on BD. I project onto a large screen; audio quality & an authentic appearance are of utmost importance. Without turning this into another long thread full of complaints about bodged 'restorations' & releases, which ones...
  26. Brent Reid

    Original Mono Soundtracks Missing on Blu-ray

    I've nothing whatsoever against a 2.0 stereo or discrete surround remix being created for a film which had a mono original theatrical release soundtrack, as long as both are included on any DVD/BDs. If done well, and particularly from original stems, the results are usually at worst interesting...
  27. Brent Reid

    Little House on the Prairie: building the best possible collection

    Can any knowledgeable fan out there give me some factual advice on the DVD releases? I'd like to buy the entire run of episodes, as well as the five TV specials, on official DVD. Although I live in the UK, I'm happy to buy DVDs from any region, anywhere in the world, as long as the episodes are...
  28. Brent Reid

    Alternate audio stream through system - help needed

    I'll describe this as best I can: I'm currently running a Sony STR-DH800 receiver, with 5.1 in the front room. The extra 2 speaker outputs are driving zone 2, in the bedroom.Hooked up to the receiver are my PC, HD PJ & BDP, all via HDMI, as well as an older, non-HDMI DVDP, via coax. What I'd...