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  1. RayJK

    What "tweak" gave you the "most bang for your buck"?

    After speaker placement, balanced power did it for me.
  2. RayJK

    Amp Question and Advice

    Your power is not directly additive but you do have some options. You might be able to bi-amp in one of two ways using your Marantz and an external amp. The first would involve using an active crossover and this option could only be used if you have "pre out & main in" jacks on your...
  3. RayJK

    Buying AV Rack furniture online?

    I bought a Target rack from HCM. Great price and no problems. I don't know about actual furniture though. http://www.hcmaudio.com/type.asp?hdn...quipment+Racks
  4. RayJK

    given the chance to start from scratch.

    In my opinion most amps of a given quality are pretty much the same. A Krell will be close to a Pass, an Adcom to a Parasound and a B&K to Rotel etc etc. Now will a Rotel sound the same as a Levinson...up to you and your ears. The pre/pro does so many things to the signal be it an analog input...
  5. RayJK

    Cleaning up tuner "noise"

    A better antenna will help to an extent but a better tuner will probably help more. A really good reasonably price model are the modified ones from Antenna Performance Systems. http://www.antennaperformance.com/
  6. RayJK

    HDTV Tuners

    John, I'm a little jealous, I'm 25 miles away right across the border and don't have cable available at all. If the cable system provides all of the HD channels you want then it is an option. Of course, you are paying $50 a month for this option. While receiving OTA isn't free (cost of STB...
  7. RayJK

    What's the best and most reasonably priced HD satellite receiver for DirectTV?

    Alex, You need to read up on these STB and decide what features you want and then find the model that fits your needs. A more expensive model is not inherently better then a less expensive model. AVS is AV Science another website devoted to all things HT. You can find it at www.avsforum.com
  8. RayJK

    given the chance to start from scratch.

    For HT it is most definitely screen size. A front projector with an average sound system will be a better experience then a 36" screen with a high-end system. For me it would be TV, Speakers, prepro, amp, and sources. For a music system it is the speakers then preamp/sources then amp. IMHO
  9. RayJK

    Sub amp

    I used a bridged pair of channels from a Cinepro 2K5II. 750 watts into 4 ohms.
  10. RayJK

    Refurbished or not to

    I've bought a number of things over the years as B stock or refurbs. In theory they should last longer then a new unit because the first point of failure has been found and fixed.
  11. RayJK

    What is the Danger?

    I have to disagree with Bob, bigger is not always needed. If you are going to run less then 100'(for each speaker, not total) or have less then 1,800 watts of power then 14 gage will work and still have lots of ability left to handle more power. To give you an idea, the wire that is supplying...
  12. RayJK

    Crossover setting

    Set all your speakers to small with a 60-100 hz crossover point. You'll have to play around to see what setting sounds best to you.
  13. RayJK

    Please help: Confused about HT amps!

    From what I have seen most people who are using a receiver as the pre/pro with a separate amp are in the process of upgrading to a full separate system. If you are just starting out I would advise living with your system to hear what the limitations are and what you want to improve/change. This...
  14. RayJK

    Placing surrounds...and 6th channel

    Ricky, If your couch is against the wall, where exactly did you put your rear center speaker? On the floor in front of the couch?
  15. RayJK

    You Spin Me Right Round Baby Right Round

    Pioneer PL-L1000 direct drive straight line tracking with an AT OC9 moving coil..........and 2500 albums to use it with.
  16. RayJK

    Opinions regarding an upgrade path

    For analog you can spend whatever you want. If you don't already have a large investment in vinyl I would suggest going used for the TT. A nice Dual or Thorens will work well. Just do some research before you buy as you don't want to get a 30 year old unit. Of course, you can get a Technics...
  17. RayJK

    Opinions regarding an upgrade path

    As you said, the Arcam IS a nice piece. Without a total upgrade of preamp, amps speakers etc I doubt you will hear a difference that can be measured. Except for analog of tape, phono and radio everything else is now digital. If you have a direct or bypass feature on your unit this will be...
  18. RayJK

    Opinions regarding an upgrade path

    Some people hook up a passive preamp in line for their two channel sources. I don't myself but this might point you in the right direction.
  19. RayJK

    12V Trigger Question

    I don't have the Monster unit and so can't comment on what it may or may not be able to do. Perhaps you can beg borrow or buy a manual that will explain what the DC in is used for. Beyond that, Parasound makes a unit called a SCAMP that will take a trigger input or audio signal input and...
  20. RayJK

    Placing surrounds...and 6th channel

    There are a few ways to look at surrounds. One camp places rear surrounds in the rear of the listening area (imagine that) and another camp has them placed at the sides of the listening area. Of course, some of newer equipment has provisions for both. You can get good effect from either setup...
  21. RayJK

    Which Amp?

    Parasound 2205 and then use the extra $3,000 you saved to buy more DVDs.
  22. RayJK

    How would you rate/rank these amp-makers?

    Cinepro is a pretty good buy at the moment because the company is no longer. If you can live with that you can get a good deal.
  23. RayJK

    Why an AMP?

    A receiver is generally considered to be a tuner, preamp and amp in one chassis. Getting a separate amp may or may not improve your sound depending on numerous things. One of the advantages of having separate components is that you can upgrade/change one item at a time, A good separate amp...
  24. RayJK

    Opinions on VMPS Larger subwoofer

    I've had a VMPS larger for about 10 years. It is one of the best buys in the sub world IMHO. For under $500 (10 years ago) there was nothing that would come close. With the mega woofer option it is still a decent unit but I think there are others that will do as well in a smaller box now...
  25. RayJK

    Automate Aragon 2005 5-ch amp on/off

    Parasound SCAMP, you can find them on audiogon quite frequently. It will handle that size amp and looks pretty good too. Read about it on the Paraound website.
  26. RayJK

    Pioneer Spec 1/Spec 2

    Wow, reaching way back into the memory banks for this but the Spec series were Pioneers top of the line for 6 years. The amp was 250wpc into an 8 ohm load and I think 350wpc into a 4 ohm load. It is a fairly low current design compared to modern Parasound, Adcom or B&K etc. etc. That said, it...
  27. RayJK

    fm tuner

    An indoor antenna covers a lot of things from rabbit ears to a rotating 80" boom in an attic. For average use Radio Shack will usually have something for the more esoteric then Channel Master or another specialty manufacturer.
  28. RayJK

    Seperates Question

    JaleeK, I totally agree with you however that doesn't change what I said and you quoted. A good power amp will last over many upgrade cycles far better then a good receiver. The preamp portion between the top shelf receivers and many separate preamps are very close but that is where the...
  29. RayJK

    What to upgrade first...need some suggestions

    While the B4 will certainly work in your room I doubt that you can get full use out of it compared to your current speakers. Perhaps if you had the Studio 100's already a B4 would be a better match. IMHO a lower model SVS would match up to your current equipment better.