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  1. Derrik Draven

    What are you playing right now?

    Destiny 2.
  2. Derrik Draven

    VR discussion: Oculus Rift, Vive, Morpheus and more!

    I highly recommend getting the dedicated stand for the VR unit. It has 2 built in charging bases for 2 move controllers, and another one for the Dual Shock controller, and it makes for a nice place to hang the VR unit itself. Was definitely a good purchase instead of just laying all this stuff...
  3. Derrik Draven

    The Last of Us

    Hey Morgan Jolley! I remember your name from back in the day. Sorry, I just don't post here hardly at all anymore. Just like Barton Lynch, from a few posts up, I was one of the early adopters, and forum members. Just ended up mostly at Lcvg. Anyhoo, I thought TLOU was one of THE best game I've...
  4. Derrik Draven

    The Order: 1886

    Waiting for reviews. Looks amazing though.
  5. Derrik Draven

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Meh - Skyrim will last a damn long time considering the sick skills of the modding community. They're still making stuff for Morrowind!!!!
  6. Derrik Draven

    Watch Dogs

    Looking at those graphics, the only thing capable of that performance right now, is a high end pc. That's gotta be a next gen game. Current consoles can't handle that.
  7. Derrik Draven

    Xbox 720!

    Read that the baseline for graphics will be DirectX 11. Nice bump up certainly. Personally, they can dump Kinect right into the ocean. Other than for kiddie games, I think it's worthless, and gimmicky.
  8. Derrik Draven

    Sharp Introduces 90” Class Sharp AQUOS® LED TV

    And the DLP probably looks better too.
  9. Derrik Draven

    Red Dead Redemption

    I think it just keeps looking better and better, every time I see it!!!
  10. Derrik Draven

    ***Official Xbox Live Gamertag Listing Thread***

    Painkilller with 3 l's. Painki(LLL)er. Got on 'Live back when it was a beta program and already someone had taken my desired tag: Painkiller. Oh well, added a 3rd L and everything is good. Man, haven't posted to this forum in years!!!! Bailed out a few years back and went to LCVG Forums...
  11. Derrik Draven

    New Darkness footage

    Yeah it's some pretty wild looking stuff! Definitely interested in this one.
  12. Derrik Draven

    High Definition DVD: What is Holding You Back?

    For me, plain and simply: the format war. I just WILL NOT jump in until I can see a clear winner. To a lesser degree, I don't really NEED a high def player. The leap between dvd and vhs was huge. Tapes wore out, they didn't sound or look anywhere near as good a the new dvd format, it was...
  13. Derrik Draven

    New SVS Plus Driver!

    I've been an SVS owner since my first order around number 300. Went from 1 1646pc (original setup), to upgrading the driver, then a better amp, then selling that and getting a 1646pc+, then buying my 2nd 1646pc+. Always the same great customer service and phenomenal sub performance. This...
  14. Derrik Draven

    who is happy with their 2005 hdtv purchase

    Just over 1 month ago, I received my new Samsung HLR6178W, 61" DLP. The picture is stunning. From what the user manual says, it accepts a 1080P input on it's dvi port only so, as long as I can plug in my hd-dvd player into a dvi port, (whenever I finally buy an hddvd player), I'll be a happy...
  15. Derrik Draven

    *** Official HP 1080p md5880n/md6580n discussion thread ***

    Damn, Robert...sorry to hear about your VERY lousy experience with HP. My blood boils reading your posts. I would have a verrrrrrry hard time being a gentleman on your end of the phone, by now. My ex brother in law had quite a similar experience with their computer line, a few years back. It...
  16. Derrik Draven

    1080i vs 720p for Xbox 360 and Sony KDSR50XBR1

    Chris - what tv do you have? I just bought a Samsung HL-R6178 which supposedly does 1080p, as well. It will not accept a 1080 progressive input on it's hdmi or dvi inputs, just the coax and component. I read somewhere that it does convert the 1080i to a 1080p, internally. Not sure if it's...
  17. Derrik Draven

    Halo and Halo 2 to run in 720p on the Xbox 360

    Should be cool!
  18. Derrik Draven

    What happened to LCVG?

    We're a group of insane, semi literate, video gaming junkie convicts, serving time here in Rikers Island, that have recently been allowed access to the internet. Okay, not really. We're just old members of the Home Theater Forum, that used to spend ridiculous amounts of time on this forum...
  19. Derrik Draven

    Halo Movie 2007

    I'm not sure whether all of this; Doom movie, Halo movie, ect...says that either Hollyweird is out of fresh ideas or that gaming is finally reaching a point where the stories, and universes made by the devs, are maturing to a level of quality that rivals motion pictures.
  20. Derrik Draven

    What happened to LCVG?

    No apologies needed! Sorry to hear about the attack. Friggin virus'...what a pain in the ass...:angry: I was just having lcvg withdrawl symptoms...that's all. ;) Take you time to do whatever you have to do to make the website safe. If there is any way I could help...just say so...
  21. Derrik Draven

    What happened to LCVG?

    This forum and LCVG are the only ones I go to for info and, just shootin' da breeze. But, I haven't been able to get www.lcvg.com/forum to come up now, for days. Anyone have an inside scoop? I've tried at home and at work so, I don't think it's me.
  22. Derrik Draven

    Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005)

    Just got back from the theater after seeing this for the 1st time. Excellent, excellent movie. :emoji_thumbsup: :D My biggest surprise came at the very end: how sad I now am that Star Wars is over. I feel as though I just said goodbye to a very old friend.....:frowning:
  23. Derrik Draven

    ***Official PS3 Discussion Thread - E3 Launch Thread***

    ...I hope that the video for Killzone 2 is real time and not some damn cgi. If it's real time....God help me.
  24. Derrik Draven

    Anyone still have/use an Outlaw 1050?

    I still use mine as my main receiver in my dedicated ht. My biggest gripe is that there must be some problem with the sub out on these 1050's. I'm running dual SVS16-46PC+'s in my ht. I have to crank the amps on my subs all the way up. The 1050 just doesn't put out hardly anything on it's...
  25. Derrik Draven

    *** Official CRASH Discussion Thread

    Heh...and here I thought there was some bizarre reason why you'd create a thread, at this point in time, for that wierdo movie, directed by Cronenberg, with James Spader and Holly Hunter, and lots of nekkid people having weirdo sex. :D That "Crash"...
  26. Derrik Draven

    How do you beat the Guardian in Doom 3?

    If I remember correctly, when you take out the seekers, the Guardian has a moment of weakness.....something to do with light? I lucked out and beat him the first time through so, I really can't remember all that well on how I did it but, I know that I just kept hammering away at him and...
  27. Derrik Draven

    What did you pickup for PSP?

    I'm dying to play Wipeout Pure but, I think the price of the PSP is too high for me to play just one game. None of the others so far do anything for me. Although, I would definitely be interested in picking up a brand new Grand Theft Auto. From what I've read, it's NOT the same one from the...
  28. Derrik Draven

    RCA = Junk?

    I have an 8 year old, 60" Proscan RPTV. It's been a very solid tv and has an outstanding picture for a non-hdtv. The 9" tubes help, from what I'm told Well, it just starting making a noticeable hum whenever bright scenes were being displayed. When the scene was mostly subdued, everything was...
  29. Derrik Draven

    ***Official Halo 2 Discussion Thread***

    I noticed great center channel effects on the 1st game. In fact, when I'd run looking straight down, and then slowly take my gaze straight up, the sound of my footsteps would seemlessly pan from the front center channel to the rear center surround channel. But, I do remember alot of...
  30. Derrik Draven

    So what's the big deal about Criterion Collection?

    Too bad we couldn't get Criterion to do Blade Runner. ;) ...I'd have to run outside and see if the color of the moon was a shade of blue.