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  1. Debbie_L

    Energy Take 5.2 versus HSU Ventriloquist VT-12

    Mike, CNET did a review of several home theater speaker systems recently, including the Hsu and Energy systems you asked about. I couldn't find the link to the group review (it went out with the trash in my inbox after I read it), but below are the links to about half of the individual...
  2. Debbie_L

    Axiom, Ascend, Epos etc....

    Hi Curtis, Glad to hear you like Eva Cassidy too -- such a shame she is no longer with us, but at least she left an impressive body of work. Nice quote from DVD Etc. regarding the Ascends -- I'll have to run down to my local Barnes & Noble this weekend (if not sooner) :D to read it. Thanks...
  3. Debbie_L

    Axiom, Ascend, Epos etc....

    "Deb why did you choose the Epos?" Chris, I chose the Epos based on a variety of factors including the ones already mentioned in my earlier post. Midrange and vocal reproduction, especially female vocals (I listen to Eva Cassidy, Diana Krall, Norah Jones, Carol King, Sarah McLachlan, etc.)...
  4. Debbie_L

    Axiom, Ascend, Epos etc....

    Hi Chris, Tony's comments are right on the money. All the speakers you listed are highly regared at this and other audio/video websites. I believe that both Axiom and Ascend offer 30-day trial listening periods so you can hardly go wrong -- at worst, you'll be out return shipping costs...
  5. Debbie_L

    Energy Encore 6 vs Polk RM7200

    Hi Daman, Glad to hear you're enjoying your Polk's too. I think of the RM6700's as the Rodney Dangerfields of the speaker world ;) and the price/performance ratio is excellent! :emoji_thumbsup: Debbie
  6. Debbie_L

    Energy Encore 6 vs Polk RM7200

    Jeremy, I've not heard the RM7200, but I do own the RM6700's, have them set up in a small room, and love them! I auditioned several ultra-small set-ups including the Energy Take 5.2's and preferred the sound of the Polks. At the time I purchased them (almost a year ago now), a promo was going...
  7. Debbie_L

    RBH MC-4C and MC-414C

    Hi Grayson, I own the Polk RM6700 system and love it. I think it's a great 5.1 set-up FOR THE PRICE. But.........having also heard the RBH speakers you are considering, I can tell you that the RBH's are in another league, and for more than double the street price of the Polk's, they should...
  8. Debbie_L

    Epos ELS-3 anyone tried? Or, any other?

    I have a pair of the Epos ELS-3's in my home office 2.1 channel music-only system and love them! I listen primarily to 50s and 60s jazz, as well as some more contemporary jazz (lots of female vocals), some pop, light rock, and some classical. They really sing in the midrange and the bass is...
  9. Debbie_L

    Speakers around $700

    Hi Chun, I own the Polk Audio RM6700 system and highly recommend it in the under $1,000 price range. Like you, I needed to go with small satellites and to my ears, the Polks had the nicest sound of the systems I auditioned (Infinity, Def Tech, Bose, Sony, Energy Take 5.2). You can find a...
  10. Debbie_L

    Mains that are <6" wide? Suggestions? ->>

    Check out: http://www.roleaudio.com Kayak (mini-monitor) Windjammer (floorstander) (Both are 5.5" wide, although the base on the Windjammer will make it somewhat wider where it contacts the floor) Also: http://www.nsmaudio.com (Parent company to Role Audio) Model 5 (mini-monitor) Model...
  11. Debbie_L

    Comparable Size speaker to Bose with Better Sound

    Kyle, Check these out:http://reviews.cnet.com/Polk_Audio_R...tml?tag=review I've had mine since last spring and am very happy with them, especially for the price I paid -- $609.00 with a free sub (PSW303) included. I think Circuit City might have the exact same package on sale right now...
  12. Debbie_L

    speakers to pair with a HK325

    Jen-X, Check these out (free shipping included):http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/cont...&O=&sku=245268 Add this subwoofer and you'll be set:http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/pshow...number=300-632 If you do a search here at HTF for the Dayton sub, you'll see that it's probably the most...
  13. Debbie_L

    speakers to pair with a HK325

    Jen-x, Are you looking for one pair of speakers or a 5.1 set-up? What's the size of the room? Mostly music or HT? Types of music you'll be listening to? Do you want floorstanders or "bookshelf" speakers and are there any size limits?
  14. Debbie_L

    Sister has a budget!

    Bill, Check out these speakers:http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/cont...&O=&sku=245268 Bonus: shipping is free!
  15. Debbie_L

    Vintage speaker recommedations

    Wes, My suggestion would be the ADS L710's. I am the original owner of a pair of these speakers and they're fantastic. 3-way with a 1" dome tweeter, 2" dome midrange, and dual 7" bass drivers, all in a sealed enclosure. Mine are currently residing "on loan" at my brother's house as I needed...
  16. Debbie_L

    I bought the Athena 5 point MKII set...looking for $300.00 Subwoofers now

    Sabryan, Check out this sub: http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/pshow...number=300-632 Its highly regarded here at HTF and very well priced.
  17. Debbie_L

    Advice on speakers, please

    Vinnie, Whats your budget?
  18. Debbie_L

    Seeking Speaker recommendations

    Hi Shawn, I've heard the Athena's at Best Buy (not the best listening environment for sure) and thought they sounded good, especially for the money. BB also has the JBL NSP1 set-up that's nice too. Check out the Acoustic Research HC6 5.1 set-up. I don't know if you'll be able to find any...
  19. Debbie_L

    New Dahlquist Lineup

    Cam, Any changes to the QX4 or QX5?
  20. Debbie_L

    New polk audio surround packageRM6700

    Hi Mark, I bought the same system last spring from CC for $609 with the PSW303 included. I auditioned several other ultra-compact 5.1 set-ups (all street priced under $900) and to my ears, it was the best of the bunch. I could have upgraded to the PSW404 for an additional $100, but didn't...
  21. Debbie_L

    BIC Venturi DV26 VS DV62si speakers

    Hi James, I've not heard the two BIC speakers you asked about, but there is an older thread here on the Speakers and Subwoofers forum you might find helpful. Do a search from the main page using the search words "Bic speakers" -- it should pull up a thread from April 4, 2002. Also, there...
  22. Debbie_L

    Which Sub? ($200)

    Hey Kevin, Glad to hear you like your Atlantic Technology T70, can't wait for mine to arrive! It will be used in a two-channel music-only system (guess I should say a 2.1 music system). As you described, I was looking for tight, fast, accurate bass. I have a Polk 303 in my HT system and it...
  23. Debbie_L

    Which Sub? ($200)

    CHAD: THANK YOU! I have been wanting this particular Atlantic Technology sub for some time now, but it was beyond my budget, or so I thought 'til I read your post above -- within two minutes of reading your post, the sub is now mine! Not only is Soundcity.com selling this sub dirt cheap, the...
  24. Debbie_L

    Please help me choose my HT speakers. Thanks

    Hi gocel, With $2K to spend you've got a lot of options: Paradigm, PSB, Polk Audio, RBH, Energy, Athena, etc. Take Dan's advice and go out and have fun shopping your local stores. If I had your budget and wanted to buy from an internet company, I'd go with Ascend Acoustics. Also check out...
  25. Debbie_L

    Need Shielded Bookshelfs for $200

    Justin, Check out the Mirage FRx-3 at audioadvisor.com. They've got them on closeout at $149.95 (list is $350.00). Plus, right now shipping is free -- such a deal! Debbie
  26. Debbie_L

    Stereo speakers for parents...

    Hi Drew, AudioAdvisor.com has a great deal right now on the Mirage FRx-3 for $149.95 (US). List on these is stated as $350.00. It's a closeout deal, so if you're interested, I wouldn't wait too long. Check the posts here and on other sites -- it's a well regarded speaker. Also check with Marc...
  27. Debbie_L

    FS: Adire Audio Rava, red oak finish, perfect condition

    Hey Darren, A round glass top for your RAVA is a killer idea! But....before you go the custom route, might I suggest you check prices on pre-made tabletops as well? I've seen them at my local Pier One Imports stores and would guess the ones in your area sell them as well. Any of the big home...
  28. Debbie_L

    FS: Adire Audio Rava, red oak finish, perfect condition

    Hi Darren, Like your wife, I am not a fan of subs in plain view either. Here's what I did with mine: I went to a fabric store and found some really cool fabric that matches the colors/design of my room. My sis has a sewing machine and offered to hem it for me to give it a finished look (but...
  29. Debbie_L

    EFE technology T-22

    Hi Jess, To answer your question directly above: no, Ed's DIY kit speaker is a whole different animal from the speakers he builds himself under the EFE name. Ed posted the plans for the DIY speaker on audioreview (free of charge) so that anyone with the inclination to build their own high...
  30. Debbie_L

    Bookshelves for Dorm Room

    Hey Ben, You've already received some good suggestions -- check out the links below for a few more: http://www.audioadvisor.com/store/pr...?sku=MIRFRX3CH http://www.audioshop.on.ca/dahlquistmains.htm (Keep in mind that prices listed are in Canadian dollars -- the exchange rate is in...