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  1. RudyN

    F/S: Xbox 360 games

  2. RudyN

    F/S: NeoGeo Pocket Color Game system /w extras

    I have the following for sale: NeoGeo Pocket Color handheld video game system(Ocean Blue) Ac Adapter 3 games: Baseball Stars, Bust A Move Pocket, Neo Turf Masters(Golf) The system, games, and adapter are all complete with boxes and manuals. System is in excellent condition. Looking...
  3. RudyN

    The Pirate Movie sound glitch?

    My girlfriend opened up her Pirate Movie dvd today and said during the first few minutes, the background music seems to fade in and out. She said the rest of the sound(voices, etc) sounded fine, only the music was messed up. Bad disc, or is anyone else's copy doing this? Thanks. Rudy
  4. RudyN

    FS/FT: Games and DVDs

    I have the following for sale or trade. Would prefer to sell, as I don't have a lot of wants right now. I only accept USPS Money Orders. I will not ship outside of the US. All shipping is done via USPS Priority Mail and includes a delivery confirmation #. PC Games Doom 3 - $17 The Sims 2...
  5. RudyN

    FS: South Park S1 and Simpsons S4

  6. RudyN

    FS: Video Games

  7. RudyN

    FS: DVDS and Games

    I've got the following for sale. I accept USPS Money Orders ONLY. I do not ship outside of the US. I'm on the GTL. Please send all responses to [email protected] Also, if you feel any of my prices are too high, email me and we can talk about them. All discs are in excellent condition unless...
  8. RudyN

    Is my video card dying?

    I have a Gateway system that is about 3 years old. During the last 2 months, every now and then, my screen will go black and then refresh. And within the past week, twice the screen has gone black and the only way to get it back is to reboot. Could it be the card or the monitor? Everything seems...
  9. RudyN

    F/S - Sealed DTS Demo #8

    I have a sealed copy of DTS Demo #8 for sale. I'm looking to get $30 shipped to anywhere in the USA. I can only accept USPS money orders at this time. I'm on the GTL. The demo has the following clips: 1. DTS Logo: The Digital Experience The Lord Of The Rings 2. Marshes DTS ES 6.1 discrete...
  10. RudyN

    F/S - Key Digital's XBlaster Component to VGA Transcoder

    http://www.digitalconnection.com/pro...video/kdxb.asp It's in excellent condition. Has manual and cables that came with unit. Retailed for $199, purchased for $99, so it's for sale for $55 shipped to anywhere in the US. I'm on the GTL here. I only accept USPS money orders. A review for the...
  11. RudyN

    FS - XBox Games

    All games are complete with case and manual unless noted otherwise. I'm on the GTL. All prices include shipping. I only ship within the US. USPS Money orders only. RalliSport Challenge 2 - $20 PENDING RalliSport 2 is sealed and brand new. I can be reached via PM or at my email address...
  12. RudyN

    Twister music question

    My girlfriend is looking for a song featured in the movie Twister. It's not on the soundtrack, and doesn't seem to be listed in the credits. Here is what she is looking for, in her own text: If anyone can tell us what this is, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Rudy
  13. RudyN

    Samsung TX-P2670WH HDTV

    http://www.samsungusa.com/cgi-bin/na...elTab=Features We just recently starting selling this tv where I work(Target). Anyone have this tv or know anything about it? These are the specs from the website: Features TV/VIDEO: Built-in HD/Digital Tuner (ATSC/QAM/NTSC) ? Tunes & processes...
  14. RudyN

    F/S - DTS Demo #8

    I have a factory sealed copy of DTS Demo #8 for sale. $30 shipped to anywhere in the US. Shipping is via Priority Mail with delivery confirmation. I accept USPS money orders only. I'm on the GTL with a +11. If interested, respond here or email me at [email protected] Thanks for looking...
  15. RudyN

    F/S Video Games + GBA SP Package

  16. RudyN

    F/S Xbox Games

    All the following games are for SALE. US Residents only. All prices include shipping via Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. Money orders or cash only. NO PAYPAL. Amped 2 - $35 ESPN NHL Hockey - $25 SSX3 - $35 Top Spin - $35 Thanks for looking. Rudy
  17. RudyN

    Games FS/FT- NES, SNES, Genesis, GB, Xbox, GC, NGPC, DC

    All the following games/accessories are for SALE/TRADE. US Residents only All prices include shipping via Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. Money orders and cash only. NO PAYPAL. NES Games(will sell in lots of 6 for $20, buy 18 for $50 or all 36 for $100 - all come with slip covers)...
  18. RudyN

    Nascar Thunder 2004

    Anyone pick this up today? I bought the Xbox version earlier and have already logged a good 4+ hours on it. Lots of improvements. You actually have to use the draft at Daytona/Talledega. Definitely an improvement over 2003.
  19. RudyN

    Xbox- Sega Soccer Slam $3.30

    Not sure if it's at all Target stores, but the Target I work at has the Xbox versions of Sega Soccer Slam for $3.30. I picked up a copy today while getting Mario Golf.
  20. RudyN

    DVDS for Sale

    DVDs for Sale/Trade. All prices include shipping by Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. I accept USPS Money Orders and Cash only. NO PAYPAL. Will not ship outside of US. * indicates scratches but discs play fine DVDS Armageddon CC (sealed) $25 The Big Hit $7 Sleepaway Camp $7...
  21. RudyN

    Best Program for making web pages?

    What's the best program to design web pages? I've used Hot Dog Pro but always had problems with the program freezing. Could someone point me in the right direction? Rudy
  22. RudyN

    F/S Def Jam Vendetta for GC

    For Sale: Def Jam Vendetta - GC $40 shipped U.S. only please(excluding Hawaii/Alaska). I'm on the GTL and ship Priority Mail. Accept USPS money orders only. PM or email if interested. Rudy
  23. RudyN

    F/S- VHS and DVD

    All VHS movies $4 unless stated otherwise. All movies include boxes. Boxes range from fair to excellent. Army of Darkness Assassins Best of Raw Vol. 1 Chain Reaction (sealed) Chasing Amy Christine Clerks Day of the Dead:Collector's Edition Widescreen (AB Clamshell case) $8 Dead Man...
  24. RudyN

    Windex Glass and Surface Wipes - Safe for discs?

    After getting back some DVDs from a friend(who is no longer allowed to borrow discs), I noticed quite a bit of fingerprints and some scratches. Is it safe to use these wipes on the discs? The scratches don't seem to be too bad so I'm not really concerned with them, but I'd like to get all the...
  25. RudyN

    Interest in older games?

    I was cleaning out my closet earlier and found all of my older game system games. I found about 40 NES, 7 SNES, 1 Genesis game and 1 N64 game. Is there interest out there besides on Ebay for these older games? If there is, I'll post what I have in the For Sale post, but I'd like to ask first so...
  26. RudyN

    BestBuy.com - 20% off MGM DVDs

    According to the Bestbuy.com page: http://www.bestbuy.com/movies/Promo....15&cmp=IL14516 We've slashed 20% off the price of our MGM Home Entertainment DVDs! There are over 700 titles to choose from, with more than 250 priced under $8! Sale ends Saturday, February 15, 2003, at 11:59 p.m...
  27. RudyN

    Cookie Problems

    For the past 2 days, whenever I come to the forums, I have to log myself in. I have it set so it is supposed to automatically log me in, and I never log out when I leave. I haven't changed any settings lately, and even checked my Control Panel to make sure all the settings are correct and it...
  28. RudyN

    Kenwood 1080VR-Coaxial Digital In ?

    I currently have a Kenwood 1080VR and am in the process of upgrading to a Kenwood VR-6060. I'm thinking about giving my g/f the 1080VR since she seems to be getting the HT "bug". It has both optical and coaxial inputs for DD 5.1(it doesn't do DTS). It mentions in the manual though something...
  29. RudyN

    KLH THIB Model HA7000

    Ok, here's the situation, my g/f wants to get a surround sound system. She doesn't have a lot of $$ to spend on it, and lives in a small apartment in Chicago. Will this HTIB be any good? http://www.bestbuy.com/detail.asp?e=...=1552&scat=242 PRODUCT FEATURES Surround sound receiver...