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  1. Trenton McNeil

    FS: Key Digital VTCA1 (VGA to Component)

    No longer have a need to use this, so will sell for $90 plus shipping (exact shipping cost). No manual, but I can provide printed instructions from the website. Fully functional and ready to go! hit me up at [email protected]
  2. Trenton McNeil

    Attack of the Clones HBO-HD 6/14/2003 OAR?

    Watched this movie Saturday night on Comcast HBO-HD. Apart from a few sections with very noticeable pixellation (lower bandwidth of Comcast? Does this happen on Sat HD?) such as the opening scene explosion, and the rotating shot around Anakin and Amidala during the courtship scene. Also, I...
  3. Trenton McNeil

    Looking for best mic/software/eq combo for HT audio metrics

    I would like to set my subwoofer to the appropriate crossover level in balance with my other speakers, as well as graph the response curve of my entire system in my front room, from various listening positions, to help determine how much eq would be needed to correct tones, as well as...
  4. Trenton McNeil

    Help me find my kitten! :(

    Long story short, we lost our cat Sunday, and by coincidence, were able to pick up his NEICE from our friends, who is a three week old Siamese/Tabby mix. Her first night in her new house, and she went into the garage and is holed up somewhere. We have been trying all day to find her, and...
  5. Trenton McNeil

    Question re: DVD-A cds...

    I do not have a DVD-A compatible device, however, I am considering buying a few just for the Dolby Digital 5.1 mixes. 1st and most obvious question is this: HOW bad is the sound quality of the DD5.1 track? Is it terrible, or is it still enjoyable? 2nd question: Can you give me some...
  6. Trenton McNeil

    For Sale/Trade: Hughes GXCEBOT Directv/TiVO Dual Tuner box

    Unmodified, comes with HU card (not hacked or anything, just cancelled subscription), 35 hours. I just don't watch satellite anymore! Looking to trade for a XBOX in good condition, or sell for $150. Email me.
  7. Trenton McNeil

    Biamping a Tempest Driver?

    I'm getting a new PartsExpress 250W plate amp to drive my Tempest Sonotube sub (my Peavey is just too noisy!), and am considering buying two of them to biamp. Has anyone tried this? My concern is that the Tempest will no longer be able to fill my room and make my heart rumble with the lower...
  8. Trenton McNeil

    Its official: DishNetwork to add HDNet and HDNet Movies!

    http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/030501/15710_1.html Dish is also claiming that their new 'Superdish' setup will receive signals from three different satellite locations, and that capacity for 50 HD channels will be available. They also claim to be really good at predicting horseraces.
  9. Trenton McNeil

    Desperado in HBO-HD...not OAR, but still SMOKIN!

    What a great movie! Great sound, great action, great banditos, lots of blood, Tarantino, style, music, SALMA :eek: :eek: , Guitarristas, etc., etc., etc. My sub got quite a workout. First time I've seen that movie....can't believe I never caught it before. It was GREAT! The HD transfer was...
  10. Trenton McNeil

    Unique Ground Loop problem...please help?

    I have the standard ground loop hum problem in my home theater since adding CABLE to my setup. With the cable box turned on, when I attach the coax, I get a 60 cycle hum in all my speakers, even with the volume turned all the way down. When I disconnect the coax, or simply turn off the cable...
  11. Trenton McNeil

    Tired of American Idol? Don't mind country music? You owe it to yourself....

    to check out Nashville Star. Believe it or not, this show has several contestants that make every single one of the American Idol stiffs look like absolute amateurs. I couldn't believe my ears. I am no country music fan, but was still highly impressed once I got past the cheese factor of the...
  12. Trenton McNeil

    Really strange 60cycle hum coming from surround system...HELP!

    When I switch the receiver to Dolby Pro-Logic mode, I get a 60cycle hum from all 5 speakers....when I switch to Stereo or Direct (stereo) modes, the hum goes completely away.... I am baffled! anyone know how I might track this down? It appeared after our cable install today, so at first I...
  13. Trenton McNeil

    S1m0ne (Or SIMONE) DVD problems? Locked up both DVD players...

    Right at the layer switch near the end of Chapter 12, it completely locks my DVD players. Also if I try to start the movie from chapter 13, 14, etc., it just locks. This is on the WIDESCREEN side of the disc. I had to finish watching the movie in PAN N SCAN! Anyone else noticed this? The disc...
  14. Trenton McNeil

    Yeah, so...I'm a moron. Replaced Cabling and all is well with my TV...

    Got another question though: When the picture goes from light to dark quickly (scene change/etc.), the picture seems to fall off slowly, rather than instantaneous. Is this a limitation of RPTV, or an indication of brightness cranked too high? Mitsubishi WS-55411.... TIA
  15. Trenton McNeil

    What is, HANDS DOWN, the best 40-50" 4:3 HDTV compatible RPTV?

    I kind of need to know...I may be sitting too close to my new 55" Mitsu widescreen for TV viewing (easily 80-90% of all viewing) and I am not comfortable paying this much money for something I am not completely happy with. I would, of course, be much happier if I watched all movies...but the...
  16. Trenton McNeil

    Mitsubishi WS-55411 on its way to my door tomorrow!

    Just thought I'd share. I can finally feel like part of the semi-elite home theater owners of the forum. ;) *GASP!* One of our ex-moderators didn't own a large-screen home theater display!??!? THE HORROR!!! Yes, I always felt underqualified. :) BUT NO MORE!
  17. Trenton McNeil

    Mike Myers to Digitally Insert himself into old films

    How very freudian of him! http://www.cnn.com/2003/SHOWBIZ/Movi...eut/index.html
  18. Trenton McNeil

    Best option for remotely controlling HTPC?

    I am having some trouble finding the ATI Remote Wonder to control the PC, and wanted to know if there are any better solutions out there before I pay full price for this thing from ATI... I'm a relative n00b in this area, and need some advice! Using Radeon 9000 card Do not need PVR, this...
  19. Trenton McNeil

    What makes Dolly Parton think she has the right to record "Stairway to Heaven?!?"

    :| I don't know what to say or think about this recording. Dolly Parton singing "the forests will echo with laughter." I don't know whether to cry, scream, mourn, or simply sit here and stare into space. I think I'll stare into space. :confused:
  20. Trenton McNeil

    NEC DLP Lamp for sale Brand New (Fits LT81 or LT100 Projectors)

    Rescued from business going under, so I'm letting this go cheap: $300 (They go for upwards of $500 retail). Rep check me on these boards, I'm an old timer. :) Would like to sell this to someone who could use a replacement bulb!
  21. Trenton McNeil

    Philips 60PP9352 Opinions?

    I'm FINALLY in the market for a Widescreen Rear Projection TV....can get a SMOKIN deal on one of these, but just wanted some opinions on it before we start down the path. In particular, I want to be able to use the 15 pin RGB port on the back for a PC input. Can't find anything stating that...
  22. Trenton McNeil

    Should I start trolling HTF again?

    I've been away so long, and its changed so much. SHOULD I COME BACK OMG I DO NOT KNOW! :D
  23. Trenton McNeil

    FS: Kodak DC290 Digital Camera with 16MB CF Card and 2 sets rechargeable batteries

    Wonderful, wonderful camera, just being bit by the urge to upgrade. I will let it go for $375 shipped. For some example photos I have taken, check out: Link Removed Thanks!
  24. Trenton McNeil

    Los Alamos...your tax dollars at work: Squeezing HDTV into standard NTSC signal...

    Read all about it in this article: http://www.eetimes.com/story/OEG20010305S0104 I wish I had a dollar for every time I spent a dollar, because then, yahoo!, I'd have all my money back. -- Deep Thoughts, by Jack Handey
  25. Trenton McNeil

    Recommended wiring for bipole surrounds on rear wall?

    I have Boston Acoustics VRS Pro surrounds, and nowhere to mount them but on the BACK wall (well, I have the left rear wall available, but think it would be better to stay symmetrical...). kinda like this: | | | | | | | |___^______^____| where the ^ represents the speaker driver on the...
  26. Trenton McNeil

    Room modes are the DEVIL!

    Sonosub in the corner, guess where the HUGE dead spot is? Yep....about a 5 foot radius right around the prime seating location.... Anyone know how to place a sub so that this isn't a problem!? Don't get me wrong, its still loud and nice and all, but I'd rather not have to rattle the dishes in...
  27. Trenton McNeil

    Would someone post some good subwoofer test tones in mp3 format?

    I would sure appreciate it, I'd like to do a stairstep analysis of my subwoofer's response from seating position, and graph it out with and without my second sub. Would be MOST appreciated! Thanks! ------------------ I wish I had a dollar for every time I spent a dollar, because then...
  28. Trenton McNeil

    Laaaaadies and gentlemen, SONOTUBE is DONNNNEEEEE!!!!

    I really should post some pictures, but it doesn't look that great (you can still see caulking...I'm not much of a stickler for detail!). I just wanted you all to know I will be sending you a bill for the various pictures and windows that are falling off the walls and breaking, etc. My wife is...
  29. Trenton McNeil

    About to put box together, one last look and 2 questions, PLEASE look!

    Okay, about to slap this bad boy together, need to find out what the following two values are: Ql and Qa Not sure what these numbers mean, I figure I should before I put the crazy glue to work on the sonotube tomorrow night. Here's an image of what I have got so far, tuning to 18.0hz...