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  1. Stu Rosen

    Twilight Time - problems working with XBOX One?

    I can't seem to navigate the menu on Twilight Time blu rays through my XBOX One player. Specifically, can't move the cursor to highlight any menu choices. Anyone else having this issue?
  2. Stu Rosen

    Replacement for Denon AVR-1803?

    I'm toying with upgrading my receiver to one with HDMI inputs. The Denon AVR-1803 has served me very well for years - sufficient power, happy with sound, etc. What would be a comparable receiver, Denon or otherwise, if I wanted to upgrade? I get lost in the specifications, and would...
  3. Stu Rosen

    36th Chamber of the Shaolin - Blu-Ray reviews?

    Anyone have this new BD title? I've never seen the film, but DVD Beaver gives it a simply horrible review (a 1080i, rather than 1080p, transfer tops the grievances). I'd give it a shot if it were reasonably watchable, but perhaps I should opt for the very well-reviewed DVD version?
  4. Stu Rosen

    Why I Collect

    Thanks to the many of you who read my blog on The Criterion Collection. Here's something I wrote last month on collecting, which I know you'll be able to relate to http://toomuchculture.blogspot.com/2009/07/collecting-or-how-many-versions-of.html
  5. Stu Rosen

    Why I Collect

    Thanks to the many of you who took the time to read my blog piece on The Criterion Collection. Here's something I wrote last month on collecting - I know you'll relate to this: http://toomuchculture.blogspot.com/2009/07/collecting-or-how-many-versions-of.html
  6. Stu Rosen

    My take on The Criterion Collection

    I wrote a piece on The Criterion Collection that you might enjoy - I hope you do. Thanks, Stu
  7. Stu Rosen

    My take on the Criterion Collection

    I wrote a piece on The Criterion Collection that you might enjoy - I hope you do. Thanks, Stu
  8. Stu Rosen

    iTunes HD movies - compare to Blu-Ray

    Apple is now, through iTunes, selling HD movies for the first time (previously only available as rentals), for $19.99 each. Putting aside DRM issues, and putting aside obvious differences (DD 5.1 on iTunes; better sound formats on BD, extras on BD, etc.), how do you think HD downloads LOOK...
  9. Stu Rosen

    I feel like a traitor...

    I'm as big an XM booster as I know - I have 6 radios on my account (1 Inno, 1 XMPCR, 2 Roadys, 1 SkyFi, 1 built-in in my new car). I've been a happy subscriber for almost 3 years, and I'm not going anywhere. I'm a Stern fan and I've missed him, but not enough to ditch my beloved XM. Not even...
  10. Stu Rosen

    Sirius Exec promises fee increase

    See attached article: http://www.radioandrecords.com/Newsr...iriusprice.asp
  11. Stu Rosen

    Managing enormous CD collections?

    I have about 2,000 CDs and growing. I keep them in Can-Am cabinets, each of which hold 360 CDs. They keep them out of the way in the basement, and don't take up a lot of room. The problem comes in adding in new CDs, which I (try to) do weekly. If I buy the Fiona Apple CD, I have to move...
  12. Stu Rosen

    Too Early for Best of 2005?

    Why not? I'll give 2 lists: Best of 2005 (no particular order): Sufjan Stevens - Come On Feel The Illinoise! - Like the best high school pageant you've ever heard, combined with Vince Guaraldi combined with a little Philip Glass - as beautiful as it is precious in concept (the second...
  13. Stu Rosen

    Fiona Apple to re-record new album

    http://www.billboard.com/bb/daily/article_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1001014692 I'm a big fan of her last CD, and have listened to the unreleased Extraordinary Machine, and was pretty dissapointed and underwhelmed. It sounded like she and producer Jon Brion were in a death struggle in which...
  14. Stu Rosen

    Can we live in a world where Buddy Miller labors in relative obscurity?

    Perhaps that's exaggerating, but as I sit here listening to his new CD, "Universal United House of Prayer," I can't imagine anyone not loving this music. I saw him and Julie Miller last year in NY (w/Emmylou Harris coming on for a few numbers) in the snug confines of Zankel Hall, and I count...
  15. Stu Rosen

    Looking for a great CD store online

    I use DVD Empire for most of my CD orders, and they arrive on release day. But I've never found a similarly reliable CD site. Is there a comparable store for CDs? How is DVD Empire's music arm -- just as great? I often use CD Universe, but find that they're flaky re: when the orders...
  16. Stu Rosen

    Running on Empty DVD-A?

    Anyone know if/when this is coming out? It was supposed to come out last week, but it's nowhere to be found in stores or on the Internet, from what I can see.
  17. Stu Rosen

    Steely Dan "Gaucho" DVD-A problem

    For some reason I can't figure out, I can't get any sound on the DVD-Audio stream of "Gaucho." On the other hand, when I play the disc in a non-DVD-Audio DVD player, the regular Dolby Digital track works fine. When in the DVD-Audio player, the video menus work, and the track appears to be...
  18. Stu Rosen

    Bob Dylan SACD Box set -- question re: CD Universe

    I ordered the 15-SACD box set from CD Universe, at a great price -- $174.95. While I've used the site occasionally to fill in catalog product, I've never pre-ordered from CD Universe before. When can I expect the set to ship -- earlier than or on the release date? I'm extremely psyched...
  19. Stu Rosen

    Foreigner 4 DVD-Audio $5.98 at B&N.com

    Must be a mistake, and it's not my cup of tea, but Foreigner's "4" is listed on barnesandnoble.com for $5.98 (less if you have a Reader's Advantage card). Get it before they realize their mistake...
  20. Stu Rosen

    Does an ISF calibration void the Mfr. Warranty?

    I have a new Mitsubishi I want calibrated, and I haven't seen this question definitively answered. I see a lot of opinions stating that the calibration shouldn't void the manufacturer's warranty (or extended warranty), or others saying, "who'll be able to tell," but I just wondering, from a...
  21. Stu Rosen

    Please help me spend my money

    I have $3,500 to spend on a rear projection, 16:9 monitor. I have Comcast HD in my area. I think that for this budget a 65" TV might not be one of the high end models, and therefore the picture might not be as impressive (let me know if I'm mistaken). I'm in the market for a 55" - 60"...
  22. Stu Rosen

    NY Blowout Video -- storewide 50% off sale

    If you're in the NY area, Blowout Video, in Times Square, is having a sale where everything in the store is 50% off, other than items already on sale at about 30% off. They may be going out of business, if the storeclerk chatter is to be taken seriously. Just tonight, I picked up for $9.44...
  23. Stu Rosen

    How rare is Stunt Man Limited Edition

    I'm thinking of selling this title (please, please don't try to talk me out of it -- I used to love this film, watched most of it recently, and wonder what my fuss was all about). Is the limited edition (the 2 disc set) a rare title? Any clue what I could get for it? Thanks.
  24. Stu Rosen

    Where do you find the time?????

    Just curious. I see posts from people who appear to have watched newly-released DVDs several times. I see other posts from people who seem to watch one or more films most days of the week. Still others go deep into all of the supplements in most of the deluxe packages they buy. Me, I have a...
  25. Stu Rosen

    BMW films ARE on DVD

    Just got my new issue of Vanity Fair in the mail, and it came shrink-wrapped with a DVD --it says it's a Vanity Fair Exclusive -- containing the BMW short films, including extras like the director commentaries and "making of" featurettes. Fine print on the enclosure says "The Follow" is not...
  26. Stu Rosen

    Need suggestion for DTS-decoding DVD player

    I have a Denon 3200 receiver with DD decoding (and I have a Sony DVD player - the 330, if I recall), and I'm perfectly happy with it. But, I'd like to get on the DTS bandwagon. Can anyone recommend a reasonable (under $400) DVD player with built-in DTS decoding? J&R has a Sony DVP-C670D...