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  1. Derrik Draven

    What happened to LCVG?

    This forum and LCVG are the only ones I go to for info and, just shootin' da breeze. But, I haven't been able to get www.lcvg.com/forum to come up now, for days. Anyone have an inside scoop? I've tried at home and at work so, I don't think it's me.
  2. Derrik Draven

    Just got my 2nd SVS 16/46pc+. Question...

    I just unpacked my second 1646pc+, to go into the other corner, and noticed that the amp is MUCH larger than the amp in my other 16/46pc+. The 1st "plus" was purchased in the early part of this year. Obviously, SVS must've changed amps in that short amount of time. What for? Is the newer...
  3. Derrik Draven

    How high is your gain setting on your SVS?

    I bought an original, (pre pcI), pc16-46. It had the old style amp (pre Bash). When I purchased it, the manual said to turn the gain all the way up and control the amount sent to the sub with your processor/receiver. No problemo. Now, I have added in a PC16-46+ with the Bash amp. Off the...
  4. Derrik Draven

    Dual SVS SS or 1 B4Plus?

    I know that the B4+ has 4 of the upgraded TC-Sounds drivers but, the SS has an even better driver. How much better? A pair of SS's will run you about $1100 MORE than the B4 Plus. Same amp, same interconnects, same eq. Yes, there are 2 subs with the SS deal but, there are 4 drivers with the...
  5. Derrik Draven

    Art 351 EQ causes subs to pop when turned on.

    Title pretty much sums it up. Whenever I turn on my Art 351, which I only use on my sub channel, it causes a loud popping noise in the subs. I suppose the only way I could stop this would be to turn off the auto on feature of my SVS16-46 and SVS16-46+ subs? Otherwise, leave the 351EQ on all...
  6. Derrik Draven

    SACD or DVD-A? Need new dvd player...

    I have a 1st generation Sony dvd player that I bought back in the spring of '98. Funny calling a dvd player old but, this one is so old that it doesn't pass a DTS signal since DTS was still just rumored to be coming to dvd when I bought this player. anyhoo... Since then I've bought a...
  7. Derrik Draven

    Best way to tweak 2 subs to remove any phase cancellation?

    In one corner, the SVSpc16-46pci and in the other corner, the challenger, the SVSpc16-46pc+. Due to room constraints, I cannot put both in 1 corner and, I'm not stacking them. So, each shares it's own corner in the front of the room, flanking the mains, (BP2000tl's) and my tv, (60"...
  8. Derrik Draven

    My SVS16-46pc is rattling...usual suspects??

    I finally; after 2 years, have finished my dedicated home theater room. :emoji_thumbsup: It's not THAT awesome, I'm just slow and not all that rich so, that's why it took 2 years. Anyhoo...I moved my svs from the temporary position upstairs, placed it downstairs and started calibrating...
  9. Derrik Draven

    Got a problem with a 15 year old hacker...help guys!

    My girlfriends son is your typical, pasty skinned, reclusive, 15 year old computer hacker. He has some way of spying on all the websites that my girlfriend surfs to, along with being able to spy on all her I.M. chats. He's doing this remotely from his fathers, on his own computer. She...
  10. Derrik Draven

    Any of you guys have an Alienware?

    After 7 long years, I'm finally on the doorstep of moving up from my venerable Dell Pentium II 300mhz, 3DFX machine. I'll admit that I was sucked in by Alienware's awesome "looking" machine. I can afford to spend about $2000 so, I can get a decent setup. Not a killer but, decent. No monitor...
  11. Derrik Draven

    Brute Force...new downloads????

    Was messing with this title last night and just happened to notice on the box cover that it mentions Xbox Live enabled. Got on the official website for B.F. and it mentions that we'll be able to download new items and whole new missions. Cool....when? Not trying to be impatient but, I...
  12. Derrik Draven

    Any of you guys ever play Syberia?

    I see that it's heading for the 'Box this July 28th. I've only slightly heard of it but, after checking out the PC reviews, the game looks stunning! Any game that has a sort of haunting, strange yet beautiful sort of atmosphere to it, always entices me. Syberia looks to be just that and...
  13. Derrik Draven

    Anyone dream of tornadoes often?

    For some reason, I've had tornadoes as a recurring theme in my dreams for more years than I can count. I've never seen one for real. Never been traumatized by one. But yet, SOOOOOOOOOO friggin' many times they make an appearance in my dreams. Just 2 nights ago I dreamed I was out in the...
  14. Derrik Draven

    Mace Griffin...the early opinions are in...damn...

    Well, here's what IGN is saying. I'm probably gonna pick it up just because I want to try this one for myself. But, if this guy's right...damn. :frowning: Mace Griffin
  15. Derrik Draven

    Xbox platformer Malice, is officially history.

    The article is on www.ign.com Argonaut officially cans Malice
  16. Derrik Draven

    New Tomb Raider...I'm still underwhelmed.

  17. Derrik Draven

    DivX technology coming to the Xbox

    Here's the IGN report: DivX
  18. Derrik Draven

    BIG Half Life 2 interview on Gamespot.

    Link is on the front page but, you have to be a "Complete" member to view it. www.gamespot.com
  19. Derrik Draven

    Infogrames changing their name to Atari

    That's what they're saying in USA Today. USA Today money section
  20. Derrik Draven

    Adding 2nd SVS. Speaker placement problem?

    I've read here and there that placing the 2 subs in the same corner would be optimum. ...but I can't do that. Due to the room I have and the way the doors are arranged, (12w x 33l x 8h) I'm going to have 1 16-46pc in the front left corner, near the front left main and, the other SVS in the...
  21. Derrik Draven

    No "cell" cpu for the PS3.

    At least that's what the guys here www.teamxbox.com are saying.
  22. Derrik Draven

    Adding a SVS 16-46pc+. Possible problem?

    As my home theater finally finishes near completion; after entering the hobby 10 years ago and just daydreaming about the day of having quality equipment and a nice room for it, I'm thinking of adding my second SVS sub to fill out my room, which is 12ft by 35. Anyhoo...I have one of the "old"...
  23. Derrik Draven

    What happened to Gamespot.com?

    Anyone able to get onto www.gamespot.com? I haven't been able to reach them for 2 days now. Another dot com bite the dust??? :confused:
  24. Derrik Draven

    Anyone play Red Faction II for Xbox?

    I just got this yesterday evening. I'm already about 70% done. :frowning: ...what a joke. Graphically, I guess I'm spoiled by Xbox graphics. This one clearly shows it's PS2 roots, although it never skips a beat in the framerate dept; ever, and the PS2 version supposedly had a clunky...
  25. Derrik Draven

    Does the Xbox play SACD's?

    I got my 1st DVD audio disc the other day. (Metallica/Black Album). I was blown away. Stereo sucks ass. Long live DVD-Audio!!!!!! Link Removed Anyhoo, I see that Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon has just been released on SACD. I can't find any info anywhere on the Xbox's audio specs to...
  26. Derrik Draven

    I have my very own game!!!

    Check it out. http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/pa...reenindex.html ;)
  27. Derrik Draven

    Splinter Cell D/L Now Available

    I know that it's supposed to be released on the 14th but, did Ubi' give any info on the time that it will be available for download? Just checked their website and there's nothing mentioned.
  28. Derrik Draven

    Out of nowhere Xbox Live update...?

    Started logging into 'Live through the dashboard, just to see if any friends were online, and before I could I was taken to the Xbox Live updater screen. It took about 20 seconds and downloaded...something; I guess. I have no idea what. Any of you guys ever experience this kind of thing?
  29. Derrik Draven

    Need some simple info on Fatal Frame

    I rented this for my girlfriend on our PS2. Yeah, I've heard that the Xbox version is better but, it wasn't in. Anyhoo...for those that have compared the 2; what about the Xbox version is better? Our rental runs out in a couple of days and I'm considering buying it for the 'Box simply because...
  30. Derrik Draven

    While playing MotoGP the other night on Live...

    I stumbled into a room where everyone was speaking French. I think they were talking about how they lose all the wars they're ever in. ;) Seriously though, I figured it was a bunch of Canadian French just hanging out in a room. Nope...French, French! Like as in Paris, oui-oui French. At...