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  1. Carabimero

    Blu-ray: Abandon All Hope Ye Movies Listed Here...

    With the recent announcement that Samsung is no longer manufacturing Blu-ray players, I must admit I have finally given up hope of ever seeing two of my favorite movies, K-PAX and Dolores Claiborne released on BD. If it hasn't happened by now, with the format dying, I just can't see it ever...
  2. Carabimero

    Alliance of American Football

    Is anybody watching games in this new league? I was pleasantly surprised by who some of the players and coaches (and GMs are) for this professional league. My team is the San Diego Fleet coached by Mike Martz, with several players I've known from the NFL. My estimate is that the speed and...
  3. Harrison Ford is The Fugitive

    Title: The Fugitive (1993) Tagline: A murdered wife. A one-armed man. An obsessed detective. The chase begins. Genre: Adventure, Action, Thriller, Crime, Mystery Director: Andrew Davis Cast: Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee Jones, Sela Ward, Julianne Moore, Joe Pantoliano, Andreas Katsulas...
  4. Carabimero

    Paramount Ranch Structures Burned Down

    It's my understanding that the out-of-control Augora fire has burned down the iconic structures at the Paramount Ranch, where Westworld shoots now but shows like Dr. Quinn and The Texan, just to name two, were filmed. If the report my colleague gave me turns out to be true, virtually everything...
  5. Carabimero

    NFL 2018-2019 Thread

    If the refs keep throwing 15-yard penalties for perfect tackling, I actually may stop watching NFL football. It's ridiculous. https://sports.yahoo.com/nfl-players-just-upset-new-tackling-rule-everyone-else-180615401.html I watched three games today, all of them painful to watch because of this...
  6. Carabimero

    Pick the best six-word story

    Voting is closed. Thanks to everyone who voted. Your choices will be counted toward the final tally.
  7. Carabimero

    James Cameron's Story of Science Fiction

    This premieres tonight. I am super excited, to say the least. http://www.amc.com/shows/james-camerons-story-of-science-fiction/season-1?dclid=COnm7-r239oCFQ-MYgodlNoJbw
  8. Carabimero

    Rambo: First Blood Part II - Soundtrack

    Something odd happened in my massive soundtrack collection. Rambo: First Blood Part II has been one of my favorite soundtracks since it first came out in the mid eighties. I had the cassette for my car, the CD for my house, and later transferred the CD to my iTunes. But it had been a while since...
  9. The Best Years of Our Lives (1946)

    Title: The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) Tagline: Three wonderful loves in the best picture of the year! Genre: Drama, History, Romance Director: William Wyler Cast: Fredric March, Myrna Loy, Dana Andrews, Harold Russell, Teresa Wright, Virginia Mayo, Cathy O'Donnell, Hoagy...
  10. Carabimero

    Your Favorite *OBSCURE* Movie

    What is your favorite obscure movie that I must see because it is so good, I am missing out? I realize "obscure" is a relative term. If it had big box office, I probably wouldn't consider it obscure. Of course, if it is an old movie, that alone might qualify. The obscure movie I would...
  11. Carabimero

    A Quinn Martin Production

    All things Quinn Martin are welcome here. Whether you want to talk about The Fugitive, Twelve O'clock High, The FBI, The Invaders, The Streets of San Francisco, Cannon, Barnaby Jones, or something more obscure, here's the place to connect them all. Quinn Martin had at least one TV series running...
  12. Carabimero

    Disc-based media backup question

    I use a combination of external drives and discs to back up my data of stuff I can't just go out and buy again if my sources go bad. Every five years I make new disc backups from the external drives. The last time was 2012, so I figure it's time to make new discs, since the material can only be...
  13. Carabimero

    Best Binge Shows

    I'm looking for binge shows I haven't seen. My favorite binge shows are: THE WIRE DEXTER THE SHIELD BSG (2004) DEADWOOD Edit: BREAKING BAD 24 LOST What are your favorite binge shows? What is a binge show I absolutely must not miss? Thanks.
  14. Carabimero

    Are you acclimated to Star Trek: TOS Remastered?

    I've had my ST: TOS-R discs for many years now. With two exceptions, I love them. Last night I was watching BALANCE OF TERROR and when it was over, I realized that not once during the episode did I think: There's one of the "new" effects. The episode has become the new normal for me, pretty...
  15. Carabimero

    Finished my movie...here are some menus for the Blu-Ray :-)

    This is a not-for-profit feature film honoring the memory of my father, intended as a gift for my mother on her 80th birthday. I shot the film last year and have been working on post production for the last eight months. I'm about to send everything to Technicolor for replication. Here are some...
  16. Carabimero

    Name The Movie From One Still Frame...

    I'll go first. If no one gets it, I'll give clues. I hope other people post interesting stills from movies so I can play, too! What movie is this still frame from?
  17. Carabimero

    A Star Wars "Movie" For My Best Friend

    My best pal died in 1993. I've created a series of short movies to honor his memory. This is episode III, dealing with a Star Wars spoof we shot 35 years ago but never finished. Empire had been out a year when we made it. Recently I found the 35mm film, matte paintings and models. Using them, I...
  18. Carabimero

    Drivers for Seagate 4GB Expansion Needed

    I am running Windows Vista on an HP a6750t. When I attach a Seagate 4GB expansion external drive via USB port, my computer says it is unable to locate drivers after an Internet search. Here's the external drive...
  19. Carabimero

    Spielberg Gives Tour of Universal

    This is so endearing and authentic that I wish it had gone on for two hours. Just had to share. http://video.ew.com/v/115747000/inside-steven-spielberg-s-secret-world-a-guided-tour-of-the-universal-lot-with-hollywood-s-greatest.htm
  20. Carabimero

    Theatrical Version Without a Blu-Ray Release

    I'll start with GETTYSBURG, a film so far as I know which has not been released in its original theatrical version on Blu-Ray. it's a shame too, since it's one of my favorites. It's not that the extended version is bad; it's just that the movie is so bloody long already that I don't particularly...
  21. Carabimero

    Dr. Kildare Question

    The fourth season episode, "To Catch a Crooked Mouse" is missing the 4th act on my disc (the episode runs only 36 minutes). Is there a replacement disc available or can someone point me to a source where I can at least see how this episode ends? I bought this set assuming all the episodes would...
  22. Carabimero

    Kim Darby Day

    I'm always looking for novel ways to use my collection of DVDs. I had the day off and decided to pick ten or so episodes from series across the board that all had one thing in common: appearances by Kim Darby. So far today I have watched episodes from: Marcus Welby Ironside The Streets of San...
  23. Carabimero

    My first and (gulp) last DVD....?

    Many moons ago, I bought my first DVD. If memory serves, it was A BRIDGE TOO FAR. Today, nearly 20 years later, I may have just bought my last DVD. I think season five of Dr. Kildare is going to do it for me. 7000 discs later there is simply nothing else I want on DVD that I don't already have...
  24. Carabimero

    I Need Help Pronouncing A German Word

    Can someone help me with the pronunciation of a German word? Butzbach (German pronunciation: [bʊtsbax]). I don't know how the "x" [bʊtsbax]) would be pronounced. I am assuming the correct pronunciation is Boots Backs? Or is it Boots Back? Or Boots Bach? I have to pronounce the word in a public...
  25. Carabimero

    Looking for a graphic artist to work on a movie

    Any graphic artists out there interested in working on an independent movie I'm financing and producing? The pay is modest but it's a fun project offering lots of creativity and largely a free hand. Specifically, I'm looking for someone who can create pages resembling a graphic novel to...
  26. Carabimero

    By the Numbers: Your Most Watched Movies

    Since I got my first DVD around the turn of the century, I've had the odd habit of recording the date on a post-it inside the DVD case whenever I watch a movie. I started the practice to see if I could justify the cost of buying versus renting. Now it's fun to look back and see just how often I...
  27. Carabimero

    Contact - The Best Transfer

    I want to buy the movie CONTACT on BD. But Amazon lists several versions and I am wondering if they are all the same transfer or if there is a better transfer. Of course I want the best transfer even if it means more money. I really wish Amazon reviews were not all lumped together for different...
  28. Carabimero

    Do I Still Need To Keep My Analog Masters?

    I am looking for a consensus of opinion. Through the course of thirty years, I have accumulated quite a lot of analog masters: reel-to-reel, cassette, 3/4 inch, half-inch, even audio carts. All of them have been transferred to digital and backed up numerous times. For example, my 3/4-inch...
  29. Carabimero

    Your Most Meaningful Movies--And Why

    What are some movies meaningful to you--and why? In 1978 my father and I went to see CAPRICORN ONE, a movie about a faked Mars landing. The movie wasn't brilliant by any stretch, but as it turned out, it was the first movie my dad and I ever saw together, just the two of us. And as it turned...
  30. Carabimero

    All-Time Greatest Games - Any Spectator Sport

    I've been watching TCU Football games for more than thirty years. I have seen more than 300 games. Last night's bowl game against the Oregon Ducks has to rank in my top five, if not my top three. There was the Frog's Rose Bowl Win in 2010, their Peach Bowl blow out last year, The Sun Bowl in...