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  1. Claire Panke

    *** Official PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Review Thread

    Huh? This film of POTO - based on Andrew Lloyd Webber's stage musical adpatation, not an opera - is directed by Joel Schumacher, not ALW.
  2. Claire Panke

    *** Official "FINDING NEMO" Review Thread

    Saw Nemo at a sneak last week...wonderful! I'll be taking my friend's 8 year old to see it as soon as it opens. The crowd at the sneak actually applauded at the end...and the audience was mostly adults. This may not open as big as MR, because it won't be on as many screens or have all night...
  3. Claire Panke

    Anybody here calibrated Philips direct views (9818,9817 etc)?

    I have a Philips 34PT9818 direct view on the way. I'll eventually have it ISF'd, but meanwhile, any members or techs played around with either this set or the 9817, 32PT9319 or other Philips direct view CRTs? Any tweak recommendations appreciated.