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    Color Of Ht Room Almost Chosen

    letting the wife choose this so she thinks that she has input into the project. she is leaning toward a burgandy color which i think will look good. i was leaning toward a dark blue but burgandy i think will work just as well. any thoughts on this choice? will probaly do a lighter stained...
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    Which Size Screen Would Be Best

    looking at the Da-Lite 58x104. viewing distance will be about 21-22'. ceiling height is 87". or would the 52x92 work out best? probably going with the Panasonic L300U PIC OF WALL CAN BE SEEN HERE: http://www.hometheaterspot.com/htsda...ont%20wall.jpg tks
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    What Type Of Front Projection Screen Do You Have

    pros, cons. tks
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    Front Projector Or Rptv

    was all set to get the 65" RPTV, but after reading that folks are picking up front projectors for under 2k i am thinking of going that route. Light can be controlled as it will be in basement. Just need to figure out if I would have the need to watch any regular tv in the room or just make it...
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    Sub In Front Or Rear Of Seating

    what is the norm for sub location. eventually will have two but for now only one. tks
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    How do these KLH's look for the $$

    There only 30.00 including shipping. anyone have/had these.
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    Whats Best For My Setup: Di,bi Or Mono

    construction is going on now. rear of room where 90" couch will go is only 9'9" walls on both sides. speakers will be mounted on side walls 1' behind couch. to the left is a framed in w/d then it opens up after that to where around the 3' corner i will put a chair where i will normally sit...
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    Where to Mount Surrounds

    two options available for rear surrounds. can mount directly behind seating on rear wall or can mount on side walls behind seating. which would give the best sound?