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  1. Shane Bos

    Personal Ballpark Experiences 2004

    Only Ball park I've been to was in 1992 I was in the SkyDome for game 5 of the world series. We were 5 rows from the top straight up from the 1st base bag. Could see everything great. It's been so long I don't remember much about the food or the park it's self. However the atmosphere in the park...
  2. Shane Bos

    How much $ do you spend on jeans?

    about $85 cdn because they're the only ones I can find that fit.
  3. Shane Bos

    A Guy's rules..

    I like how all the rules are so important that they are all number 1
  4. Shane Bos

    Buying a cellphone: Good heavens! How do you choose!?

    as a cs rep for a major US wireless company I will give you my tips for choosing service. 1st know your return period most are 14 days some are 30 but make sure you know it. 2nd Don't shop anywhere that makes you sign a secondary agreement with the store that has nothing to do with the...
  5. Shane Bos

    FINALLY!!! it finally happened to me!!

    It happened to me in the Costco parking lot it was a white mini-van. I had the windows down and the music up, maybe that's why I got the pitch.
  6. Shane Bos

    Do you walk faster than everyone else?

    I have the same problem (7'1") I can walk from one end of the World's largest mall to the other eat lunch and then walk back in under 30 minutes. Most of the time I am in a hurry though.
  7. Shane Bos

    How much do you pay for text messaging?

    with Rogers wireless here in Canada I also get unlimited received. I have a package for $9 a month that includes my call display, voicemail and 75 sent messages(regularly a $5 option alone).The $2 option is 25 sent, $10 for 200, $15 for 500 and $20 for 1000. Pricing in the US is far better...
  8. Shane Bos

    Need a new cell phone

    With AT&T wireless if you mention the web pricing for new customers and decline all other offers. They will match the web prices.
  9. Shane Bos

    Question About iTunes

    I wish they had this deal going in Canada I drink way too much Pepsi. Usually have a six pack of the bottles on my desk at work. I would totally be down with a couple free CD's to go with it.
  10. Shane Bos

    HTF Beer Recommendations Thread

    In the premium lager category Stella Artois In the Ale category Kootney Mountain Ale I can't remember the last time I had a beer that wasn't one of those 2.
  11. Shane Bos

    Darn, it's cold!

    It's been so cold that at work there are about 25 cars that haven't moved in 3 days because the fuel lines are frozen. I am so happy I got command start installed in my truck last week. Now I can auto set it to start every 2 hours and let it run for 15 mins.
  12. Shane Bos

    Cell phones (canada)

    Yeah my Roger's Plan is also a business plan. However I don't understand why people think Roger's coverage is lacking. I get just as good if not better reception (especially clarity) than my friends with Telus. This is an observation in a vast difference of areas from the Rockies to West...
  13. Shane Bos

    Cell phones (canada)

    I use Roger's AT&T and I receive excellent service. However a better place for this question may be at Howard Forums
  14. Shane Bos

    Website with explanations of hockey 'plays'?

    I also think it's kinda sad that a Canadian needs to ask questions about hockey. I always thought we are all born with hockey knowledge. I also could explain the plays but it would take a while and it's just not the same without the clipboard.
  15. Shane Bos

    Website with explanations of hockey 'plays'?

    Interesting that only Canadiens have replyed to this thread.
  16. Shane Bos

    Help, My Girlfriend Is Sick (alcohol related)

    How many people that have gone out drinking heavily the night before actually wake up early enough to make it to McDonalds in time for Breakfast.
  17. Shane Bos

    Help, My Girlfriend Is Sick (alcohol related)

    I remember when McDonalds had $0.59 hamburgers on Sunday's they were the greatest hangover cure.
  18. Shane Bos

    Vegas baby, Vegas! Going this weekend - What are some good clubs/bars to check out?

    I'm looking forward to the final report. I'm headed back to Vegas at the end of August for my Cousin's wedding. I'll be going for 7 days and so far the only 2 things planned are the wedding and going to see Blue Man Group again. Oh yeah and a whole lot of drinking/partying.
  19. Shane Bos

    Stuck in Edmonton, what can I do for a week??

    What happened to places like the Druid they used to be packed on Friday and Saturday night. Some of my favorite places in Edmonton are on Jasper Ave. On Whyte Ave I like O'Byrnes and the Black Dog.
  20. Shane Bos

    Stuck in Edmonton, what can I do for a week??

    2 years ago I also would have recommended the Drop of Doom but they took it out. I will also mention the space and science centre again as it is definatly worth checking out. Also if you're into politics the Alberta legislature is a cool place to visit. The night life on both Whyte and Jasper...
  21. Shane Bos

    Costco: The Only Company Wal-Mart Fears

    My current Costco card also gives me a 2% discount. My membership each year is free then plus I get money back. Now they pay me to shop there. Plus I love their return policy no hassles. I do find it hard to believe that their CEO caps's his salary at just over $300,000 as their store...
  22. Shane Bos

    Quick mp3 CD Question

    This is why I have an Mp3 player in my truck
  23. Shane Bos

    Need mic suggestion for teamspeak

    The mic I use is similar to the verse 534 however it's black instead of white. It's probably just the older model.
  24. Shane Bos

    Need mic suggestion for teamspeak

    I use a Labtec mic that I paid about $20 cdn for and it works great. Of the 3 you listed I would probably go with the Plantronics.
  25. Shane Bos

    Wireless internet dialups via cell phone

    I'm not suer about through a phone but I know here with a dedicated cell modem such as the Sierra Air Card 750 you can get ~56k.
  26. Shane Bos

    2003-2004 NHL Thread

    My hockey pool isn't doing so well as my 2 goalies are from SoCal. Giguerre and Nabakov even with that set back I do have the most points over the week and I am making a run up the standings.
  27. Shane Bos

    2003-2004 NHL Thread

    The Oiles are off to a good start this season being undefeated at home. However the loss to Calgary is always hard to take. The win over Colorado made up for it big time though. Ales Hemsky is going to be an amazing player over the next couple years. Go Oilers RIP #37 Dan Snyder
  28. Shane Bos

    Can computer use be a factor in retinal detachment?

    I see an opthamologist that specializes in detached retinas as I have a family history of such thing. My Dad has had both retinas detach. The first was his right eye back in about 1988 and they did surgery twice but both times it failed so he's blind in that eye. Then in 1998 the retina detached...
  29. Shane Bos

    Any of y'all ever deal blackjack at a casino?

    yeah most casino's I believe use a 6 deck shue. It just means you have 6 of every card instead of one. not a big deal. Great movie with card counting in it is Rain Man.
  30. Shane Bos

    Computers: People Are More Clueless Than You Think!

    After working at Staples in computer sales for 3 years. I had people trying to insert CD's into a 5 1/4 inch floppy drive. I had a women that had called tech support for her PC and they had done troubleshooting and replaced the video card and her monitor still was displaying everything with...