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  1. Dan McW

    Best Buy exclusives on Warner classic horror coming Oct. 7, 2008

    Two double-feature DVDs are coming: The Brides of Fu Manchu/Chamber of Horrors (1966) and The Shuttered Room/It! (1966). Welcome to DVD Drive-In! The Latest Cult Movie DVD Reviews!
  2. Dan McW

    Play Dirty DVD--is it 2.35:1?

    I've been looking forward to today's R1 release of this Michael Caine film but am worried by various reports of full-screen or 1.85:1 aspect ratios for the DVD. I finally found a rear-cover shot today that shows 1.85:1 as the DVD ratio. I'm hoping this is a misprint and that this Panavision film...
  3. Dan McW

    The infamous MGM vault fire

    This is mentioned occasionally in one thread or another, but what is the best source (Internet or print) for details on the fire and on exactly what films were lost in the fire? Does anyone know the exact date of the fire?
  4. Dan McW

    IMDb error or missing cast credits at end of old Fox films?

    Lately I've watched several films in Fox's outstanding noir DVD series, and it's gotten me wondering about something I've noticed in the past regarding Fox films in general from c. 1945-55. Many of these films list only 6-10 names in the opening credits, although at least 12-20 people had...
  5. Dan McW

    Peter Sellers' "The Blockhouse" -- is it 2.35 or 1.66 on DVD?

    A friend of mine who saw this in a theatre back in the '70s, and IMDb seems to back him up, swears this was shot in Panavision and should be 2.35:1 on DVD. However, the back of MGM's DVD says "1.66 DVD screen format." All Internet references list 1.66, and I can't seem to find a review of the...
  6. Dan McW

    California Split on Nov. 2?

    I noticed that in the last day or so, California Split has appeared on the Movies Unlimited list of upcoming releases. They say it's coming out Nov. 2 at a list price of $24.99. That sounds like a "Columbia price," although I know some have speculated on the likelihood of the title being farmed...